Surname: Gideon

Choctaw Nation and the Greer County Dispute

The Dispute In The Right Of Ownership Of Greer County Between The United States And Texas. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now The petition of the Attorney General of the United States affirms that according to...

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Biography of Judge James J. Gideon

There is no man better known throughout the Ozark region than Judge James J. Gideon, the subject of this sketch. Born on the soil and reared among the descendants of the pioneers, he is one of those self-made sons of Missouri, who, while he has distinguished himself as a lawyer and jurist, has a far greater claim to the respect of the people in his sturdy integrity of character and his lifelong course as a friend of justice. He springs from a sterling Irish-Scotch ancestry of Colonial American stock. James Gideon, the great-grandfather of our subject, was the founder of this branch of the family in America. He came from Dublin, Ireland, with his brothers, Reuben and Edward, bringing his wife, Nancy. His sons were: Edward, William, Isham, James and John. They all settled on land in Southwest New York. Edward, brother of James, was killed in battle during the Revolutionary War. All of the family moved to North Carolina about 1781 and settled on the Yadkin River. James Gideon moved to what is now Hawkins County, Tennessee, in 1821, where he settled on land. He took with him the apple trees with which to plant his orchard. Several members of the Gideon family went with him besides his own immediate family. He was a substantial farmer and lived to be an aged man, passing the remainder of his...

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Biography of Hon. James D. Gideon

HON. JAMES D. GIDEON. No better citizens have come to Christian County, Missouri, than those who crossed the Mississippi River from Tennessee, and who brought as their inheritance the traits of character and life which has ever distinguished them. Hon. James D. Gideon, who is one of the foremost farmers and stockraisers of Union Township, Stone County, first saw the light in Hawkins County, Tennessee, in 1833. His parents, John and Polly (Evans) Gideon, were also natives of that State, the father born in Hawkins and the mother in Jefferson County. Both were fairly well educated for those days, and made their home in Tennessee until 1843, when they removed to Lincoln County, Kentucky Six years later, or in 1849, Mr. Gideon came on foot to what is now Christian County, and being a clock tinker he made the trip to work at his trade. He remained in this State until 1853, having in the meantime taken up a claim in what is now the southeastern part of Christian County (then Taney County), and then returned to Kentucky to get his family. He then settled on his claim, improved a good farm, but during the war he sold this and moved to Greene County. After the war, in 1866, he returned to this county and located on Bear Creek, where his death occurred in 1870, when sixty-six years of...

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Biography of M. V. Gideon

M. V. GIDEON. The gentleman whose name is given above is the popular and efficient circuit clerk and recorder of deeds, and one of the representative men of this county. Integrity, intelligence and system are the characteristics which tend to the prosperity to which all aspire, and such are some of the traits of Mr. Gideon, who is well and favorably known throughout the county, his birth having occurred here February 22, 1860. His father, William C. Gideon, who was an early pioneer of Missouri and a man whose uprightness and honesty were well known, was killed by the bushwhackers in this county in 1863. The mother, whose maiden name was Malinda Bird, is still living in Christian County, two miles south of Highlandville, and is now about sixty-six years of age. She is the mother of seven sons and two daughters, all now living except one daughter, Mary, who died when five years of age. The eldest child, T. J., is a prominent attorney of Springfield; Judge J. J. also resides at Springfield; F. M. is attorney for the Southern Pacific Railroad Company, and resides in Washington, D. C.; W. W. resides at Springfield, and is manager of the Gideon Mercantile Company of that place; Dr. J. M. is a successful physician of Ozark; Mary is deceased; Matilda, now Mrs. Hammond, of Highlandville, Christian County; M. V., our...

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Biography of John A. Gideon

JOHN A. GIDEON. Among the prominent citizens of Galloway Township, Christian County, Missouri, stands the name of John A. Gideon, who was born in Greene, now Christian County, Missouri, March 4, 1837. His parents, William and Matilda (Woods) Gideon, were natives of North Carolina, the father born in Wilkes County June 4, 1791, and the mother in Morganton, Burke County, June, 1792. Both were liberally educated at Morganton, and were married there March 11, 1812. About 1816 they removed to Hawkins County, Tennessee, and remained there until 1836, when they crossed the Mississippi River to Missouri, and settled in the woods of Greene County, twelve miles south of Springfield, in what is now Christian County. In 1857 the father removed to the farm where our subject now lives, four miles southwest of Highlandville, where his death occurred in June, 1871. He was a hatter by trade and followed that occupation, his wife and sons managing the farm. For three months during the Civil War he was a member of Capt. Day’s Home Guards. He was a member of the Missouri Baptist Church, and an industrious, honorable citizen. He had a wonderful constitution and was seldom or never sick. In politics he was a conservative Free Soiler and a Douglas Democrat until 1860, after which he affiliated with the Republican party until his death. He was one of the first...

