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Surname: McCleod

Biography of John McCleod

The subject of this sketch is a native of Edinburgh, Scotland, and was born on the 13th of September, 1816. His father, John MacLeod, senior, was a type founder, and foreman for years of the only foundry of that class in the City of Edinburgh. The family were from the Highlands. The mother of our subject, before her marriage, was Ann Gordon. He was educated in part in the common schools of Edinburgh and Inverness; in 1832 came to Nova Scotia, finished his literary studies at Pictou, and there read law; went to New York city, having the legal profession in view, but changed his mind, and after clerking a while in a dry goods store, came to Detroit, and was in the mercantile trade in that city until 1838, when he settled in Amherstburg. Here, for thirty years, Mr. MacLeod was engaged in the mercantile trade, and in building steamboats and sail vessels, being the leading business man in the place. He built the first vessel that ever sailed from Chicago to Liverpool. It is not unlikely that in a business sense, Mr. MacLeod erred on virtue’s side was too diligent, for ten or eleven years ago his health began to fail, and his physician said he must retire. He did so. In 1857 he was elected to the Canadian parliament, representing Essex, and serving the full term...

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