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Surname: Roser

Biography of Emil B. Roser

Emil B. Roser is one of those quiet and resourceful business men who accomplishes a great deal and makes very little fuss about it and only comes in for a share of public attention when faithful performance of duty requires it. Mr. Roser has been in the jewelry business at Wellington since January 10, 1883. He was born in the City of St. Louis January 27, 1867, one of the five children of Henry and Maria Theresa (Seyler) Roser. His father was a native of Germany and his mother of France, both lived for some years in Nancy, France, and in 1852 emigrated on a sailing vessel to New Orleans. Both had relatives in the United States and they finally located in St. Louis, where Henry Roser followed his business as a merchant tailor for several years. Having relatives in Wisconsin, he removed to that state in 1869, and was thus able to give his children the advantages of the fine Normal School at Platteville and later the State University at Madison. Henry Roser was a man of plain and unassuming character, made many friends, and provided liberally for his family. His wife died at Platteville, Wisconsin, in 1893. Henry Roser like many other German Americans did his full part as a soldier of his adopted country during the Civil war. He enlisted in the Thirtieth Missouri Volunteer Infantry,...

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