Surname: Scott

Biography of John Tucker Scott

JOHN TUCKER SCOTT. – Perhaps there is no feature in which American life has become more noticeable than in the development of influential families. Without titles to distinguish those of distinguished ancestry, we...

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Biography of Bushrod W. Scott

BUSHROD W. SCOTT. For many years the name Scott was familiarly associated with the mercantile enterprise of the city of Anderson. Mr. Scott first became a resident of Madison County, about the beginning of the Civil war, 1860,...

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Biography of Chester F. Scott

CHESTER F. SCOTT. The firm of Scott & Mead, plumbers and dealers in heating and plumbing supplies, is one of the well known business concerns of Anderson, established here in recent years, with Chester F. Scott as junior...

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Biography of W. C. Scott

W. C. SCOTT. Few men who find pleasure in country life realize more solid enjoyment from their work than does W. C. Scott, well known farmer and stock breeder of this community, His work is his recreation alike, and in it he...

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Scott & Watson’s Saw Mill

The sawmill of Scott & Watson, of which we present a cut, is situated at the foot of the Elkhorn Mountains, about five miles west from Haines. The plant covers about five acres, including dwellings of men, blacksmith shop,...

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It takes a village to grow a family tree!
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