Surname: Stephenson

Brookfield Massachusetts Warnings 1737-1788

In the following information all the names, dates and other essential particulars which appear in the returns to the Court in the County of Worcester during the entire period – a full half-century, from 1737 to 1788 – in which these entries were made, are given. The returns from each place have been brought together and arranged under the name of the town or district, in this case Brookfield Massachusetts.

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1867 Plymouth County Massachusetts Directory, Oil and Candle Manufacturers to Pump Makers

Oil and Candle Manufacturers  Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Judd L. S., Marion Organ Manufacturers Reynolds P., N. Bridgewater Marston A. B. Campello, Bridgewater Oysters and Refreshments (See Eating Houses) Nash J. E. Abington Douglas W. East Abington Gilman A. N., Bridgewater Fuller John, Bridgewater Hull J. C., Bridgewater Tripp B. F., Middleboro Union Saloon, Middleboro Grover R. B., No. Bridgewater Washburn and Richardson, No. Bridgewater Ballard S. D., Plymouth Dodge J. E., Plymouth Painters Carriage  Peirce Wm. M., Abington Ford B. F. East Abington Bates Asa, South Abington Hersey David A. Hingham Sprague Joseph T., Hingham Eldridge David, Kingston Boomer B. L., Middleboro Southworth Rodney E., Middleboro Sparrow J. G., North Bridge water Jones John B., North Bridge water Sargent Samuel, Bridge water Thomas William E., Bridge water Jones Charles L., Plymouth Young Charles, Scituate Young Edw., Scituate Painters (House and Sign) Davis W. H.. Abington French Joseph, Abington Ford B. F., East Abington Gilson L. C., East Abington Lawrence Thomas R., East Abington Lincoln S. B.,...

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Slave Narrative of Sam McAllum

Interviewer: Marjorie Woods Austin Person Interviewed: Sam McAllum Location: Meridian, Mississippi Date of Birth: September 2, 1842 Age: 95 Place of Residence: Meridian, Lauderdale County To those familiar with the history of “Bloody Kemper” as recorded, the following narrative from the lips of an eye-witness will be heresy. But the subject of this autobiography, carrying his ninety-five years more trimly than many a man of sixty, is declared sound of mind as well as of body by the Hector Currie family, prominent in Mississippi, for whom he has worked in a position of great trust and responsibility for fifty years or more. While this old Negro may be mistaken at some points (the universal failing of witnesses), his impressions are certainly not more involved than the welter of local records. Mrs. Currie states that if Sam said he saw a thing happen thus, it may be depended upon that he is telling exactly what he really saw. Sam McAllum, ex-slave, lives in Meridian, Lauderdale County. Sam is five feet three inches tall and weighs 140 pounds. “De firs’ town I ever seen were DeKalb in Kemper County. De Stephenson Plantation where I were born warnt but ’bout thirteen miles north o’ DeKalb. I were born de secon’ o’ September in 1842. My mammy b’longed to de Stephensons an’ my pappy b’longed to Marster Lewis Barnes. His plantation wasn’t so...

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Biography of Rufus M.P. Stephenson

Rufus Stephenson, member of the Dominion Parliament since the Dominion’s formed, representing the County of Kent; is a native of Springfield, Mass., dating his birth January 14th, 1835. His parents are Eli and Chloe (Chapin) Stephenson, his father being still alive, and in his 94th year. His mother is a descendant of Deacon Samuel Chapin, a Puritan who came to Roxbury (now in Boston) Mass., prior to 1640, and settled at Springfield, same State, in 1642. His descendants form one of the most numerous families in the United States, embracing many names of a national reputation. Among them are Hon. Henry Chapin (Judge), Worcester, Mass., Edwin Chapin, D. D., N. Y. City; A. L. Chapin, D. D., President Beloit College, Wis.; Hon. Moses Chapin, Hon. William H. Seward, Hon. Solomon Foot, Henry Ward Beecher, J. G. Holland, Roswell D. Hitchcock, D. D., and scores of other persons who might be mentioned. In September, 1862, a meeting of the descendants of Deacon Samuel Chapin was held at Springfield, Mass., and between 2000 and 3000 of them were present. The grandfather of our subject was from Lancashire, England, and was of that branch of the Stephenson family from which sprung George and Robert Stephenson, so famous as railway engineers. His grandmother was of the Murphy family, Londonderry, north of Ireland. She died in St. Catharines in 1854, at the advanced age...

