Surname: Hay

Biography of John W. Hay

Since 1901 John W. Hay has resided upon his present farm of one hundred and forty acres in Yorkville Township, and has concentrated his energies upon the dairy business, shipping milk to Chicago. He was born in Raymond Township,...

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Biography of David D. Hay, M.P.P.

David Donalson Hay, member of the Ontario Parliament for North Perth, was born in Brought Ferry, near Dundee, Scotland, January 20, 1828. His father was Robert Hay, a contractor and superintendent of works, and belonged to an...

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Biography of Robert Hay, M.P.

Robert Hay, member of the House of Commons for Centre Toronto, is a son of Robert and Elizabeth (Henderson) Hay, and was born in the parish of Tippermuir, Perthshire, Scotland, May 18, 1808. His father was an agriculturist in...

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It takes a village to grow a family tree!
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