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Gordon Family Records 

by J. Montgomery Seaver

The name of Gordon is as ancient as any of the present European monarchies. Caesar mentions in his commentaries a people among the Nervii, called Gorduni, to whom he gives great praise for their

brave defense of Ghent (their city, which he attacked in his conquest of Gaul, B. C. 53). It is said that the name originally came from "Gordonia," a city in Macedonia.

The Gordons have been an active, romantic, adventurous and "restless" race. There were "heroes of the name of Gordon, who for valor and loyalty are hardly to be paralleled by any family in Britain, and can't be exceeded by any other in Europe." From "A History of the Gordons."

Malcolm Bullock, who published numerous volumes on the Gordon family of Great Britain, and who is, perhaps, the best authority on the history of the family, published a book entitled "The Gay Gordons" (Reference 50). The following narratives in which Gordons are involved are found, among others, in this volume: "The `Guidin' of the Gordons," "The Romance of the White Rose," "The Famous Assassination of Wallenstein," "The Last King of Poland," "The Governor of Kornstadt," "The Wooin' o't," "The Elopement of Lady Sarah Bunbury," "A Boy Who Was Beheaded at Brest," "The Dangers of a Scarlet Coat," "The Christening of the Orange River," "A Fatal Duel in Hyde Park," "The Abduction of the `Female Infidel'," "About Gordon Tartan," "The Story of a Kiss," "The Gayness of a Diplomat," "An Old Man of the Sea," "Some `Gey' Gordons," "A Liberator of Greece," "The Story of a Fatal Flute," "The Last of His Line," "A Noble Earl as an A. D.," etc.

Many poems have been written by and about the Gordons, some of them exceeding fifty stanzas. Among them are "Prince Edward and Adam Gordon," "Gordie," "Gight's Lady," "Glenlogie," "Jean 0'Bethelnie's Love for Sir G. Gordon," "Edom O'Gordon," "The Battle of Glenlivet," "The Gordons and the Grants," "The Battle Bridge of Dee," "Nathaniel Gordon," "Jock and Tam Gordon," "Ballade of the Gay Gordons," "The Duke of Gordon's Daughter," "Lochinvar," etc. William Gordon was the hero of the immortal poem, "Young Lochinvar."

The Gordon family has been prominent in America also, its members having played important roles- in war and in peace. Family pride is a commendable trait and should be cultivated. All Gordons have just cause to be proud of their family history and traditions.

The data in this volume is gathered from reliable sources. Those desiring further information are advised to consult volumes mentioned in list of references given in the back of this volume. The writer and his associates will be glad to give their co-operation to any members of the family who may be interested in having a complete genealogy of the family published.

Unless otherwise plainly shown, the persons in this volume whose names are accompanied by three figures are sons or daughters of the immediately preceding persons bearing immediately preceding consecutive numbers. All persons in each group, bearing the same letter as a part of their respective numbers, are directly related. The generations of the descendants of those bearing numbers of three figures are represented as follows

Generations: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Symbols: (1),etc. (A),etc. (a),etc. 1,etc. A,etc. a,etc. (I),etc. (i),etc. I,etc. i,etc.


Ad., address;
b., born;
ch., children;
coll., college;
d., died;
d. y., died young;
d. w. i., died without issue;
dau., daughter; grad., graduated;
l., lives, lived;
m., married, moved;
s., son;
univ., university.

The compiler hopes that, in producing this volume, he is bringing to the Gordon Family of the World information which will be of interest and value to them, and that he is rendering an important service to the public.

Many old American families have formed associations, and some of them hold annual reunions. Local reunions have been held by various branches of the Gordon family from time to time. There is some interest in the forming of a National Gordon Family Association and the holding of a National Reunion.


Alexander II
American Gordon Families
Ancient Gordon Families
De Gordon, Sir Adam
De Gordon, Sir Adam
De Gordon, Sir Adam
George Gordon, Second Earl of Huntly
George IV, Earl of Huntly
Gordon of Abergeldie
Gordon of Cairnfield
Gordon of Culvennan
Gordon of Drimnin
Gordon of Earlston
Gordon of Embo
Gordon of Manar
Gordon of Newtimber
Gordon of Pitlurg
Gordon of Threave
Gordon of Wincombe Park
Gordon, Adam Lindsay
Gordon, Alexander
Gordon, Alexander
Gordon, Alexander
Gordon, Alexander
Gordon, Alexander
Gordon, Alexander
Gordon, Andrew
Gordon, Archibald
Gordon, Charles
Gordon, Charles
Gordon, Charles George
Gordon, Duke
Gordon, Edward Strathearn
Gordon, Elizabeth
Gordon, George
Gordon, George
Gordon, George
Gordon, George
Gordon, George
Gordon, George
Gordon, George
Gordon, George
Gordon, George
Gordon, George
Gordon, George
Gordon, George Hamilton
Gordon, Henrietta
Gordon, James
Gordon, James
Gordon, James
Gordon, James
Gordon, James
Gordon, James Alexander
Gordon, James Bentley
Gordon, John
Gordon, John
Gordon, John
Gordon, John
Gordon, John
Gordon, John G.
Gordon, Judge Thomas Family
Gordon, Lord George
Gordon, Lord Lewis
Gordon, Osborne
Gordon, Patrick
Gordon, Patrick
Gordon, Pryse Lockhart
Gordon, Robert
Gordon, Robert
Gordon, Robert
Gordon, Robert
Gordon, Sir Alexander
Gordon, Sir Alexander
Gordon, Sir Charles
Gordon, Sir Henry William
Gordon, Sir James Alexander
Gordon, Sir John
Gordon, Sir John
Gordon, Sir John William
Gordon, Sir Robert
Gordon, Sir Robert
Gordon, Sir Robert
Gordon, Theodore
Gordon, Thomas
Gordon, Thomas
Gordon, William
Gordon, William
Gordon, William
Gordon, William
Gordon, William
Gordon, William
Gordon, William
Gordons in the Revolutionary War
Gordons of Wardhouse and Kildrummy
Lord Adam
Lord John Gordon Family
Officers in the Continental Army
Prominent American Gordons of Today
Prominent British Gordons of Today
Prominent Gordons of America, Past Generations
The Gordon Coat of Arms


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