Surname: Maynard

Ancestors of Samuel Pearly Gates of Bridgewater Massachusetts

Samuel Pearly Gates, of Bridgewater, probably best known in the business world as treasurer of the Eagle Cotton Gin Company, in which he holds the controlling interest, has been so intimately identified with the expansion of the various activities of that place during the fifty odd years of his residence there that he is justly ranked among the leaders in the development of manufacturing, banking and civic interests. Though well past the three-score and ten mark his faculties are undimmed, his energy unabated, his zeal unflagging, and he not only keeps pace with the times but is still in the van in the matter of progress in any line which enlists his attention or sympathy. Bridgewater is the home of his adoption, however, for he was born at Ashby, in Middlesex county, this State, and is a descendant of a family which has been settled in that county from early Colonial days. We herewith give the following records concerning the family since the emigrant ancestor landed this side of the Atlantic.

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1923 Historical and Pictorial Directory of Angola Indiana

Luedders’ historical and pictorial city directory of Angola, Indiana for the year 1923, containing an historical compilation of items of local interest, a complete canvass of names in the city, which includes every member of the family, college students, families on rural lines, directory of officers of county, city, lodges, churches, societies, a directory of streets, and a classified business directory.

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Portrait and Biographical Record of Seneca and Schuyler Counties, NY

In this volume will be found a record of many whose lives are worthy the imitation of coming generations. It tells how some, commencing life in poverty, by industry and economy have accumulated wealth. It tells how others, with limited advantages for securing an education, have become learned men and women, with an influence extending throughout the length and breadth of the land. It tells of men who have risen from the lower walks of life to eminence as statesmen, and whose names have become famous. It tells of those in every walk in life who have striven to...

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Slave Narrative of Bob Maynard

Person Interviewed: Bob Maynard Location: 23 East Choctaw, Weleetka, Oklahoma Place of Birth: Marlin, Texas, Falls County Age: 79 I was born near what is now Marlin, Texas, Falls County. My father was Robert Maynard and my mother was Chanie Maynard, both born slaves. Our Master, Gerard Branum, was a very old man and wore long white whiskers. He sho’ was a fine built man, and walked straight and tall like a young man. I was too little to do much work so my job was to carry the key basket for old Mistress. I sho’ was proud of that job. The basked held the keys to the pantry, the kitchen, the linen closet, and extra keys to the rooms and smokehouse. When old Mistress started out on her rounds every morning sho’d call to me to get de basket and away we’d go. I’d run errands for all the house help too, so I was kept purty busy. The “big house” was a fine one. It was a big two-story white house made of pine lumber. There was a big porch or veranda across the front and wings on the east and west. The house faced south. There was big round white posts that went clean up to the roof and there was a big porch upstairs too. I believe the house was whet you’d call colonial style....

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Biography of Henry D. Maynard

Maynard, Henry D., Middlebury, was born in Starksboro, Addison county, Vt., on October 31, 1834. His parents were Leland and Mary (Elliott) Maynard. He was educated in the common schools. He was thrown on his own resources at an early age, his father having died before he was six years old. He went to New Haven, Vt., and there engaged in farming for two years. When nineteen years old he served as an apprentice, and after acquiring the trade he worked as a journeyman until September, 1861, when he enlisted in Company A, Sixth Vermont, and with that regiment participated in engagements at Lee’s Mills, and was in the Seven Days and Peninsular campaign; was at Antietam, after which he was taken to the hospital through disability. In January, 1863, he again returned to the regiment, and was at the charge on Fredericksburgh Heights in May, 1863; then at the battle of Gettysburgh. He re-enlisted and served in the field until March, 1864, when a contusion of the right knee compelled him to be removed to Finley’s United States Hospital, where he was transferred to first battalion V, R. C., unassigned, and served as ward master until discharged from Stovill, on July 26, 1865. He returned to civil life in November, 1865; came to East Middlebury, Vt., and opened a blacksmith shop, which be conducted until 1882, when diseases...

