Surname: Morgan

Biography of William Morgan

William Morgan, farmer; P. O. Rardin; born in Sullivan Co., Ind., Dec. 13, 1827; he emigrated with his parents when 8 years old and located in what is now known as Morgan Tp. in 1834, and before the organization of the township, which is named in honor of his father, David Morgan, who resided here from 1835 until his death, which occurred in October, 1860. The subject of this sketch lived with his parents and assisted in farming until 1850, when he engaged in farming for himself upon the place where he has since lived; he owns 320 acres in his home farm and 320 acres in other parts of the township; when Mr. Morgan first located in this township, it was inhabited by Indians, whose camps were along the river, their chief camps being along Brush Creek, where the mounds may be seen to this day; wolves were plenty, and to obtain quail, prairie chickens, turkeys or deer, it was hardly necessary to step outside of the door-yard; his trips to mill consumed four days, and the distance was fifty miles, either to Eugene on the Wabash, or to Terre Haute; at that early date, he had only two neighbors, and from his location at the north part of what is now Morgan Tp. to within a half mile froth Charleston, a distance of twelve miles, there was...

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Muhlenberg County, Kentucky Wills

Hosted at Muhlenberg County USGenWeb Archives Project Abbott, John , 1814 Allcocke, Richard Nelson , 1803, probated 1807 Allison, William , 1814 Anderson, Robert , 1812 Armstrong, John , 1808, probated 1818 Bates, Simeon , 1849 Bilbrew, Thomas , 1827 Boggess, Anne , 1819 Boggess, Nancy or Ann , part 2, 1819 Buckley (or Buckles), William , 1825 Byrd, John , 1808 Campbell, Alexander , 1827 Campbell, Charles , 1821 Campbell, Mary , 1810, probated 1823 Campbell, Patrick , 1799 Campbell, William , 1800 Cash, Richard , 1823, probated 1824 Cooly, Susanna , 1807 Craig, James 1811, probated 1816 Davis, Henry , probated 1805 Davis, Margaret , 1816 Dobyns, Batten , 1804 Downing, Elisha , 1823 Dukes, Samuel , 1821 Durelle, John , 1808 Durval or Duvall, (sp) Skinner , 1809 Forrester, Sarah , 1816 Gish, Christian II , 1814 Gish, John , 1817 Grepo(?), John , 1817 Groves, Jonathan , 1810 Groves, Joseph , 1821 Harp, Samuel , 1815 Hunsaker, Isaac , 1819 Hynes, John , 1827 Irvin, Thomas , Sr., 1823 Jarvis, Edward Jr , 1823 Landis, Jacob , 1823 Lewis, Charles 1806, probated 1808 Littlepage, Eppes , 1812, probated 1816 Lott, Bartholomew , 1819 McCartney, James , 1814 McKinney, John , 1801 Miller, James , 1837, proved 1851 Morgan, Charles ,1822 Naught, George , 1808 Oates, Jesse , 1831 Parks, Andrew , probated 1821 Parks, Andrew...

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Biographies of the Cherokee Indians

Whatever may be their origins in antiquity, the Cherokees are generally thought to be a Southeastern tribe, with roots in Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee, among other states, though many Cherokees are identified today with Oklahoma, to which they had been forcibly removed by treaty in the 1830s, or with the lands of the Eastern Band of Cherokees in western North Carolina. The largest of the so-called Five Civilized Tribes, which also included Choctaws, Chickasaws, Creeks, and Seminoles, the Cherokees were the first tribe to have a written language, and by 1820 they had even adopted a form of...

