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Clore Genealogy

This chapter will be of interest only to the Gaineses who are descended from James Gaines and his wife, who was Margaret Clore before her marriage to him. But since these will number quite a few the author has felt justified in devoting some space in his book to a chapter on his grand-mother, Margaret Clore Gaines.

Michael Clore, sometimes called "Big Michael" because he was such a large man, was born in Culpepper or Madison County, Virginia, Dec. 4, 1746. He died Dec. 7, 1817. He was a gunsmith and cabinet maker by trade and contracted to make 12,000 stand of arms for General Washington-in the Revolutionary War. During this war the British captured his shops, and he was forced to run to prevent his own capture. He went with General Washington's army after his shops, were captured as a gun repairer and gun tinker. He was a member of the Baptist church and a Freemason. Tradition says he was present at the initiation, passing and raising of General LaFayette in General Washington's Army Lodge. After the war was over he held the meetings of his lodge in an upper room of his own log house until better quarters could be obtained. I allude here to an old letter of John Fishback, the administrator of his estate, which gives the names of his 15 children and number of grand-children and great-grand-children, but it fails -to state the ones to whom the children were married.

Aaron Clore, my ancestor on my father's mother's side, was born in Virginia July 28, 1770, and died in Laurens County, S. C., in 1840. He married Susannah Swindle, who was born in 1766 and died, :in 1858. He was -buried at Ooothcaloga Church, Adairsville, Ga. He was the father of the following children:
Rebecca, who married a Drummonds, was born about 1791 and died 1861 in Hill County, Texas.

Mrs. Malinda Clardy, second daughter, was born about 1794, in South Carolina, and died about 1865 and was buried at the James Clardy Cemetery mentioned hereinbefore. Her grave is not marked, although she reared a large family y of children and numerous grand-children, many of whom still live in Laurens County, S. C. James Clore, the postmaster at Laurens, S. C., is a grand-son of Malinda Clore-Clardy.

Margaret Clore was born in 1796 in South Carolina and married James Gaines. She died in 1862 and was buried at Oothcaloga Cemetery, Adairsville, Ga. She was the mother of Reuben Gaines.
Martha Clore was born in 1798 and died in 1876. She married John Crawford in South Carolina and moved to Cassville, Ga., and is the mother of James B. Crawford, at Cassville, Ga.

Mason Clore, son of Aaron Clore, was born in South Carolina in 1803 and died at Adairsville, Ga., in 1890. He was the grand-father of Sam Clore of Adairsville.

Millie Clore was born in 1806 in South Carolina and died at Ozark, Ark., in 1892.

Elizabeth, the youngest child of Aaron Clore, was born in South Carolina in 1812, married James Clardy and died in 1843, and was buried at James Clardy Cemetery.

Letter from James Clardy

Letter from James Clardy to James Gaines

Letter from John Fishback to Susannah Clore

Based on a book by Gaines, L. P. Gaines genealogy: one line from 1620 to the present time, 1918. Calhoun, Ga.: T.H. Lang, 1918, pages 75-81. Corrections and additions are AccessGenealogy, 2002.