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1921 Farmers’ Directory of Hamlin Iowa

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Abbreviations: Sec., section; ac., acres; Wf., wife; ch., children; ( ), years in county; O., owner; H., renter.   Aagaard, Geo. Wf. Marie. P. O. Exira, R. 5. O. 160 ac., sec. 20. (2.5.) Aagaard, Hans.Wf.Inger; ch.Sena, Bertha, Emmert. P. O. Hamlin, R. 1. O. 78 ac.. sec. 10; O.37 ac.,  sec. 15. (27.) Albertson, John. Wf. Esther. P. O. Exira. R. 120 ac., sec. 35. (5.) Owner, Jorgen Hansen. Andersen, A. H. Wf. Christena; A. Egidia and Alfred. P. O. Audubon, it. 4. O. 80...

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History of Cayuga County New York

This history of Cayuga County New York published in 1879, provides a look at the first 80 years of existence for this county, with numerous chapters devoted to it’s early history. One value of this manuscript may be found in the etched engravings found throughout of idyllic scenes of Cayuga County including portraits of men, houses, buildings, farms, and scenery. Included are 90 biographies of early settlers, and histories of the individual townships along with lists of men involved in the Union Army during the Civil War on a regiment by regiment basis.

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The Descendants of Daniel and Hannah Edwards of Coventry CT

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now The following short genealogy has been transcribed from The Descendants of Rufus Edwards and His Wife Ruth Huestis Edwards: A Genealogical Record, by Jennie Melissa Patterson Davidson. In the actual manuscript Rufus is the 5th generation, so I’ve titled this page The Descendants of Daniel and Hannah Edwards of Coventry CT, which is more reflective of the entire manuscript. Also included in this book was a brief genealogy on the descendants of Robert and Ruth Huestis, who are the parents of Ruth Huestis. Daniel1 Edwards, Son of ______ and ______ (_____) Edwards, b. 1673, at _____; d. December 3, 1756, in his 83rd year; buried at Coventry, Conn. Daniel2 Edwards, Jr., Son of Daniel and _____ Edwards, b. — at_____; m. Hannah . Lived at Coventry, Conn. Children (10): Lucy Edwards, b. March 7, 1726. Elijah Edwards, b. September 12, 1727. Joseph Edwards, b. September 22, 1729. Beniah Edwards, b. March 14, 1731. Lurany Edwards, b. May 7, 1733. Samuel Edwards, b. July 27, 1738. Jobe Edwards,, b. September 4, 1740. * Adonijah Edwards, b. August 28, 1742; d. in 1831. Thomas Edwards, b. July 13, 1746; d. April 29, 1751 buried at Coventry. Daniel Edwards, b. April 21, 1748. Adonijah3 Edwards, son of Daniel Edwards, Jr., and Hannah his wife, of Coventry, Conn.; b. August 28,...

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