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Mitchell Family History

by J. Montgomery Seaver

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Title Page
J. Montgomery Seaver
Major General Ormsby M. Mitchell
Brigadier General Robert B. Mitchell
William D. Mitchell, United States Attorney General
The Mitchell Medley
Table of Contents
The Mitchell Coat of Arms
Ancient Mitchell Families
Forbes-Mitchell of Thainstone
MItchell (now Cleeve) of Llanfrechfa Grange
Mitchell, late of Polmood
Mitchell of Carwood
Mitchell (now Majendie) late of Holbrook Hall
Prominent British Mitchells, Past Generations
Prominent British Mitchells of Today
American Mitchells of Royal Descent
Alfred Mitchell Family
S. Weir Mitchell Family
American Mitchell Families
Christoper Mitchell of Kittery, Maine
Thomas Mitchell of Amsterdam Holland and his descendants in America
Matthew Mitchell of Connecticut
Descendants of Moses Mitchell
William Mitchell of Chester, Conn.
Peter Mitchell of Rockingham Co., Virginia
Descendants of David and Margaret Mitchell
David Mitchell of Goochland, Virginia
William Mitchell of Salisbury, Md
Robert Mitchell of Albian Mines, Nova Scotia, Canada
Captain John Mitchell
John Mitchell of Scotland, and his descendants who later settled in Missouri
Walter Mitchell of Virginia and Georgia
Adam Mitchell of North Carolina
Family of Albert Leander Mitchell
Family of Dana Mitchell
Family of Christopher Mitchell
Valentine Napolean Mitchell of North Carolina
Archibald Mitchell of New York
Mitchells in the American Revolution
Prominent Mitchells of America, Past Generations
Prominent American Mitchells of Today
Mitchell Towns, Etc.
Mitchell Census of the United States
Religions of the Mitchells

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