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Biographical Sketch of Elmer E. Morgan

Elmer E. Morgan is a lineal descendant of General Morgan of revolutionary fame. His grandfather, Isaac Morgan, was born in Kentucky in 1879 and fought in the War of 1812. Later he built the first slab house at what is now Dayton, Ohio. He came to Davenport in 1836. Isaac F. Morgan, father of Elmer Morgan, grew to manhood in the vicinity of Davenport, married Sarah E. Williams, a Tennessee lady, and settled near DeWitt, Clinton County, Iowa. There the subject of this sketch was born September 13, 1861. His early life was spent on his father’s farm and his opportunities for schooling were few. In later life by consistent, painstaking study, he obtained an excellent education, and one which he was able to turn to practical account. At the age of twenty-three Mr. Morgan sought wider fields of endeavor and took up his residence in Moline, then just beginning to show promise of becoming a great manufacturing city. He began reading law in the office of William A. Meese and soon there-after opened a collection agency, which he still conducts and which is the oldest one in this part of the State. Mr. Morgan has traveled extensively in the United States and Europe. In 1896 he toured France, Holland and the British Isles on a bicycle. He was one of the founders of the Unitarian Church in Moline...

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Rough Riders

Compiled military service records for 1,235 Rough Riders, including Teddy Roosevelt have been digitized. The records include individual jackets which give the name, organization, and rank of each soldier. They contain cards on which information from original records relating to the military service of the individual has been copied. Included in the main jacket are carded medical records, other documents which give personal information, and the description of the record from which the information was obtained.

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Biography of Ashton E. Morgan

Ashton E. Morgan, who had been steadily climbing to success as a lawyer at Newton, is junior member of the law firm of Von der Heiden & Morgan, his partner being W. H. Von der Heiden, one of the oldest members of the Newton bar. Mr. Morgan was born in Harvey County, Kansas, February 4, 1878, and belongs to a family of Kansas pioneers. His ancestors were from Wales and were frontiersmen and Indian fighters on the western line of Old Virginia, settling in what is now the state of West Virginia, where the City of Morgantown was named for the family. Jesse C. Morgan, father of Ashton E., was born in Wayne County, Indiana, in February, 1847, and is now living retired at Newton. He was seven years of age when he accompanied his parents to Kansas, and the family lived for some years in Johnson County, Grandfather Morgan was a miller by trade. Jesse C. Morgan grew up in Johnson County and for many years had been a business man of Harvey County, where he located in 1873. For a time he was a farmer, later agent for the Singer Sewing Machine Company, then entered business as a merchant, and is now retired. He married at Olathe, Kansas, Miss Clara Duffield, who was born in Illinois in 1855 and died at Newton, Kansas, in 1888. Ashton E....

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Biography of Edwin B. Morgan

Edwin B. Morgan. When Edwin B. Morgan came to Kansas in 1892, at the age of nineteen, he found his first opportunity for service and work as a school teacher. He taught in Linn County one year, and two years in Franklin County. Already his ambition was set upon the law as a career. Entering the State University at Lawrence, he pursued the studies of the law department until graduating LL. B, in 1898. In July of that year he began practice at Oswego, and was one of the rising young attorneys of that city for seven years. Since removing to Cherokee County in 1905 Mr. Morgan has looked after a large general civil and criminal practices, having his home and offices in Galena. He has a suite of offices, rooms 8 to 13, in the Shoman-Moore Building. Besides his private practice Mr. Morgan was elected in 1906 and served one term as county attorney, and has also filled the office of city attorney. His early life was spent in his native State of Ohio. He was born at Piketon December 17, 1873, attended public schools in Pike and high school in Scioto County, and it was soon after the conclusion of his school work there that he came to Kansas. This branch of the Morgan family is of Irish stock. His ancestors came to Pennsylvania in colonial days....

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Biographical Sketch of Ira Morgan

Ira Morgan, of Pownal, Vt., born in 1773, came to Cambridge about 1800. In 1803, he married Mary Barber, by whom he had four children, and, in 1817, he married his second wife, Mary Phillips, this union being blessed with four children, two of whom now reside here. He died in 1848, aged seventy-five. William-S., his fifth child, born in 1817, occupies the old homestead, and has never been absent from town six consecutive...

