Surname: McAlister

Disbursements to Cherokees under the Treaty of May 6, 1828

Abstract of disbursements and expenditures made by George Vashon, Indian Agent for the Cherokees west of the Mississippi, under the stipulations of the Treaty with said tribe of 6th May, 1828, between the 16th September, 1830, and the 31st December, 1833. In total this list represents 390 Cherokee families and 1835 individuals who each received 25.75 as part of their payment under the 5th article of the treaty of 6th May, 1828.

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Biographical Sketch of Isaac McAlister

Isaac McAlister, born September 25, 1736, married Hannah, daughter of William and Keziah (Cloyes) Goddard, born January 27, 1736. He was one of the proprietors of Monadnock No. 5, and as such he took an active part in the affairs of the town; and it is said that he rendered assistance in the surey of the township, and for his services took his pay in land. His name appears on the proprietors’ book as one of a committee of three to lay out and clear a road from Dublin to Keene in 1763. He was the second settler in town, removing his family here in the winter of 1764-65. He first located on the farm now owned by Ansel Nye. But it seems he was not contented with this location, and sold his farm to Jonathan Frost, taking his pay in Continental money. It was his intention to purchase the Converse place, now owned in part by Rev. S. H. McCollester; but in this he was disappointed, and, before an opportunity presented itself for him to buy, his money had so depreciated that he became penniless, and was obliged to clear up and settle his only remaining lot, which is now known as the Sawyer place, and owned at the present time by Abraham Corey, then considered worthless. Here he continued to reside until his death, June 8, 1809....

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Biography of Hon. Daniel A. McAlister

HON. DANIEL A. McALISTER. – Perhaps there is not another man living to-day in the Grande Ronde valley who is so popular with people and so great a favorite in Union and Wallowa counties as the subject of this sketch. And be it said to the credit of Mr. McAlister that in all his long public career he has nobly earned every encomium that has been given by an appreciative and discrimnating people. He is a man of large caliber, with vigor to sustain his untiring activity and integrity to maintain his position of uncompromising uprightness, while he is possessed of a practical judgment, keen foresight and executive ability that combined eminently fit him to fill the prominent place that he has enjoyed not only in the two counties mentioned, but in the estimation of the leading men throughout the state. Daniel A. was born in Coles county, Illinois, on February 6, 1842, and there received a good education from the common schools, attending the same in the winter and assisting on the farm in the summer. At the age of seventeen he spent his whole time on the farm and continued in the same until he was twenty, working with his stepfather. Then he went to Putnam county, Missouri, to visit an uncle and found him preparing to come to the Pacific coast. Our subject was enthused with...

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Biography of Hon. John W. McAlister

HON. JOHN W. McALISTER. – It now becomes our pleasant privilege to outline in brief review the eventful career of the well known and highly esteemed gentlman whose name initiates this paragraph and whose life is connected with the county of Union, having been identified with it since his early boyhood and having been one of the potent factors in its development as also in making the laws which have proved so salutary for its progress and gaining, meanwhile, a reputation throughout the state because of the ability and sagacity displayed in the state halls of legislation, while no whit behind are the commendable moral virtues which his daily life exemplify, and the intrinsic worth of his character in constant display. Joyn W. was born in Putnam county, Missouri, on June 13, 1856, being the son of Harvye McAlister. When the son was six years of age, the father removed to the west with his family, having no particular objective point except Oregon. Having been safely guided through the long and dangerous journey until they came to Grande Ronde valley, and the teams being tired out, it was determined to stop and recruit, and the result was that Union county gained a prominent and substantial citizen. The father soon took up a squatter’s right on the land where our subject now resides, two miles east from Lagrande, and later...

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Biographical Sketch of Daniel R. McAlister

Daniel R. McAlister, farmer, deceased; one of the early pioneers of Coles Co. The subject of this sketch was born in Alabama May 29, 1821; he emigrated to Illinois at 10 years of age, and located in what is now known as Morgan Tp., in the year 1831, where he lived until his death, which occurred Nov. 9, 1867; he was one of the most industrious and hardworking men of Morgan Tp., and by his industry and good management had accumulated a good property at the time of his death. His marriage was celebrated Feb. 11,1844; six children were the fruit of this union, three of whom are deceased; the living are Martha J. (now Mrs. J. B. Williams), Clara B. (now Mrs. Dunlap) McGhey and Margaret R. (now Mrs. G. E. Johnson). Mrs. McAlister makes her home with her oldest daughter, Mrs. J. B. Williams, and although in her 63d year, is in possession of all her faculties, and daily assists in the various household...

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