Surname: Maclean

Biography of Rev. Matthew W. Maclean, M.A.

Matthew Witherspoon Maclean, pastor of St. Andrew’s church, Belleville, was M born at Glasgow, Scotland, June 11, 1842. While studying at the University there, his father, who had filled several positions of trust and responsibility, died in the prime of life, after a long illness, leaving behind him little more than the heritage of an honest name. Our subject, notwithstanding, continued to attend college for a considerable time afterwards, holding a good position among his fellow students, taking the whole arts course, comprising classics, mathematics, and philosophy, and, passing the requisite examination before the established Presbytery of Glasgow, became a student in divinity. Mr. Maclean visited relatives in Canada in the summer of 1862, and was so impressed by the representations made of the church’s need of laborers, that he decided to remain and devote himself to the cause in this country. With this intention he entered the Divinity Hall of Queen’s College, Kingston, where he studied two years. He then spent a session in Princeton Theological Seminary, New Jersey, and was graduated with the class of 1866. Returning to Canada, he was examined by the Synod in connection with the church of Scotland, which met at Toronto in June, 1866; was licensed by the Presbytery of Niagara in the same month, and ordained and inducted into the pastoral charge of St. Andrew’s church, Paisley, county of Bruce, by...

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