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Surname: Wiest

Biography of Adam Wiest

Adam Wiest, vice president and treasurer of the Nu-Back Manufacturing Company of St. Louis, belongs to that class of substantial young business men who have recognized that business opportunities equal to those to be secured in any section of the country are here offered. Mr. Wiest was born September 7, 1882, a son of Adam and Florence A. (Wandell) Wiest. The father was for many years prominent in connection with the cotton trade of St. Louis. He was born in Baltimore, Maryland, March 20, 1854, and in 1877 came to St. Louis where he entered the employ of the Adler-Goldman Commission Company. At length he embarked in business on his own account as a cotton broker and continued active in that field of labor until his demise. In his closing years he was one of the few living men of the cotton exchange who were present at its formal opening. He served as one of the directors and as the vice president of the exchange and his aid was always sought 1n the arbitration of disputes, for it was well known that he was fair and impartial in his judgment, being swayed neither by passion nor prejudice in considering matters of dissention between others. For many years he was the St. Louis representative of the Patrons of Liverpool and other large cotton concerns, buying for factories in all parts...

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