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Edwards Genealogy 

The Descendants of Rufus Edwards and Ruth (Huestis) Edwards

The material herein contained was originally planned as part of a much larger volume which is to be a record of all the descendants of William Dodge and his wife, Lydia Nicholls Dodge. While much material has been collected for this larger book it is possible that several years may lapse before it can be completed, and so it seems quite logical to publish online this portion relating to the family of Rufus Edwards, which because of the splendid work of the compiler, Mrs. Davidson, is now ready for viewing.

Rufus Edwards was a grandson of William Dodge, and the second of four children (Daniel, Rufus., Nelson, William Alonzo) born to Lydia Dodge Edwards, the third born of William's eight children. William Dodge was, so far as our best present-day information goes, a direct descendant of Richard Dodge (1602-1671), Colonial ancestor who settled at Salem, Mass., in 1638. The ancestral line is as follows Richard1, John2, Andrew3, Andrew4, Rufus5, William6. There is some uncertainty as to who were the parents of William6, inasmuch as his father died when he was but two years of age, and we have found no direct evidence that Rufus5 was his father, except that locality, and birth and death dates correspond, which, with certain family traditions, warrant us in naming the two as father and son.

Because of the fact that the following record is part of the proposed Dodge Genealogy the classification used, as shown by the numbers appearing before each name, is that adopted for the proposed genealogical record. The figure "6" refers to William Dodge who was of the sixth generation from the original ancestor, Richard. The decimal figures following "6" afford an easy way to keep each record in its proper numerical order, and at the same time show the relationship.

There will be found on page 27 a short incomplete record of the family of Nelson Edwards who was the next younger brother of Rufus.

Mrs. Davidson, the compiler, has done a very careful piece of work, and we are most grateful to her.


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