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Letter from James Clardy


Mt. Galagher P. O., Laurens District, S. C., May the 5th, 1843. South Carolina, Laurens District.

Dear friends and relatives: I have heretofore written to you with pleasure and delight, but I now have to communicate to you the mournful and sad intelligence of my bereavement and loss of a good and loving companion Elizabeth is no more, but I have a hope that my loss is her infinite gain she died on Saturday 29th April. She had her child on the 20th of March and was very smart for a few days afterwards for some ten days or two weeks did not get along so well but so she began to get about until about 10 or 12 days she began to complain feeling unwell with chilly feelings afterwards fever, and kept getting worse until her death, with same complaint brother's Ellis and family has had. Three of my negro women has had the same fever one has got out to work 2 others yet in the house and has been better than 2 months I myself have not been. well but so I could keep about. Linda has taken the baby home with her Betsey request her to take it and raise it Old Mother mother Clore has left me and gone to linda, say she can't stay with me her peace and enjoyments seem to be all broken up how we are all to get along is unknown to us but we a good and merciful Savour that is able to take care of us all if will put our trust in him. O my dear friends if I could I would try to tell you some of my feelings; but I leave this for you to think over but few men have had more trials to pass through than I have I dont say this complaining (no God Forbid) for I still stand as a monument of God mercy and my prayer is that he may enable me to live right and sit such example before my children and to let my light shine that others may thereby see and be constrained to Glorify Our Father who art in heaven, I feel more like weeping than writting so I hope you excuse me for the present. Yours in bonds of affection, please let the rest of the connection see this.


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Based on a book by Gaines, L. P. Gaines genealogy: one line from 1620 to the present time, 1918. Calhoun, Ga.: T.H. Lang, 1918, pages 75-81. Corrections and additions are AccessGenealogy, 2002.