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Biography of George B. Gideon

GEORGE B. GIDEON. George B. Gideon, at present deputy circuit clerk of Christian County, Missouri, has been a resident of this county all his life and the people have had every opportunity to judge of his character and qualifications. He was born on the old farm, in this county, October 10, 1862, and here grew to manhood and received his education. When starting out for himself he followed teaching for some time in this county, and also in Texas, where he resided for about four years. After this he enlisted in the regular United States service, in 1885, and, after sometime spent in various capacities, he took a clerkship in the commissary department. He was with Company A, Sixteenth Infantry Regiment, located at a frontier post in Texas, and at San Antonio, that State, and at Ft. Duchesne, Utah. He was a good officer for the Government and was discharged with honor in February, 1890. After leaving the service he located in Springfield, Missouri, where he was with a well-known commercial company, and later came to Ozark, where he has since held his present position. He selected his wife in the person of Miss Mabel C. Daugherty, a native of Springfield, Missouri, and daughter of J. W. Daugherty, also of Springfield, and their nuptials were celebrated on September 12, 1892. Mr. and Mrs. Gideon are now residing in Ozark,...

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Biographical Sketch of Waldo G. Gideon

WALDO G. GIDEON is one of the rising young attorneys of Springfield, who began the practice of law at the Greene County bar under the favorable circumstances of possessing an excellent general education and an accurate knowledge of law, besides coming from a family well known throughout southwest Missouri. He was born in Christian County, Missouri, May 26, 1871, and is the son of Thomas J. Gideon, Esq., a prominent attorney of Springfield. (See sketches of Thomas J. and J. J. Gideon.) Waldo G. Gideon graduated at the Central High School, 1890, and then took a business course at the Southwestern Commercial College of Springfield. He then read law one year in his father’s office, then attended the Columbia University at Washington, D. C., from which he graduated in the spring of 1893, and was admitted to the Missouri bar in September of the same year. He entered upon the practice of his chosen profession, in company with his father, under the firm name of Gideon & Gideon. Mr. Gideon is a young man of excellent character and good business ability. He is industrious and able, has more than ordinary enterprise, and his prospects of success are assured. He is a member of the Christian Church, and in politics a...

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Biography of Thomas J. Gideon

THOMAS J. GIDEON is one of the leading attorneys practicing at the Springfield bar and a man who served his country faithfully as a soldier and bears the honored scars of wounds received in her defense. He is the son of William C. Gideon, an honored pioneer of Christian County. (See sketch of Judge James J. Gideon.) He was born on his father’s farm in Christian County January 24, 1845. He received the common education of the district school in the old log pioneer schoolhouse of those days. After the war he attended a private academy in Springfield for two years and thus gained a good education. On March 5, 1862, he enlisted in Company F, Fourteenth Regiment, Missouri State Militia, same company and regiment as his father, being then eighteen years of age. He was appointed corporal and our young soldier was in the battle of Ozark, Missouri, Talbot Ferry, Arkansas, Turner Station and Springfield. At this last battle he was wounded by a piece of shell which ruined his left hand and wrist. He was also struck by a ball in the head and narrowly escaped death, falling insensible on the battlefield. He was picked up by his father and carried to the rear and regained consciousness. The ball had struck him above the frontal bone, broken through the skull and losing its force plowed through the...

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Biography of J. M. Gideon, M. D.

J. M. GIDEON, M. D. There is generally a wide diversity of opinion among people outside of the medical profession in their estimate of the skill and ability of a particular physician. A family is likely to pin its faith on one practitioner and distrust all the rest. If there is a member of the profession in Ozark who has successfully fought down this prejudice and now stands secure in the confidence and high esteem of the general public, that man is Dr. J. M. Gideon, a man whose research in the field of science has produced such remarkable results as to leave no question of his intellectual greatness. The Doctor was born on the old home of the family near Ozark, in Christian County, December 11, 1855, and until fourteen years of age he spent his life on the farm. He then went to the Hoosier State and attended school in Howard County for a year or so, after which he returned to Christian County and again entered the schoolroom. When eighteen years of age he began the study of medicine under Dr. Parker, of Ozark, and remained in his office for about a year. After that he began practicing at Kirbyville, Taney County, remained there one year and then went to Galena, the county seat of Stone County, where he practiced his profession for two years. Later...

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