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Biography of James Stephenson, M.D.

James Stephenson, twenty-one years a medical practitioner at Iroquois, County of Dundas, is a native of Augusta, Grenville County, Ontario, and was born November 19, 1834. His father, Isaiah Stephenson, a farmer, was a native of the County of Monaghan, Ireland, coming to Canada about 1820. His mother, whose maiden name was Sophia Martin, was born in Augusta, Ontario. The subject of this brief sketch received his literary education at Victoria College, Cobourg, where he spent two years, not taking a full course, and his medical education at McGill College, Montreal, where he received his diploma in 1859. He immediately settled in Iroquois, where he has been in steady and successful practice since graduating, building up, years ago, a lucrative business. He has made medicine and surgery and collateral branches his life study, and no man of any profession in this county has attended more faithfully to his calling, turning out at all seasons of the year, in all kinds of weather, and at all hours of the night, to visit the sick, rich or poor, with or without the likelihood of compensation. He has ridden hundreds of miles to administer to the wants of destitute families, and has been their regular physician for five ten, and fifteen years, without asking for a dollar; finding his reward in relieving suffering and aiding in restoring health. He is a man...

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Biography of Dr. John S. Stephenson

DR. JOHN S. STEPHENSON. The value to any community of a professional man is not marked merely by his learning and skill, his proficiency in medical and surgical practice, but also by his character, both private and professional, his honorable adherence to medical ethics, and his personal integrity and benevolence of purpose. When a physician combines these characteristics it is with pleasure that we record his life-work, and such a man do we find in Dr. John S. Stephenson. He owes his nativity to Polk County, Tennessee, where he was born in 1839. His parents were Dr. Andrew R. and Anna (Watson) Stephenson, born in North Carolina in 1797, and South Carolina in 1799 respectively. They were early settlers of East Tennessee, and in January, 1852, landed in Searcy County, Arkansas, the journey thither being made with ox teams and horse teams, occupying nearly four months. They were among the pioneers of Wiley’s Cove, and there improved a good farm, and spent the rest of their lives, the father’s death occurring in January, 1864, and the mother’s in 1868. They were members of the Missionary Baptist Church for many years, and the father was long a very successful practicing physician of his section of the county. He was a stanch Union man during the great Civil War, but took no active part in the struggle. His father, Joseph Stephenson,...

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Biography of James W. Stephenson

JAMES W. STEPHENSON. The estate of which this gentleman is the fortunate owner comprises 204 acres on Cave Creek, all of which is remarkably fertile land, well adapted to the purpose of general farming, and well improved with all necessary farm buildings, fences, orchard, etc. Mr. Stephenson owes his nativity to Monroe County, Tennessee, where he first saw the light in 1833, his parents being Andrew R. and Anna (Watson) Stephenson, for further history of whom see the sketch of Dr. J. S. Stephenson. James W. Stephenson was the third of the six children born to his parents, was reard on his father’s farm, and was for some time an attendant of the common schools in the vicinity of his rural home, but as they were of a very inferior description and were only conducted a short time each year, he did not make such progress in his studies as could have been desired. In the year 1857 he led to the altar Miss Margaret, daughter of Samuel Leslie (a sketch of whom appears in this work). She was born in Tennessee and died in 1884, having become the mother of five children: George, of Oklahoma; Charley, who is a student of law in Austin, Tex.; Andrew R., who resides in the Indian Territory; Isabel the wife of Peter Neadwell, of the Indian Territory; and Ona, wife of Dr....

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Stephenson, Thomas – Obituary

Thomas Stephenson Buried At La Grande Mrs. Robert Shaw, of Lytton, Calif., accompanied the remains of her father, Thomas Stephenson from the California city to La Grande, where the deceased was laid to rest at the side of his wife, who passed away about six years ago. He died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Robert Shaw, with whom he made his home. Mr. Stephenson was very aged, being nearly 94 years old. He had been ill only about a week when death came. He was well known in this district having resided here several years. A large number of relatives and friends attended the funeral services at La Grande, Wednesday. North Powder News Saturday, November 29,...

