Surname: Johnson

Johnson, Clara Mildred Mrs. – Obituary

Clara Mildred Johnson, 97, of Baker City, died May 17, 2009, at Meadowbrook Place. Her funeral will be at 1 p.m. Thursday at the Pine Valley Presbyterian Church in Halfway. Interment will be at Pine Haven Cemetery in Halfway....

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Biography of John C. Johnson

JOHN C. JOHNSON. Honesty and stability of character are the foundation stone of a young man’s life, and in the formative period, when fitting himself for the battle of life, with those attributes of character, together...

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Biography of Daniel Marcus Johnson

DANIEL MARCUS JOHNSON. One of the attractive and valuable farms of Van Buren Township is the place of Daniel Marcus Johnson, comprising one hundred acres of fine land located about four miles northeast of Summitville and on the...

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Biography of Lewis Johnson

LEWIS JOHNSON. Prominent among the highly esteemed agriculturists of Madison County who have won success through the medium of energy, industry and well-applied exertion, Lewis Johnson, of Adams Township is deserving of more...

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Biography of Joseph F. Johnson

It now becomes our pleasant privilege to give in brief review the salient points of the life of the prominent and distinguished gentleman whose name initiates this paragraph, and who has been a potent factor in the development...

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Biography of John Johnson

As a general rule, those who came to us from the rich sections of England are the very best who have wrought in the development of this country, and among this number must be mentioned the intelligent, thrifty, and sagacious...

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Biography of A. H. Johnson

Few American cities can furnish so many instances where men have accumulated large fortunes simply by well directed labor, however adverse the circumstances which surrounded their early struggles, than Portland. The subject of...

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Biography of Samuel C. Johnson

One of the most venerable business men of Racine is Samuel C. Johnson, whose career is a notable one. Few men of his years-he is now eighty-three -continue in business and his record should put to shame many a man of less...

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Biography of Herbert F. Johnson

Herbert F. Johnson. manager of the firm of S. C. Johnson & Son, manufacturers of Johnson’s Prepared Wax, is a man of marked business enterprise whose initiative has led to the development of an enterprise that is not...

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