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The Pierce Family Et. Al.

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Characteristics of Pierce Family
Our Grandmother, Lois Ladd Pierce
Francis Augustus Pierce, Farmer
Azel Pierce, Banker, and Physician
David Pierce Fights for electric Plant
Thomas Paine Pierce, Educator
James Francis Pierce, Kind Friend
Descendants of Thomas Pierce
Charles Warner Pierce, Forceful Man
Descendants of Marinda Pierce
Will of Charles W. Pierce
The Henry Ross Family
Sevellon Ross and Children
Helen Ross Weds Successful Farmer
Eliza Jane Ross and Children
Sophronia Ross Taylor
On Our Mother's Side of the Family
James Barnet, Miller, Mechanic
David Barnet's Life was Lincolnesque
David barnet's Children
Louisa Barnet and Children
William Orebaugh and Family
John Barnet and Descendants
Hannah Barnet Payne
Catherine Barnet and Family
Annie Barnet Edmonds
Cynthia Barnet Thrice Wed
James Monroe Barnet and Children
The Pottenger Family


Lois Ladd Pierce
Francis Augustus Pierce
Nancy Barnet Pierce
David Pierce
Thomas Paine Pierce
Elsie Stewart Pierce
Lou R. Pierce
James F. Pierce
Charles Warner Pierce
Nellie Pierce
Emman Jenkins Lowe
Thomas Paine Lowe
Mary Ann Lowe Hunt
Lucy Lowe Elliott
Pierce Family Monument
Henry Ross
Sevellon Ross
Lavina Fitch Ross
Helen Ross Ricks
Walter Rciks
Nettie Frakes Morris
Flossie Morris Bottorff
Herschel A. Bottorff
Sibyl Joan Bottorff
David Barnet
Anna Pottenger Barnet
Monument to David Barnet
Hannah Barnet Payne Group

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