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Surname: Sligh

Slave Narrative of Alfred Sligh

Interviewer: Stiles M. Scruggs Person Interviewed: Alfred Sligh Location: Columbia, South Carolina Place of Birth: Newberry County, South Carolina Date of Birth: 1837 Age: 100 Place of Residence: 1317 Gregg Street Ex-Slave 100 Years Old Alfred Sligh, who lives in a rented house at 1317 Gregg Street, says he was born in Newberry County, South Carolina, in 1837. His hair is white and he is feeble. He goes about the city, on fair days, collecting small sums of money from his white friends and sometimes from his own race. In this way he earns most of his income. “My folks was slaves of the Sligh family for many years, befo’ I was born. My mammy and daddy and me b’long to Butler Sligh, at de time I begin to do chores and take notice of things. I be nearly half grown when my young master, Butler Sligh, am just four years old. He die, four or five years ago. I guess you ‘member, ’cause he was a powerful well-known white man. He was seventy-five years old when he die. “De young master, he name for my old master. De old master and ‘most all de white men of de neighborhood, ’round ’bout us, march off to de war in 1861. One day I see them ridin’ down de big road on many hosses and they wavin’ deir hats and...

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