Surname: Tanner

Abstracts of Wills on File in the City of New York Surrogate’s Office 1660-1680

Abstracts of wills on file in the surrogate’s office city of New York 1660-1680. From May 1787 to the present, county surrogate’s courts have recorded probates. However, the court of probates and court of chancery handled estates of deceased persons who died in one county but who owned property in another. An 1823 law mandated that all probates come under the jurisdiction of the county surrogate’s courts. Each surrogate’s court has a comprehensive index to all probate records, including the unrecorded probate packets. Interestingly enough, there are wills existing and on record at the Surrogate’s Office in New York City for the time-span of 1660-1680. Genealogical extracts of these wills have been provided below.

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Biography of Thomas Tanner

THOMAS TANNER. – A representative and enterprising agriculturist of Union county, the subject of this sketch stands high in the estimation of his fellows and has won, by his straightforwardness and upright life the...

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Biography of J. M. Tanner

One of the substantial citizens of Nowata is J. M. Tanner, who for many years was engaged in farming in this county. He was born near Alluwe in the Coowescoowee district on the 6th of March, 1875, a son of N. J. and Rachael A....

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Biography of Albert H. Tanner

ALBERT H. TANNER. – Albert H. Tanner was born in what was at one time a part of the Oregon Territory; but, when Congress cut the territory in two and made Oregon and Washington Territories, it left him in Washington...

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