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Surname: Weild

M. Weil & Company

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now In journeying through life we occasionally run across some men who in business circles have fairly distanced competition, endowed with greater advantages perhaps, but still lacking some qualification possessed by themselves. This qualification may be embraced in the three words industry, integrity and business sagacity. The members of the above firm, M. Well and Carl Dilsheimer, are certainly endowed in this manner. In July, 1887, they succeeded Bamberger & Frank in the old White House building, which they occupied until the fire burned out that block. They then moved into a building built for them by Baer & Block, which they occupied until they moved into their own building in August, 1895. It is one of the most substantial brick buildings in town, being especially adapted to the display of the general line of merchandise they carry, which consists of dry goods, furnishings, clothing, boots and shoes, carpets and groceries. When they opened their doors it was with the distinct idea that volume meant success; they could no longer figure upon profits that existed in the past. The country was settling up, and business would be conducted more upon Eastern principles. Profits must necessarily be greatly reduced, and they expected to look to a gradual increasing business for adequate returns upon the capitol invested. With this...

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