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Biographical Sketch of H. P. Maynard

H. P. Maynard, a progressive young citizen of Tullahoma, and member of the firm of Maynard & Sons, wholesale and retail dealers in general merchandise, was born in Wisconsin in 1864, and is the son of I. F. Maynard, a native of Vermont, and born in 1815. With his parents at the close of the war, our subject came to Tullahoma, where he has since resided. He acquired a good education in the city schools, and has added much thorough practical experience. For a number of years he was employed by his father as clerk, but in 1884 was admitted as partner, his father and brother Charles being the other members. For the last three years our subject has also engaged in manufacturing rubber stamps. Politically he is a...

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Biography of Duff G. Maynard

Duff G. Maynard, of the firm of Trowbridge & Maynard, is a native of California, dating his birth in San Francisco in 1865. His parents were Lafayette and Mary E. (Green) Maynard, natives of Virginia and representatives of some of the oldest families of that State. His father was an officer in the United States Navy, and participated in the Mexican War, after which he resigned from the service and located in San Francisco as a capitalist and real-estate dealer. He died in that city in 1874. The subject of this sketch was reared in San Francisco and educated in, and closing his studies by graduating at, Trinity School in 1880. He then entered into mercantile life as a clerk in the book and stationery house of Cunningham, Curtis & Welch. His natural abilities and strict attention to business enabled him to advance rapidly, and he was promoted to higher grades of service until he was placed at the head of one of the important departments of the establishment. Mr. Maynard continued in that employ until 1888, when he came to Riverside and entered into his present business with his friend and associate, Mr. Trowbridge. He has been successful in his enterprise, and is destined to take a lead in the business and social circles of Riverside. His straightforward business principles, manly bearing and genial temperament have gained him...

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Biography of Henry Edgar Maynard

HENRY EDGAR MAYNARD – The Maynards of this country can point with pride to a name of great antiquity. The name Manard or Maynard, appears in the Rolls of Battle Abbey, as among the Normans who came to England with William the Conqueror. John Maynard was appointed Governor of Breast Castle, in Brittany, July 28, 1352, by Edward, Prince of Wales. Sir Henry Maynard, the sixth in descent from John Maynard, mentioned above, was sheriff of Essex County, and was knighted by Queen Elizabeth. His son William, was created “Lord of Wicklow” in Ireland, May 30, 1520, by King James I. Lord William was made Baron of the Realm in 1620, by King Charles I. Whether any of these were ancestors of the Maynards in America is not known, but it shows the Maynard family as one of great prominence and antiquity in England. John Maynard, immigrant ancestor of the Maynards in this country, was born in England about 1610. He was a farmer for most of his life, but had the trade of a malster. He was a proprietor first of Cambridge, Massachusetts, May 29, 1644. He removed to Sudbury, and was one of the proprietors of that town. He was a selectman there in 1646. The name was spelled in the records Maynard, Mynard, and Minor. He was one of the forty-seven petitioners who divided the Sudbury...

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Biography of Walter B. Maynard

Walter B. Maynard, a farmer of Loudon, was born here, April 26, 1840, son of Asa and Lucy (Talbot) Maynard, natives respectively of Acton, Mass., and Brookline, N.H. The grandfather, Asa Maynard, who was a cooper by trade and resided in East Concord during the greater part of his life, died there at the residence of his daughter, August 1, 1866, aged ninety-four years. The maternal grandfather, Ezra Talbot, of Stoughton, Mass., born January 20, 1773, resided successively in Brookline and Loudon, and married Abigail Belcher. He died in Loudon in November, 1853; and his wife died in Brookline, June 21, 1832. Asa Maynard, Jr., the father of Walter B., was born November 10, 1801. Immediately after his marriage he settled down as a farmer on the place now owned by the present Mr. Maynard, and resided there for the rest of his life. His wife, Lucy, who was born April 5, 1808, had four children-Emily, Eliza, Walter B., and John F. Emily, born June 21, 1832, died June 21, 1851. Eliza, who was born October 30, 1836, became the wife of Augustus R. Manning, and had two children, namely: Mary F., born January 1, 1854; and Frank O., born September 28, 1861. Both Mr. and Mrs. Manning are now deceased. John F., who manufactures the well-known Plymouth gloves, born March 15, 1846, married Harriett Draper, who died. Then...

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