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Genealogical Sketch of Some of the Descendants
Of Robert Savory of Newbury, 1656.


2002-2009 by Dennis N. Partridge

Introductory note - for the basis of the following sketch Fred W. Lamb was indebted to Judge A. W. Savary, of Annapolis Royal, N.S., from whose invaluable book, The Savory And Severy, Savory And Savary Genealogies, it had been taken. He supplemented the original by a great deal of work, and was also very materially assisted in some parts of it by Mrs. Sarah F. Johnson, of West Newton, Mass.

The manuscript "Genealogical Sketch Of Some Of The Descendants Of Robert Savory Of Newbury, 1656" Compiled By Fred W. Lamb, has been taken as the basis of this online work. It has been greatly supplemented by Dennis N. Partridge who retains the copyright over this online version.

Based on: Genealogical Sketch Of Some Of The Descendants Of Robert Savory Of Newbury, 1656. Compiled By Fred W. Lamb, A Descendant (Second Edition, Revised And Enlarged, Manchester, N. H., 1904. Printed By The John B. Clarke Company)





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