Surname: Wright

Slave Narrative of Francis Bridges

Person Interviewed: Francis Bridges Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Place of Birth: Red River County, Texas Date of Birth: 1864 Age: 73 Occupatio Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now I was born in Red River County, Texas in 1864, and that makes me 73 years old. I had myself 75, and I went to my white folks and they counted it un and told me I was 73, but I always felt like I was older than that. My husband’s name is Henry Bridges. We was raised up children together and married. I had five sisters. My brother died here in Oklahoma about two years ago. He was a Fisher. Mary Russell, my sister, she lives in Parish, Texas; Willie Ann Poke, she lives in Greenville, Texas; Winnie Jackson, lives in Adonia, Texas, and Mattie White, my other sister, lives in Long Oak, Texas, White Hunt County. Our Master was named Master Travis Wright, and we all ate nearly the same thing. Such things as barbecued rabbits,...

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Slave Narrative of Nancy Rogers Bean

Person Interviewed: Nancy Rogers Bean Location: Hulbert, Oklahoma Place of Birth: Boggy Depot, Oklahoma Age: 82 I’m getting old and it’s easy to forget most of the happenings of slave days; anyway I was too little to know much about them, for my mammy told me I was born about six years before the war. My folks was on their way to Fort Gibson, and on the trip I was born at Boggy Depot, down in southern Oklahoma. There was a lot of us children; I got their names somewheres here. Yes, there was George, Sarah, Emma, Stella, Sylvia, Lucinda, Rose, Den, Pamp, Jeff, Austin, Jessie, Isaac and Andrew: we all lived in a one room log cabin on Master Rogers’ place not far from the old military road near Choteau. Mammy was raised around the Cherokee town of Tahlequah. I got my name from the Rogers, but I was loaned around to their relatives most of the time. I helped around the house for Bill McCracken, then I was with Cornelius and Carline Wright, and when I was freed my Mistress was a Mrs. O’Neal, wife of a officer at Fort Gibson. She treated me the best of all and gave me the first doll I ever had. It was a rag doll with charcoal eyes and red thread worked in for the mouth. She allowed me one...

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Biographical Sketch of Walter V. Wright

Wright, Walter V., Weybridge, was born in Cornwall, Vt., on November 16, 1857. His parents were Victor and Mariette (Foote) Wright. Victor Wright was born in Cornwall, Addison county, Vt, on July 29, 1819. He was married on October 18, 1853, to Mariette Foote, who was a daughter of Elijah Foote. Victor Wright’s father, Daniel Wright, came to this county at an early day. Victor Wright settled on the place now owned by Mr. Easton. He came to Weybridge, Vt., in the spring of 1864, and settled on the Dexter place, which is now owned by his sons, and which is a very handsome place, and consists of 206 acres. He had a family of two sons — Walter V. and Albertus D. Victor Wright represented Cornwall in the Legislature two terms, and also held other town offices. He died on September 6, 1867. His widow died in 1881. Albertus D. was born in Weybridge, Vt., on June 13, 1864, and is now engaged in clerking in Middlebury, Vt. Walter V. was educated in the common schools at Weybridge, and brought up to farming. He was married on August 24, 1883, to Bertha A. Blanchard, a daughter of Dr. V. W. Blanchard, of Weybridge, Vt. He now has charge of the home place, and is a very successful farmer and fine-wool sheep...

