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Surname: Macnab

Biography of Rev. Alexander Macnab, D. D.

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Rev. Alexander Macnab, Rector of the Parish of Darlington, is a son of Colonel Simon Fraser Macnab, many years a Government official in Canada, and grandson of Dr. James Macnab, who was surgeon of a Regiment of United Empire Loyalists, and who died in Canada in 1780; and was born at Belleville, County of Hastings, January 26, 1812, his father’s family being one of the first to settle in that Town. Our subject is a nephew of Captain Alexander Macnab, for whom he was named, and whose name appears on the early plans of York (Toronto), and who, at the Battle of Waterloo, was on the Staff, as aide-de-camp to Sir Thomas Picton the only native Canadian, probably, who was slain in that world renowned contest., or that took any part in it. This branch of the Macnab family is also remotely related to the Chief Macnab who, some time after the breaking up of the clan, emigrated to Canada, and had his home at the Chats on the Ottawa River, the emigrant Laird making poor headway in trying to transplant the ancient customs of the Highlanders to Canadian soil. The branch of the Macnab family, to which our subject belongs, came from Perthshire, Scotland, when the clan broke up, and settled in the American Colonies...

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