Surname: Van Petten

History of Cayuga County New York

This history of Cayuga County New York published in 1879, provides a look at the first 80 years of existence for this county, with numerous chapters devoted to it’s early history. One value of this manuscript may be found in the etched engravings found throughout of idyllic scenes of Cayuga County including portraits of men, houses, buildings, farms, and scenery. Included are 90 biographies of early settlers, and histories of the individual townships along with lists of men involved in the Union Army during the Civil War on a regiment by regiment basis.

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Biography of Matthew B. Van Petten

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Matthew B. Van Petten. The success which has attended the enterprise operating at Topeka under the name of the Pioneer Mortgage Company attests the foresight, sagacity and financial skill of its members, whose watchful care and fidelity have combined to build up and perpetuate their fortunes. The life of the financier is less conspicuous before the world than that of a member of a learned calling, or of one who mingles in public affairs, but is none the less one of arduous labor and thorough engrossment, requiring a high order of organizing talent, watchfulness of the trend of affairs and financial skill. The strictest fidelity, the utmost watchfulness, good judgment and experience are needed to counteract the effects of contraction in monetary credits, the casualties of poor crops and unprofitable business, as well as a multitude of other influences which have their effect upon monetary affairs. In few other callings of life is success so sure a gauge of uncommon ability. Mr. Van Petten was born on a farm in Peoria County, Illinois, May 4, 1854, and has been a resident of Kansas since February, 1880. He is one of eight children born to M. B. and Ruby (Emery) Van Petten, the former a native of New York and the latter of New Hampshire, is a...

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