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Biography of William Silas Wright

Wright, William Silas, Waltham, was born in Weybridge, Vt., January 6, 1819. He was the fifth son of Daniel and Bathsheba (Frost) Wright, who settled in New Haven, Vt., in 1820, and at the age of sixteen years took a preparatory course at the Vergennes Classical Institute, and in 1838 entered Middlebury College, where he remained nearly two years, after which he returned to his father’s homestead in New Haven, and except the interval of four years (when he lived in Weybridge) he resided with his parents until the death of his father, and in 1867 removed to Waltham, Vt., where he, has since resided. In June, 1836, he united with the Congregational Church in Vergennes, Vt., and his connection with the same has never been changed. His family are all members of the same church. He has taken an active part in public affairs and held many of the offices of the towns of New Haven and Waltham, and represented the latter in the General Assembly of Vermont in 1874 and ’75, serving on the committee of education. He was married September 15, 1840, to Lucy Columbia, only daughter of Jacob and Lucy (Weller) Phillips, of Pittsford, Vt., by whom he had two children — Emma C. (wife of Henry S. Jackman) and John Jacob (a merchant residing at Rochester, N. Y.). Mrs. Wright’s maternal grandfather, Amos Weller,...

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Biography of L. L. Wright

Wright, L. L., Cornwall, was born in Weybridge, Vt., on June 18, 1811. His parents were Samuel and Electa (Langdon) Wright. Samuel Wright was born in Amherst, Mass., on August 18, 1785, and came with his father, Silas Wright, to Addison county, Vt., in 1796. He died October 4, 1860. Silas Wright was born on March 17, 1760, and settled in Weybridge, Vt., on the place now owned by Mrs. John Childs and son. He had a family of three daughters and four sons, only two of whom are now living — Daniel L. (born on April 20, 1799 ; is a well-known farmer) and Pliny (a lawyer, who was born on December 14, 1805; is now a resident of Canton, N. Y.), where he occupies the residence of his late brother, Governor Wright, who was governor of New York State, and died on August 27, 1847, and was the second son of Silas. His eldest son, Samuel, remained on the home place in Weybridge, Vt., where he spent the greater part of his life. He had a family of three children — L. L., Electa A. (now Mrs. Chester Elmer; was born on October 3, 1815), and Samuel O. (born on November 10, 1818; now lives in Weybridge). L. L. Wright received his education in the common schools of Cornwall, Vt., and was brought up to farming, and...

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Biographical Sketch of Daniel H. Wright

Wright, Daniel H., New Haven, was born in the town of Waybridge, Vt., on August 9, 1805, and settled on the farm he now occupies in 1827, most of which he has cleared and made all improvements. He is a very prominent farmer, and in the time of militia took an active part in military affairs, and held a commission of second lieutenant under General Nash. He was married on March 14, 1827, to Betsey H. Calkins, who was a daughter of Joshua and Parmelia (Peck) Calkins, of Waltham, Vt. They have had eight children born to them — Henry H. (deceased), Samantha (Mrs. T. H. Westfall), Wealthy (Mrs. Ezra T. Smith), Emily S. (Mrs. Luther Wales), Silas E., Edward E., Mary (Mrs. John J. Wright), and Frank W. Daniel H. Wright was a son of Daniel and Bathsheba (Frost) Wright. His paternal grandfather, Ebenezer Wright, settled in the town of Weybridge, Vt., in 1783, and his maternal grandfather, Phineas Frost, was a pioneer of Cornwall,...

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Biographical Sketch of Caleb Wright

Wright, Caleb, New Haven, was born in Weybridge, Vt., on February 13, 1810, and at the age of ten years he came to reside in the town of New Haven. He settled on the farm he now occupies in 1833, and on which he has made all modern improvements. He was married on November 1, 1831, to Harriet Rockwood, a daughter of Ebenezer and Lucinda (Graves) Rockwood, of Bristol, Vt., and by whom he has had five children — Jerusha (Mrs. Alfred Ferguson), Philomelia (Mrs. Orrin Dickinson), Jane A., wife of A. I. Stow (deceased), Martha (Mrs. L. B. Dodge), and Daniel C. His parents were Caleb and Harriet H. Wright; his grandparents Daniel and Bathsheba Wright. His father, Daniel Wright, was born in Marlborough, Mass., on February 4, 1780, and came to New Haven, Vt., in 1820, and settled on the farm now owned by S. S. Wright, where he resided until the time of his death. Caleb’s paternal grandparents were Ebenezer and Rebecca (Stannard) Wright, who were born in Marlborough, Mass., and were married in 1774; settled in Weybridge, Vt., in 1783, on the farm now owned by E. S. Wright, clearing and improving the same, where they resided until the time of their deaths. They had a family of twelve children — Rebecca, Asahel, Ebenezer, Daniel, Jehiel, Mary, Lucy, Caleb, Almira, Miranda, Lydia, and Phebe, all...