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M. R. Stephenson

2nd Class Seaman (Navy). Born in Northampton County; the son of Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Stephenson. Entered the service Aug. 8, 1918, at Seaboard, N.C. Was sent to Great Lakes, Ill., and from there to St. Helena, Va. On duty at St. Helena, Va. Mustered out at St. Helena, Va., March 2,...

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Cornelius William Stephenson

Sergt., 119th Inf., Co. M, 30th Div. Born in Durham County; the son of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Stephenson. Husband of Mrs. Lizzie Stephenson. Entered the service at Durham, N.C., June 19, 1916. Was sent to Camp Sevier, S. C., and from there to Camp Merritt. Sailed for France May 2, 1918. Fought on the Hindenburg Line. Gassed at Bellicourt Oct. 3rd. Fought at Ypres Aug. 4th to 10th and Aug. 17th to Sept. 2nd; Bellicourt from Sept. 29th to Oct. 3rd; at St. Souplet Oct. 9th to 11th and Oct. 17th to 20th. Returned to USA April 1, 1919. Mustered out at Camp Jackson, S. C., April 7,...

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Curtis W. Stephenson

Wagoner, 120th Inf., Supply Co., 30th Div. Born in Wake County; the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Stephenson. Entered the service June 19, 1916, at Durham, N.C. Was sent to Camp Bickett and from there to Camp Sevier, S. C. Transferred to Camp Merritt, N. J., and sailed for France May 12, 1918. Fought at Ypres, Hindenburg Line, Bellicourt, Nauroy, Sept. 29 to Oct. 1, 1918, Premont. Returned to the USA April 11, 1919. Mustered out at Camp Jackson, S. C., April 18, 1919. Served on the Mexican border for six months. Additional battles in which he fought are Brancourt, Busigny, Bohain, Vaux-Andigny, St. Mihiel, St. Martin River,...

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Biographical Sketch of Harvey Stephenson

Frederick P. Stephenson, a well known resident of Phelps, Ontario county, New York, is descended from a family which for many generations has displayed courage and patriotism in defence of the rights and liberties of their country. Calvin Stephenson, a pioneer settler and a soldier of the revolution, had six sons who took part in the war of 1812: James was taken a prisoner and died near Montreal, Canada; William served gallantly throughout the war, then joined the regular army and lost his life on the western plains; Luther served in the contest at Raisin river and in the battle of Tippecanoe; Theodore, Calvin and Chester, the other three, were also actively engaged in various encounters during this famous struggle. (I) Harvey Stephenson, grandfather of Frederick P. Stephenson, came from Springfield, Massachusetts, and located in the town of Orleans, Ontario county, New York, about 1800, subsequently settling in Phelps, in the same...

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Biographical Sketch of Dolphin Stephenson

(II) Dolphin, son of Harvey Stephenson, was born in the town of Galen, New York, in 1812, died in 1883. He came to Phelps with his father, where he was engaged in legal practice for many years, being at the time of his death the oldest attorney in the county. He served as postmaster of Phelps for many years, and was elected as a member of the assembly. He was also appointed by the government to represent it at Panama, and remained there for some time. A portion of his life was also spent in California. He was married in New York State to Jennie, daughter of Joshua Porter, and his wife died at Phelps, New...

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Biography of Fred L. Stephenson

Fred L. Stephenson is president of the Commercial State Bank of Yates Center. He had many other interests that connect him with that community, and for many years had been one of the live and energetic citizens, ever ready to co-operate in any plan for the advancement of local welfare. Mr. Stephenson had spent most of his life in Kansas and he owes to his individual energies and the opportunities of the state his prosperity and his position in affairs. His ancestors were English people who came to New York in Colonial days. His grandfather was Thomas Stephenson, a native of New York State, an early settler in Ohio, where he spent the rest of his years, and a farmer and Baptist preacher. Fred L. Stephenson was born in Grant County, Wisconsin, April 16, 1864. His father William P. Stephenson, who was born on Staten Island, New York, in 1823, spent his boyhood on Staten Island, as a young man went to the vicinity of Cleveland, Ohio, was married there and followed farming. In 1854 he moved out to Grant County, Wisconsin, and was one of the early settlers in that community. From Wisconsin he came to Kansas in 1869, and for two years was associated with the early settlers of Linn County. In 1871 he removed to Woodson County, buying a farm of 120 acres, and after developing...

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