Surname: Funkhouser

Biography of Robert M. Funkhouser, M. D.

Dr. Robert M. Funkhouser, a physician and surgeon of St. Louis who has also been connected with the educational activities of the profession and who is now largely concentrating his time and energies upon surgery, was born in St. Louis, December 10, 1850. His father, Robert M. Funkhouser, was a native of Illinois and of Swiss descent, the family being founded in America by John and Christopher Funkhouser, who came to the new world in 1698 and first settled in Fredericktown, Virginia. Among the ancestors of the family were five who participated in the Revolutionary war. The family is also directly related to Daniel Boone. Robert M. Funkhouser, the father, was reared and educated in Illinois and came to Missouri early in the nineteenth century, his birth having occurred at Equality, Illinois, in 1817. Establishing his home in-St. Louis he was a successful merchant of the city for a period of fifty years and passed away in New York city in 1898, at the notable old age of eighty. In politics be was always a stanch democrat and on one occasion refused the nomination for the mayoralty of St. Louis. He took a prominent and active part in public affairs, however, and in many ways was an influential factor in shaping general progress and improvement in the city. He served at one time as president of the Chamber of...

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Biography of Alexander Funkhouser

Alexander Funkhouser. Some men go through the world, subject to its various experiences, doing their work well and accumulating property, but after all is said and done they apparently have not placed the proper emphasis upon life as living and have not accentuated the many interests which lie around them. Of those families of Champaign County that seem to have realized most adequately the breadth and fullness and depth of life and its possibilities perhaps none deserve mention more than the household of Alexander Funkhouser. Mr. Funkhouser is a prominent farmer near Rantoul, and his activities have been closely identified with Champaign County since boyhood days. He is a son of James and Rachel Funkhouser, both of whom were natives of Pennsylvania. The original ancestors of the Funkhousers were three brothers who emigrated from Holland to America in early days, and their descendants still have the sterling qualities that marked the family back in Holland. James and Rachel Funkhouser had only two children, Alexander and Sarah. Alexander Funkhouser was born two and a half miles from Greensburg in Decatur County, Indiana. He was eight years of age when he came with his parents to Champaign County. They arrived in this county October 19, 1857. Here the family experienced the various hardships and privations incident to their day. They possessed powers of endurance and were always willing to sacrifice present...

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