Surname: Janes

Biographical Sketch of David G. Janes

David G. Janes enjoys the unique distinction of being the only man now occupying a dominant position in the business life of Racine, of whose father it may be said with equal truth that he was an important factor in the actual founding of the city eighty years ago. Mr. Janes was born in Racine, April 2, 1852, and has lived here all of his life, getting his education in the public schools of the city. He is married and has three daughters and two sons, one of whom, Arthur R., is associated in business with him. Mr. Janes is a real estate and insurance man by inheritance, by training and by experience, and he has probably handled more large “deals” in his line than any other man in the history of the city. The firm of which he is the head is almost as old as the city itself, having been established by his father in the real pioneer days. Aside from real estate and insurance Mr. Janes is vice president of the First National Bank and an official in numerous manufacturing institutions to which he gives personal attention. He is also trustee for many estates, and director on the boards of semi-public institutions, the satisfactory performance of the duties of which require ability and high character. Mr. Janes has not desired public office but has served the...

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Biography of Lorenzo Janes

Lorenzo Janes was a prominent figure in that notable group of sterling men from New England and New York who pioneered Racine, city and County, and gave to the settlements, the villages and the cities a tone and character that have survived the lapse of three-fourths of a century of time, as well as the influence of the flood of alien peoples that has poured into this section during the last forty years. Mr. Janes was born in Washington County, Vermont, September 18, 1801. He married in Albany, New York, and practiced law and became a judge there before moving to Racine in August, 1836. After coming to this city he continued the practice of law for some years, but became interested in real estate and began early to deal in it and to sell insurance. In 1839 he was associated with Gilbert Knapp and Gordon S. Hubbard in the ownership of the original plat of Racine. Since his death, which occurred June 13, 1873, the business has been successfully conducted by his son, David G. Janes. Mr. Janes was a public-spirited man, identified with most of the big enterprises of his time, and was one of those who contributed largely, from the beginning, to the substantial upbuilding of the city. He was one of the proprietors of Racine’s first newspaper, in 1838, the Racine Argus; in 1839 he...

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Biographical Sketch of Julius French Janes

Janes, Julius French; pres. and gen’l mgr. Standard Steel Castings Co.; born, Erie, Pa., Sept. 24, 1877; son of Herman and Julia (Williams) Janes; educated, Brooks Military Academy, University School, Phillips Andover Academy, Andover, Mass.; graduated from Yale in 1902; married, Nov. 11, 1904, Ruth Hawkins; issue, one son, Julius French; in sales dept. the Bourne-Fuller Co., three years; salesman with Morgan Lithograph Co.; appointed to joint management of sales dept. and treasurer in 1908; established Standard Steel Castings Co., 1912; member Calvary Presbyterian Church, Hermit and Euclid Clubs. Recreations: Golf, Tennis, Fishing and...

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