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Seneca County New York Biographies

In the 1980’s a series of newsletters were published four times a year by Seneca County NY featuring historical information concerning Seneca county and her past residents. The current historian for Seneca County placed these online using PDF files. One of the main features of each edition were biographical sketches of early settlers of Seneca County. Unfortunately, while they provided an index inside of a spreadsheet for the 189 biographies, it is difficult for the average user to quickly get around. I’ve taken their spreadsheet and linked each edition to the PDF file. Once you’ve found the biography you...

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A Brief History of Norwich University

In 1835, the American Literary, Scientific, and Military Academy became “Norwich University,” by virtue of an act of incorporation granted by the legislature of Vermont the previous year. Captain Alden Partridge remained at the head of the institution until 1843, and soon after sold the buildings and grounds to the Trustees of the University. There was one feature in the scheme of education established at Norwich University which honorably distinguished it from nearly all other similar institutions of its time in New England. From the first it was wholly free from sectarian influence. This principle was prominently set forth...

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Biography of Samuel Mason Gregg

Samuel Mason Gregg. The dignity of labor raises the farmer to a level of importance corresponding to that occupied by any class of producers. To labor long and faithfully, giving the best of one’s ability and talent along any line of endeavor is to fulfill the destiny of mankind and to make possible a happy, contented old age. Samuel Mason Gregg, one of the substantial farmers and highly esteemed citizens in the vicinity of Rantoul, has made his life one of constant industry and honorable labor, and though always busy he has never failed to find time to make friends or contribute to the welfare and advancement of his community. Though a resident of Champaign County for many years, Mr. Gregg was born in Crab Orchard, a son of Samuel H. and Elizabeth (Singleton) Gregg. The parents were also natives of Kentucky, and during the childhood of Samuel M. Gregg removed to Illinois. Mr. Gregg had a common school education and was early trained to farming pursuits. On April 11, 1878, he married Miss Emma Hitz, a native of DeKalb County, Illinois, and a daughter of Frank and Catherine (Shaffer) Hitz. Her father was born in Switzerland and her mother in Germany, and they came as unmarried young people to America. They were married in Rochester, New York, then moved to Kendall County, Illinois, from there to DeKalb County,...

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Biography of Washington E. Gregg, Hon.

Hon. Washington E. Gregg. The chief executive office of any community is a responsible one and the individual occupying it has resting upon his shoulders not only the numerous burdens connected with the management of a city, but also the accountability for its commercial and moral integrity. As he is, so is his community, for it soon reflects his character and manner of dealing with large problems, and unless he keeps a firm grip upon the reins of office and forces his associates to handle civic affairs in an expeditions and straightforward manner, his administration soon shows the effect of lax principles and the community suffers accordingly. For this reason, of late years the people of the more advanced and progressive cities are choosing their mayors from among their sound business men, for they recognize the effect of example and action, and realize that a man who has accomplished much in a commercial, industrial or financial way, is very liable to be able to carry on the affairs of complicated civic government. The present incumbent of the mayoralty office of McCune, Kansas, is Hon. Washington E. Gregg, who has been engaged in business here for thirty-two years, is proprietor of the largest business establishment in the city, and is president of the McCune State Bank. Washington E. Gregg was born October 2, 1858, in Madison County, Ohio, and is...

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Biographical Sketch of Hon. Frederic W. Gregg

Hon. Frederic W. Gregg, of the law firm of Harris & Gregg, is a Green Mountain boy, born in Vermont, thirty-two years ago; was educated in Dartmouth College, celebrated as the alma mater of eminent men of action, men who have led in the fields of law and politics and commerce, where a combination of mental and physical vigor are the motive power of success. Graduating from Dartmouth in the class of 1878, Mr. Gregg studied law in the office of Hon. Frank Plumley, United States District Attorney for Vermont, and at the Columbia Law School. In June 1881, he came west and opened a law office in Tucson, Arizona. In March 1882, he was appointed United States Commissioner for the First Judicial District of Arizona, which office he filled for three years. In November 1882, he was elected a member of the Board of School Trustees of Tucson. He ran for district attorney of that county in 1884 on the Republican ticket and was defeated by a few votes. In March 1885, upon the petition of the bar of the county, Mr. Gregg was appointed County Judge of Pima County, and at the expiration of the term of two years was elected to the office as his own successor, receiving a larger vote than any other candidate on the county ticket. In the summer of 1887 he removed...

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