Surname: MacKenzie

MacKenzie, John – Obituary

Spokane Man Killed In Wreck On Highway John MacKenzie, 22, college athlete of Spokane, was killed six miles west of La Grande on the Old Oregon Trail highway late Saturday night. He was found dead beneath his overturned truck....

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Biography of Daniel Mackenzie

One of the oldest and most substantial merchants in Sarnia, county of Lambton, is Daniel Mackenzie, who has been in business here more than thirty years, and has weathered every financial storm. He is a native of the village of...

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Biography of Kenneth Mackenzie,Q.C.

Kenneth Mackenzie, Judge of the Maritime Court, the County Court of York, and two or three other courts, is a son of Kenneth and Janet Mackenzie, members of the agricultural class, and was born in Rossshire, Scotland, in the...

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Biography of Hon. Alexander Mackenzie

In a book of this character, where our space is limited, we can only briefly sketch the principal events of Mr. Mackenzie’s life, laying the foundation for the more extended notice which will occupy an important place in...

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Biography of Walter Mackenzie

Walter Mackenzie, registrar of the county of Prince Edward, and a native of Ross-shire, Scotland, is a son of Alexander Mackenzie, architect, and Christina Ross, and was born February 15, 1835. His father has been dead for many...

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Biographical Sketch of Chas. Mackenzie

Chas. Mackenzie, attorney at law, was born in N.Y. City in 1845; removed with parents to Dubuque, Ia., in 1849; graduated from Beloit College, Wis., in 1862, and the same year enlisted in the 9th Ia. Vol. Inft.; was in several...

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Biography of Roderick MacKenzie

RODERICK MacKENZIE. – Any compilation that gives mention of the pioneers of Union county would be open to serious criticism were there failure to incorporate an epitome of the sturdy pioneer, leading farmer, and prominent...

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