Surname: Haile

Biography of Hon. William Haile

Hon. William Haile, son of John and Emma (Henry) Haile. was born in Putney, Vt., in May 1807. At the age of about fourteen years he went with his parents to Chesterfield, and was soon after taken into the family of Ezekiel P. Pierce, Sr., with whom he lived until he was about twenty-one years of age. Having attended school about two years, he entered, in 1823, Mr. Pierce’s store as clerk, and in 1827 or 1828 he borrowed a small amount of money and opened a store on his own account, in the Center Village. With his characteristic sagacity, Mr. Haile soon foresaw that Hinsdale was destined to become a busy and thriving town, on account of the abundance of power furnished by the Ashuelot river. He, therefore, in 1834 or ’35, removed to this town, where he continued in mercantile pursuits until 1846, when he became interested in the lumber business. In 1849 he began, as a member of the firm of Haile & Todd, the manufacture of cashmerettes. Afterward the name of the firm was changed to Haile, Frost & Co., by which it is known at present. Though engaged extensively in business, Mr. Haile took a prominent part in political affairs. With the exception of two years, he represented Hinsdale in the state legislature from 1846 to 1854, and was elected to the New Hampshire...

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Biography of Elster M. Haile

Elster M. Haile is president of the Haile Investment Company of Kingman, his business partner and associate being Dan Callahan, president of the Federal Land Bank of Wichita. Until taking up his work in the domain of real estate several years ago Mr. Haile was an active minister of the Gospel, and at one time was in charge of one of the leading churches of the Christian denomination at Chicago. He was born in Macon County, Tennessee, June 9, 1879, and is a son of the late Joshua F. Haile, who is regarded as one of the most constructive factors in the rehabilitation of the City of Kingman after the collapse of the boom of the ’80s. Joshua F. Haile was born at Gainesboro, Tennessee, in 1847, and represented a family that established its home in Kentucky during early pioneer times. His father, Nathan Haile, was born either in Tennessee or Kentucky in 1818, and spent his life as a farmer in Tennessee, where he died in 1885. He married Nancy Hale, a native of Kentucky. Joshua F. Haile grew up in his native Tennessee town of Gainesboro, was married in Macon County, that state, and early in life took up the study of law. He came to Kansas and settled in Kingman County in 1884, was admitted to the bar, but practiced only in connection with his own...

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