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Dittemore Genealogy

Record of Ancestors and Descendants of Adam Dittemore 1799-1874 and Henry Dittemore 1813-1884

Published in 1937, the Dittemore Genealogy proposed to detail the descendants of John Dittemore down to the current generation. As such, where a residential address is given it should be noted that that address was good in 1937 and not neccessarily today.

Tradition has it that John Dittemore or Ditmore was born in Nurnberg, in Southern Germany. The first record found of him in America is when he enlisted in the Revolutionary War.

As always, AccessGenealogy attempts to provide correct information and when provided with proof for a correction, will make such change in the document, regardless of whether it existed in the original. Also, additions are common in our online manuscripts and we do not make an effort to separate our additions from the original.



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