Surname: Martindale

A History of Seneca Falls New York Newspapers

The following information is an attempt to provide details into not only the history of Seneca Falls New York newspapers, but also the sources available online and offline for the genealogist and historian to access the newspapers, or transcriptions therefrom. Newspapers remain a vital source of material for genealogists. They often provide vivid insight into the lives of our ancestors unlike other factual records.

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Biography of Howard F. Martindale

Howard F. Martindale was born at Madison, Kansas, June 5, 1872. He grew up on the Martindale homestead adjoining that town, attended the district school and later the Emporia High School, from which he was graduated in 1893. He spent the following autumn and the spring of 1894 in the University of Kansas, but the call of the farm and the prairies was too strong, and he did not return to school the next fall. Since that time Mr. Martindale had given his primary attention to farming and stock-raising, and had made a distinct success of both. He managed his father’s large estate until the failure of the First National Bank of Emporia in 1898. In 1900 he took up his residence on a small tract of land adjoining Madison on the west–a broken piece of land, picturesque with hills and woods and flanked by the Verdigris River–but better than this, to Mr. Martindale’s practical eye the tract was ideally situated for hog raising. He went into the raising of pedigreed Poland China hogs to win, and became one of the best known breeders in the state. No finer animals of this strain are found anywhere in the country. Mr. Martindale’s home farm, though small, was equipped with all modern appliances and conveniences, and, as usual, Howard Martindale succeeded in his undertaking. Best of all, he made of that...

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