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Biography of Clarence H. Wright

Clarence H. Wright, the secretary, treasurer and manager of the Racine Auto Tire Company, was born in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, June 14, 1883, a son of J. H. Wright, who, in 1893, removed with his family to Racine and became general superintendent of the Fish Brothers Wagon Factory, which position of responsibility he acceptably filled for sixteen years. He then resigned and built a large wagon manufacturing plant in Canada and in March, 1915, he again became identified with the business interests of Racine as vice president of the Racine Auto Tire Company. After leaving the high school, in which he completed his education, Clarence H. Wright entered the employ of the Fish Brothers Wagon Company as timekeeper in the factory and various promotions brought him to the position of foreman of the wheel department. In 1907 he organized the Racine Compressed Air Cleaning Company, conducting business at both Racine and Kenosha and was associated therewith until 1910, when he entered into active relations with the Racine Auto Tire Company, which was organized on the 1st of February, of that year, Mr. Wright becoming one of its founders. The business gradually developed until 1914 and since then has gone forward with leaps and bounds until the establishment, which originally employed but three men and made but three tires per day, is now giving employment to one hundred and...

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Biography of Thomas H. Wright

Thomas Henry Wright, treasurer of Essex county, was born in Colchester, in the same county, and in the Province of Ontario, on the 19th of July, 1816. His father, Henry Wright, was a native of Pennsylvania, was born in 1786, and was the third son in a family of eight children. He came with his father’s family by land route to Detroit, in 1796, and crossed thence into Canada. There being no roads or settlements for most of the distance at that time, the goods and persons of the family were carried on the backs of pack horses. The family is of ancient origin. His paternal grandfather was a native of Kent County, England; and his paternal grandmother, though a native of Pennsylvania, was of German descent, from a family named Klingersmith. Thomas H. Wright was educated in Colchester, Ontario, and at the high school in Sandwich. His course of instruction included the English branches, the mathematics, and those studies which were calculated to best qualify him for the work of land surveyor and civil engineer. One of his first duties on leaving school was to accompany Colonel Johnson, in a preliminary survey of the route for the Southern Railroad, from Fort Erie to Sandwich, which took place in 1836. He had been accustomed to work on the farm in summers and to attend school in winter; and this...

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Biography of Judge William Silas Wright

WRIGHT, JUDGE WM. SILAS, was born in Weybridge, Vt., Jan. 6, 1819, and at the age of sixteen took a preparatory course at the Vergennes Classical Institute; in 1838 entered college at Middlebury, Vt., where he studied nearly two years, after which he returned to his father’s homestead in New Haven, Vt., where he remained (except an interval of four years spent in his native town) until the death of his father, in 1866. In 1867 he removed to Waltham, Vt., where he has since resided. He has taken an active part in public affairs, and has held many of the local offices of the towns of New Haven and Waltham, representing the latter in the General Assembly of Vermont in 1874 and 1875, serving on the committee of education therein. He has held the offices of superintendent of schools and town clerk since 1872. In the month of November, 1885, he was appointed by his excellency, Governor Pingree, associate judge of Addison County Court in place of Hon. E. A. Doud resigned. In the Republican County Convention, held in June, 1886, he was nominated unanimously for the position he holds by appointment. He united with the Congregational Church at Vergennes in 1836, and his relation thereto has never changed. In 1840 he married Lucy C. Phillips, only daughter of Jacob and Lucy (Weller) Phillips, of Pittsford, Vt., by...

