Surname: Gunn

Biography of Robert J. Gunn, M.D.

Robert John Gunn, thirty-seven years a Physician and Surgeon in Whitby, was born in the parish of Watten, County of Caithness, Scotland, February 14, 1815, his father being Rev. Alexander Gunn, a Minister of the Kirk of...

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Biography of William Gunn

The, to which the subject of this sketch belongs, is of Scandinavian origin, and traces its ancestry back as far as Heiti, father of Suadi, and the brother of Gore-Nor, from whom Norway had its name, in A.D. 690. The progenitor...

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Biography of H. N. Gunn

Modern agriculture requires for its development an efficiency and a thorough knowledge which amount almost to a science and it has become recognized as an occupation in which practical methods result in a high degree of...

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Gunn, Royal C. – Obituary

Royal C. Gunn Sr. died Sunday at Huntington, where the family has been living the last few years, following a short illness. Funeral services were held Wednesday. Gunn was an engineer on the U. P. He leaves his widow, Mrs. Mary...

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Waggoner, Jessie E. (Gunn) – Obituary

September 29, 1949 Waggoner Rites Held Funeral services were conducted at 2 o’clock at the Methodist church at Odebolt Thursday afternoon, September 22, 1949 for Mrs. A. B. Waggoner. The Rev. H. M. Burns officiated. Music...

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It takes a village to grow a family tree!
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