Cook Family History

by J. Montgomery Seaver

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J. Montgomery Seaver
Major General P. St. George Cook
Captain James Cook
Dougald Cook
Battle Hymn of the Cooks
Table of Contents
The Cook Coat of Arms
Prominent British Cooks, Past Generations
Prominent British Cooks of Today
American Cooks of Royal Descent
Amos Cook Family
William Cook Family
William Cook of Royden Hall, Kent, England
Sir Francis Cook of Doughty House, Richmond, Surrey
Sir Frederick Lucas Cook
Sir Herbert Frederick Cook
Gregory Cooke of Newton, Mass.
Nathaniel Cooke of England, and then Windsor, Conn.
Elijah Cook of Connecticut
Ellis Cook of Southampton, NY
Mordecai Cooke of Virginia
Henry Cook of Maidenhead, Hunterdon Co., NJ
Elijah B. Cook of Preston, Conn.
Family of David G. Cook
Family of Dana Cook
Dougald Cook of Talbert Scotland, and later Youngstown, Ohio
James Cook of Ireland
Family of Ambrose N. Cook
Family of Charles Cook
Family of Dr. David Cook of New Jersey
Family of Joshia W. Cook
Family of Daniel Henry Cook
Cooks in the American Revolution
Prominent Cooks of America, Past Generations
Prominent American Cooks of Today
Cook Towns, Etc.
Cook Census of the United States
Religions of the Cooks

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