Surname: Nims

Biography of David Nims

It has been ascertained by the old records of the proprietors of the town of Keene, that David Nims, the subject of this sketch-was chosen their scribe as early as July 25, 1737. The town of Keene having received a charter, he was elected first town clerk and town treasurer, at the first legal town meeting, held Wednesday, May 2, 1753, and continued to hold office as clerk, treasurer, selectman or moderator, almost every year till 1776. He was honest, courageous, firm and discreet, and consequently a man of great influence in the town, his simple word possessing almost the authority of law. In 1740 he was granted, with others, ten acres of upland, for hazarding his life and estate by living in Keene to bring forward the settling of the place. Later, the proprietors records show-page 166, 1763-a plan and description of a grant to him of 104 acres, which lot is the farm formerly occupied by Matthew, now by Brigham Nims, in Roxbury, that town having been set off from Keene in 1812. He was a farmer and carried on the place now known as the Lucian B. Page farm. The old house in which he lived has been removed this year from Washington street, to make room for a residence, to be erected and occupied by John A- Wright, of the Impervious Package Co. Mrs. Abigail,...

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Biography of Godfrey Nims

Godfrey Nims was the first one of the Nims family known in this country, the earliest record extant giving his marriage, in Northampton, Mass., November 28, 1677. His son Ebenezer removed to Deerfield, Mass., a short time previous to 1702, and at the destruction of that town, February 29th, 1703-04, he and Sarah Hoit were among the captives taken and carried to Canada, where they were kept prisoners for about ten years. The Indian chief desired Sarah Holt to marry him, but she declined, promising to marry any one of the captives, and subsequently became the wife of Ebenezer Nims. Ebenezer and Sarah (Hoit) Nims had five sons; the first one was born in Canada. The second son, David,-the subject of this paper,-was born in Deerfield, Mass., March 30, 1716. He was married June 21, 1742, to Abigail Hawks, of Deerfield, and they accompanied tae first settlers in the town of Keene, N. H. They had ten children: David, Jr., born October 29, 1742, married Jemima Carter, of Lancaster, Mass., January 1, 1768, by whom he had ten children; died August 30, 1826. Asahel, born April 30, 1944, died May 15, 1745. Sarah, born May 16, 1746, married Ebenezer Cooke, of Fairlee, Vt., October 25, 1764, by whom he had ten children; she died August 12, 1833. Asahel, born October 11, 1749, died-killed in battle of Bunker Hill-June 17,...

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Biographical Sketch of George H. Nims

George H. Nims, son of Frederick Nims, of Sullivan, was born in that town, April 19, 1840, and became largely engaged in the wood and lumber business there. In 1868 he and his brothers, Marshall W. and Francis 0., became engaged in the market business in Keene, under the firm name of Nims Brothers. He continued in this until 1874, when he retired, and has since been engaged in the wood and lumber business, now owning 900 acres of timber-land within a few miles of Keene. He has been a Democrat in politics, and, although his ward is strongly Republican, he has been chosen to many offices of trust. He married Ruthie M. Hale, of Rindge, May 17, 1866, and has one daughter, Carrie...

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Biography of Lanmon Nims

Lanmon Nims was born in Sullivan, February 3, 18r 1. He is the son the late Asahel and Mary (Heaton) Nims, and great-great-grandson of David Nims, one of the first inhabitants of the town of Keene, the first clerk of proprietors, and the first town clerk. Mr. Nims had comparatively few e educational advantages, but such was his diligence as a reader of history an current items of event, that he became in his maturity, a man of very extensive information. Having served his apprenticeship at the carpenter trade, with Dexter Spaulding, of Sullivan, in 1831, he continued to work that town one year. Afterwards he went to Peterborough, where he work as a journeyman carpenter for about eight months, and removing to Swanzey became foreman of Virgil Woodcocks shop, and, subsequently, the first engineer in the region round about. At the end of a year, or a little less, hey removed to Sullivan, and purchased the saw and grist-mills at East Sullivan. In 1836 he erected and lived in the second house built in that village, and continued as a carpenter and builder, and wheelwright, in connection with his new mill business, until the year 1838. During this year he left Sullivan and took up his abode in Keene, on the Sullivan old road, where he had a sawmill, and continued the lumber business, living in the house...

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Biography of Alfred Joel Nims

ALFRED JOEL NIMS, D. D. S. The most active and useful membership in his community that Dr. Nims has held as a dental practitioner for the long period of forty-five years, has always justified the honors of the bestowal of place and preferment upon him by his fellow-townsmen at Turners Falls. His life has spoken in no uncertain terms through the practice of his profession, in which he has never failed as an exponent of the results of the most advanced thinking in dental science; while in his civic and social relationships Dr. Nims on a number of occasions has served his fellowtownsmen as an executive official and in a very distinguished way. Few men in this part of the State have been established longer in the profession of dentistry; few have a larger circle of clients and friends. He is a son of Ebenezer and Sarah G. (Brown) Nims. Ebenezer Nims was of French Huguenot descent, and the name was originally spelled De Nimae. He was a son of Joel Nims and grandson of Reuben, who was the son of John, Jr., son of John, who was the son of Godfrey, who emigrated from England at an early date, and is supposed to have settled at Deerfield, between 1665 and 1667. The family was very intimately associated with the Indian wars through the region of South Deerfield. Joel,...

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