Surname: Macdonald

Biography of John MacDonald

John MacDonald of Topeka has probably done more for the cause of education in Kansas than any other one man, and in saying this no disparagement is intended for the scores of men and women who have devoted much of their lives to...

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Biography of Hon. Donald, A. Macdonald

Aside from being for many years a prominent public character, and one who has filled many offices of trust and emolument, with honor and credit to himself and his native province, the subject of this sketch is deserving of a...

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Biography of Malcom Macdonald

Malcom Macdonald was born in Cumberland County, Nova Scotia, May 9, 1833. He left home and became self-supporting at sixteen years of age. He married in July 1859, and he and his estimable wife have a family of four children,...

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It takes a village to grow a family tree!
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