Surname: Hansche

Biographical Sketch of Alfred J. Hansche

Alfred J. Hansche, the second son of Frederick J. Hansche, now occupies and cultivates the old home farm in connection with his brother, Samuel H. He was born in Mount Pleasant Township, February 28, 1874, and attended the district schools until he reached the age of sixteen or seventeen years. He then went to Racine, where he was employed for nine years in the meat market of A. J. Sheckler but on the expiration of that period he returned to the home farm, of which he has since had charge in connection with his brother. They have carefully and systematically cultivated the place, which is largely devoted to the raising of vegetables, and for their product they find a ready sale on the market. The work is systematically anti scientifically carried on. They have studied the needs of the soil, know where the best results can be achieved for each crop and their annual sales now amount to a large figure. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start...

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Biography of Frederick J. Hansche

That Frederick J. Hansche was an industrious and enterprising business man is indicated in the, fact that at the time of his death he was the owner of an excellent property of one hundred and twelve acres, although when he first came to Racine County he had to earn his living by working as a farm hand. He was born in Germany on the 17th of October, 1837, and in that country acquired a common school education. About 1865 he crossed the Atlantic to the United States and for a year thereafter was a resident of Cincinnati. He then came to Racine County and for a year or two was employed at farm labor, during which period he most carefully saved his earnings until his industry and economy had brought him a sufficient sum to enable him to purchase seventeen acres of land in Mount Pleasant Township. Upon that tract he then engaged in truck farming and as his financial resources increased he kept adding to his holdings from time to time until at his demise he was the owner of one hundred and twelve acres, which he brought to a high state of cultivation, while to the farm he added many modern and substantial improvements. Before leaving Germany, Frederick J. Hansche was married to Miss Fredricka Tigges and to them were born six children: George, who is living...

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Biography of S. H. Hansche

It was in Mount Pleasant Township, where he still resides, that S. H. Hansche was born on the 21st of November, 1878, his parents being Frederick J. and Fredricka Hansche, his home at the present time is on section 32, where he is engaged in farming, winning substantial success as a reward for his persistent and intelligently directed labor. At the usual age he entered the common schools and thus continued his studies to the age of fifteen. In the meantime he had received active training in farm work and after his textbooks were put aside he continued to assist his father until he reached the age of twenty-four years, when he started out in business independently, forming a partnership with his brother, A. J. Hansche. Together they now farm one hundred and ten acres of land, which they carefully and successfully cultivate, raising the crops best adapted to soil and climatic conditions here. That their methods are at once practical and progressive is indicated in the success which has come to them. On the 2d of December, 1905, Mr. Hansche was married to Miss Emma Wensing, a daughter of John Wensing, one of the earliest settlers of Mount Pleasant Township, who is now a resident of Racine. Mrs. Hansche was born in Somers Township, Kenosha County, in 1882, and by her marriage has become the mother of three...

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Biographical Sketch of Fred William Hansche

Fred William Hansche, the second son of the family, was born in Pleasant Township, August 25, 1863, and at the usual age began his education in the common schools, continuing his studies until he reached of seventeen. He developed habits of industry and perseverance while working with his rather upon the home farm, and since his textbooks were put aside he has continually carried on agricultural pursuits, winning a substantial measure of success which is the merited and just reward of earnest, persistent effort. On the 6th of December, 1904, he wedded Theresa Grobner, a daughter of Toni and Katherine Grobner, who were natives of Bohemia. Mr. and Fred W. Hansche have become parents of seven children: Warren, Raymond, Rachel, Elvira, Naomi and Ernest. In political belief Mr. Hansche is a prohibitionist, having long been a stalwart advocate of the cause of temperance, putting forth every effort to further that interest. For six years he has filled the office of school clerk and he belongs to the Pentecostal Mission church, guiding his life by the principles of Christianity. He is straightforward in all business dealings and honorable in every relation of life and his many sterling traits have won for him the confidence and goodwill of all who know...

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Biography of Rudolph Hansche

The name of Hansche figures extensively and prominently in connection with the history of Mount Pleasant Township, and Rudolph Hansche was among these who were active in promoting the early agricultural development of this region. The work of progress and improvement had scarcely been begun in this locality when on coming to the United States in 1841 he made his way to Racine County and here purchased eighty acres of land. He was born in Germany in 1814 and was there reared and educated, being a young man of about twenty-seven years when he crossed the Atlantic. With characteristic energy he began to till his fields and brought the farm to a high state of cultivation. He was truly a self-made main for when he arrived in the County he was practically empty handed and for some time worked at a wage of twenty-five cents per day. Later he secured better wages, however, and, carefully saving his earnings, was at length enabled to invest in the farm which he owned at the time of his demise. In 1859 Mr. Hansche was married to Miss Anna Seorgel, a daughter of John Seorgel, and they had a family of nine children : Sophia, who became the wife of Norbert Grabber, of Mount Pleasant Township, by whom she has five children; Mrs. ‘William Piper; George. who married Lucy 011e and has passed...

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Biography of William J. Hansche

William J. Hansche, who is extensively engaged in truck farming in Mount Pleasant Township, is of that class of citizens who are active not only in promoting the material development of the district but in advancing its moral interests as well, for he staunchly upholds all those principles which make for better manhood and higher living. He was born April 25, 1867, in the Township where he still resides, a son of Rudolph and Anna (Seorgel) Hansche. He acquired a common school education, pursuing his studies to the age of eighteen years, and through the periods of vacation he worked in the fields. He has never felt a need to change his occupation but has remained upon the farm, giving his attention to the raising of vegetables. He makes a specialty of cabbage and onions and ships in carload lots. In his business affairs he is associated with his brother, F. W. Hansche, and their interests are carefully, wisely and successfully managed. On the 1st of December, 1891, Mr. Hansche was married to Miss Etta Bradley, who died November 7, 1902, leaving four children: Elmer, at home, who is a graduate of the Racine high school and spent two years in college at Oskaloosa, Iowa; Edna, deceased; Alice, who also completed the high school course in Racine and is a student in Oskaloosa; and Maude, who has departed this...

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