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Letter from John Fishback to Susannah Clore

Following is the letter mentioned above from John Fishback, the administrator of the estate of Michael Clore:


Madison County, Va., September 30th, 1844. 

Dear Sister and Relations, I send you a few lines to inform you we are yet spared in the land of the Living and all enjoy the blessings of health, hoping you enjoy the like blessings. I received your last letter in answer to the last money I sent and was glad to hear you got it safe. I have delayed writting much longer than I anticipated, owing to three of the Legatees in the West not sending me the number of their children. I wrote and wrote again but have got no answer yet. I heard by a man from Kentucky not long since that Levi Clore died near Suddenly some time last Summer our youngest daughter was married last April to Joel M. Clore a steady good cabinet workman we have two daughters and one son living with us yet. We have had a very dry spell for 6 or 7 weeks until a day or two ago, our crops of wheat tolarable good and corn likewise, flour in low at about $3.60, corn $1.50, pork $4.50 per 100, beef $3, etc. I have no good news to send you about religion or a work of grace going on among us. Some of the new dandy preachers starts up a kind of bond fire for a few days and when they stop the fire goes out and leaves no coals to kindle from. Most of the conversations these days are on politics and about presidential election which I hope will be ended shortly, and if the people: in our section loves the Eagle of Liberty stick to the old Democrat cause and let H. Clay stay where he will do us no harm, for the Wigs in our section have acted so unfairly- that I could not trust one of them to act fairly in public matters. Our relations are well so far as l know, there has been some cases of fever and some deaths in the neighborhood. I will give you a list of the number on the other side so far as I have received and we may guess at the balance.
Michael Clore was born the 4th day of December 1746. He died the 7th day of December 1817 being 71 years and 3 days old.
Margaret Clore his wife was born the 21st of December 1752. She died the 24th of November 1842, being 89 years, 11 months, and 3 days old.

Their Children   Grand Children 2nd Ditto 3rd Ditto
1 Aaron Clore born July 28th 1770. His number of Children and Grand Children 10 47 19
2 Michael Clore born February 10th 1772: His Children and Grand Children 11 28  
3 John Clore born September 22nd 1772. His progeny 7 31  
4 Levi Clore born March 10th 1775. His progeny not known precisely Supposed 9 21  
5 Mary Clore born December 27th 1776 Her progeny about 8 15  
6 Israel Clore born April 15th 1779 His number of Children 9 35  
7 Elizabeth Clore born January 30th 1781. She died no heirs.      
8 Ann Clore born December 18th 1782 Her progeny 12 21  
9 Rhody Clore born July 5th 1784 No Heirs      
10 Jeremiah Clore born April 1486 His progeny 12 15  
11 Gideon Clore born April 7th 1788 His progeny about 8 12  
12 Margaret Core born January 25th 1790. Her progeny 9 7  
13 Julia Clore born July 31st 1791 Her progeny 1    
14 Sarah Clore born April 19th 1793 Her progeny 2 1  
15 William Cl ore born September 12th 17 98. No Heirs      
Total   98 233 19

The above is a true statement by the letters received, except Levi, Gideon, and Mary Wilson, could not give a true statement of their Grand Children.

I have given you the age of Father and Mother Clore, also their

Children ................................. 15 
Grand Children ....................... 98 
Second Grand Children ........ 233 
Third Grand Children .............. 19
Total .................................... 366

Mr. James Gaines wishes me to send him the whole number dead and alive. I did not ascertain the number fully that was dead. I request if you please to send him the number from the statement I have made.

So I conclude by writing you all peace, health, prosperity in this life and the world to come.


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Based on a book by Gaines, L. P. Gaines genealogy: one line from 1620 to the present time, 1918. Calhoun, Ga.: T.H. Lang, 1918, pages 75-81. Corrections and additions are AccessGenealogy, 2002.



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