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Biography of Thomas Morgan

In the course of the compilation of the history of Wallowa and Union counties, it is now our pleasant privilege to give in brief outline the career of the well known and enterprising stockman, whose name is at the head of this article: and it is with pleasure that we embrace the opportunity, since we are assured that he is a man that is fitted in every way to be thus represented in his county’s history, having labored here for a number of years in the good work of developing the country and in prosecuting substantial industries, as farming and stock raising, while also he has displayed personal characteristics that have won for him the respect and admiration of all who are acquainted with him. Mr. Morgan is one of the younger citizens of the county, being born on December 28, 1879, in Linn county, Oregon, to Seth and Margaret (Hamilton) Morgan, natives of Illinois. The father came to the Willamette valley with his parents in 1847, being thus one of the earliest white settlers and pioneers of the region. He proved himself to be made of the true metal of the pioneer and frontiersman and wrought with faithfulness in the occupations incident to such a life for years. He was occupied in packing through this section of the country in the early sixties, and was well known for...

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List of Slave Owners

The List of People who owned Slaves in Floyd County include: Sophia Lane, Lanesville. Jim Lane, Lanesville Gilbert Higgins, Wilson’s Creek George May, Maytown Hi Morgan, Prestonsburg Penny J. Sizemore, Prestonsburg Samuel P. Davidson, Prestonsburg I. Richmond, Prestonsburg Valentine Mayo, Prestonsburg —- Lanes, Prestonsburg Kennie Hatcher, Lanesville Morgan Clark, John’s Creek Daniel Hager, Hager Shoals near what is Auxier, Ky. Adam Gayheart, Prestonsburg John P. Martin, Prestonsburg Jacob Mayo, Sr., Prestonsburg Wm. Mayo, Jr., Prestonsburg Johnny Martin, Wayland, Kentucky Thomas Johns, Dwale, Ky. Isom Slone, Beaver Creek John Bud Harris, Emma, Kentucky Billy Slone, Caney Fork, Right Beaver, Kentucky. This list is as remembered by the oldest citizens, and one T.J. “Uncle” Jeff Sizemore, 94 years old Civil War Veteran and citizen of Prestonsburg, Kentucky, dictated then to the writer in just this order. The nearest auction blocks were Mt. Sterling, Kentucky and Gladdville, Virginia. Most slaves from the present Floyd County Territory were bought and sold through auction in southwest Virginia. Other auction blocks were at Abington and Bristol, Virginia. The negro dialect of this county is a combination of the dialect white folk use plus that of the negro of the South. The colored population is continually moving back and forth from Alabama, Georgia and North and South Carolinas. They visit a lot. Colored teachers so far have all been from Ohio. Most visiting colored preachers come...

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Biography of Gilman C. Morgan

Gilman C. Morgan, a farmer of Hopkinton, Merrimack County, N.H., was born September 10, 1830, in Hartford, Vt., being a son of Nathaniel and Mehitable (Colby) Morgan. His paternal grandfather, Nathan H. Morgan, was born October 27, 1765, in Pembroke, N.H. Four years later his father and mother, who were English, came to Hopkinton, and settled in the unbroken forest in the south-west part of the town. At that time there were no roads, but only foot-paths, indicated by spotted trees for a guide. Nathan H. Morgan remained on the old homestead from the time of coming here with his parents until his demise, October 31, 1850. His wife, Mary Emerson Morgan, was born March 30, 1770, and died December 5, 1833. They had twelve children, namely: Timothy, who was born March 12, 1790, and died in 1871; Nathaniel, the first, born October 2, 1791, died May 18, 1792; Nathaniel, the second, born April 5, 1793, died May 4, 1872; Abigail, born April 13, 1795; Nathan, born March 21, 1797, died October 6, 1828; Smith, born March 18, 1799; Betsey, born December 25, 1800; Mary, born February 4, 1803, died in June, 1885, the wife of John Currier; Rachel, born January 12, 1805; Jeremiah, born December 20, 1805; Mahala, born March 29, 1809; and James, born September 4, 1811. Of these Mahala, the wife of Peabody Webber, of Manchester,...

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