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Biographical Sketch of N. Wright

N. Wright, president of the bank of Wall Lake, was born in Cedar County, Ia., in 1846; resided there until the autumn of 1871, then purchased 320 acres of land in Sac county, on which he moved the spring following. He farmed until Feb., 1882, when he established the bank. Does a general banking business; this is the only established bank in Wall Lake. W.S. Bell, the cashier, is a gentleman of extensive experience in the banking...

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Biographical Sketch of John Wright

John Wright, banker, came from Cedar County, Ia., to Sac county in 1872. He purchased 1,000 acres of land in partnership with his brother, N. Wright, and engaged in fanning until Nov., 1878, at which time he opened the bank, having previously erected the bank block, the front room of which is occupied by the bank and contains a fire-proof vault and a Marvin safe, with an electric time-lock. The rear room is occupied by George & Coy, attorneys. Mr. Wright does an extensive loan business in partnership with C.E. George. He has recently erected, on the comer of Second and Maple streets, a brick block, containing two store rooms below and two offices in front on second floor, and fine opera hall in rear. This hall is well fitted with stage, scenery, dressing rooms and well lighted. He also owns other valuable city...

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Biography of William C. Wright

William C. Wright was born March 9, 1860, at Gainesville, Arkansas, second son of Morris M. Wright, a white man and ex-sheriff of Green County, Arkansas, an active politician in his day, and Miss Howard, daughter of George Howard, of North Carolina, a prominent man in his country. William, after attending Gainesville High School until nineteen years of age, began serving his time to the silversmith and watch making trade in the same town. Remaining there four years, he came to Vinita, Indian Territory, in 1883, and there started in the jewelry business. In 1888, in connection with this, he opened a fancy grocery house, in which he carries an assortment of all varieties of the finest goods. Both branches of business he still carries on. December 6, 1890, Mr. Wright was elected as alderman of the town, which office he held until 1891. He is also a charter member of the brass band of Vinita, organized in 1886. He married Miss Maggie Benge in July 1888, daughter of James Benge, nephew of Houston Benge, a prominent Cherokee. Her mother was Miss Ruth Martin, daughter of the celebrated Joe Martin, part Cherokee. By this marriage Mr. Wright has three children. The subject of this sketch carries a stock of fancy groceries to the amount of about $2,500, and a good stock of jewelry. His business house is situated in...

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Biography of Dr. J.M. Wright

Dr. J. M. Wright has been an able and popular physician of Lake County for eighteen years, and was the son of Moses and Lericy (Farris) Wright. His father was born in Kentucky in 1812 and his mother in Giles County, Tennessee in 1814. When quite young he came to Tennessee, and married Miss Farris in Obion County, where they made their home. They had three sons, two of whom are farmers and stock raisers in Texas. Mrs. Wright was a Cumberland Presbyterian, but there being no church near her of that denomination, she united with the Methodists. In politics Mr. Wright was a Whig. He was an extensive farmer, and died in 1852. After his death Mrs. Wright spent a few years with her sons in Texas, then returned and lived with Dr. J. M. Wright until she died, in 1883. Dr. J. M. Wright was born April 24, 1837, in Obion County; was raised on the farm, receiving a good education. After studying medicine for a year under Dr. Horace Head, of Troy, Tennessee, he entered the medical department of the University of Louisiana, graduating there in 1861, locating at Troy; but the war commencing, he volunteered in Company B, of Twenty-seventh Tennessee Infantry, Confederate Army, as first lieutenant. He was soon disabled by ill health and returned home, soon after returning as assistant medical surgeon. In...

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Biographical Sketch of A.G. Wright

A.G. Wright, dealer in general merchandise, was born in Ohio; moved to Ia. in 1865, and settled in Monona county in 1867. In 1875 he moved to Whiting and engaged in the hotel and livery business which he still continues, and in 1876 engaged in the mercantile...

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