Surname: Freeman

Slave Narrative of Frank Freeman

Interviewer: T. Pat Matthews Person Interviewed: Frank Freeman Location: 216 Tuppers Lane, Raleigh, North Carolina Date of Birth: December 14, 1857 Place of Birth: Wake County NC Age: 76 Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now I was born near Rolesville in Wake County Christmas Eve, 24 of December 1857. I am 76 years old. My name is Frank Freeman and my wife’s name is Mary Freeman. She is 78 years old. We live at 216 Tuppers Lane, Raleigh, Wake County, North Carolina. I belonged to ole man Jim Wiggins jus’ this side o’ Roseville, fourteen miles from Raleigh. The great house is standin’ there now, and a family by the name o’ Gill, a colored man’s family, lives there. The place is owned by ole man Jim Wiggins’s grandson, whose name is O. B. Wiggins. My wife belonged to the Terrells before the surrender. I married after the war. I was forty years ole when I was married. Old man Jim Wiggins was good to his...

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Biography of Michael N. Freeman

No history of the industrial development of Racine would be complete were there failure to make reference to Michael N. Freeman and his associates, whose important and extensive interests are conducted under the name of the S. Freeman & Sons Manufacturing Company. With this business Michael N. Freeman, who is now the vice president of the company, has been continuously connected since reaching the age of thirteen years and there is no phase of the undertaking with which he is not familiar. He was born in Centralia, Illinois, January 14, 1860, and is a son of S. Freeman, the founder of the business, and a brother of Charles Freeman, who is president of the company and who is mentioned at length on another page of this work. When a youth of seven years Michael N. Freeman was brought by his parents to Racine, where the father soon afterward established a boiler and machine shop which was the nucleus of the present great enterprise. The son was put in school and pursued a public school course until he reached the age of thirteen, when, desirous of becoming a factor in business circles, he was set to work by his father and acquainted himself with the trade. He gradually worked his way upward, not only becoming familiar with the practical processes of the business but also with the management and control...

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Biography of Charles Freeman

Charles Freeman is numbered among the successful business men of Racine, being active in the ownership and conduct of a mammoth manufacturing plant, his interests being conducted under the name of the S. Freeman & Sons Manufacturing Company, of which he is the president. This has become one of the important productive industries of the city and throughout his entire business career Mr. Freeman has been associated with the undertaking, starting out in this line when a youth of fourteen. He was born in Washington County. Illinois, March 17, 1858, and is a son of Stephen and Elizabeth (Willich) Freeman, the former a native of Wales and the latter of Pennsylvania. The father came to the United States in 1856 and settled at Centralia, Illinois, where he worked in the boiler shop of the Illinois Central Railroad Company, occupying the position of foreman. The following year he removed to Cairo, Illinois, and was engaged in the boiler business there with John O’Brien. With the outbreak of the Civil war he put aside all business and personal considerations and in 1861 became connected with Admiral Porter’s fleet, having charge of the boilers of the fleet, in which capacity he served for two years. Becoming ill, he was ordered north and in the fall of 1864 made his way to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where his ability soon won for him the position...

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Biography of Stephen H. Freeman

Stephen H. Freeman needs no introduction to the readers of this volume, for the name of Freeman is too well known in Racine to require special comment. Born September 15, 1870, in the city in which he still resides, he obtained a public school education, attending high school for two years, and at the age of eighteen began work in his father’s boiler-making and implement manufacturing establishment. He made it his purpose to thoroughly acquaint himself with the various phases of the business and with his increasing knowledge and ability has advanced steadily step by step. His duties have been largely in the clerical and office end of the work and in 1904 he was elected secretary of the company, which is his present connection. He is in constant consultation with his brothers concerning the management and direction of the enterprise, which has been a constantly growing concern and is today one of the mammoth productive industries of Racine. its output in boilers and farm implements and machinery being sent to all parts of the world. Stephen H. Freeman was married in 1896 to Miss Ora Gallaway, of Racine, who died in 1906, and he has since wedded Ida Roebuck, of this city. By the second marriage there are two children: Stephen Edward, in his seventh year, and Aileen Helen, now in her fourth year. In his political views...

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Biography of Edward Frank Freeman

Edward Frank Freeman, the youngest of the Freeman Brothers, who constitute the S. Freeman & Sons Manufacturing Company, has spent his entire life in Racine, where his birth occurred on the 25th of June, 1877. Entering the public schools, he passed through consecutive grades to the high school, from which in due time he was graduated. The interest of the family had centered in the manufacturing establishment founded by his father and it was a natural and logical step that he should make his initial business effort in that connection. In 1897 he entered the factory and under the guidance of his seniors in the business acquainted himself with the details of the trade and for the past seven years has had charge of the purchasing department, a position of large responsibility upon which rests in great measure the economical control of the business. On the 19th of December, 1899, Mr. Freeman was married to Miss Mattie Pritchard, of Racine, a daughter of E. Pritchard, but after a short married life of less than five years she passed away in 1904. Seven years later, or on the 11th of June, 1911, Mr. Freeman wedded Addie Modjeska, of Racine. Like his brothers, he is well known in Masonic circles, being identified with lodge and chapter. He is also connected with the Benevolent Protective Order of Elks, but in politics he...

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Biography of Roy F. Freeman

Roy F. Freeman is now devoting his energies to agricultural pursuits in Mount Pleasant Township, where he has a splendidly developed property of twenty-one acres situated on section 13. He is a representative of one of the old pioneer families of the country and the name has long been prominently associated with industrial activity in Racine. It was in that city that Roy F. Freeman was born. March 21, 1886, his parents being Michael and Lillias Katherine (Porter) Freeman, who were married in Racine on the 15th of September, 1881. The father was born in Centralia, Illinois, January 14, 1860, and was a son of Stephen Freeman, who was born in Llanerchymedd, on the island of Anglesey, Wales. December 26, 1834, his parents being John and Elizabeth (Williams) Freeman, both of whom died when their son Stephen was only about a year and a half old. He lived among neighbors till he reached the age of nine, when he ran away to Liverpool, England, and made his home with John Williams, a builder and the composer of many beautiful Welsh hymns. Stephen Freeman remained with Mr. Williams until he reached the age of eighteen and during that time served an apprenticeship to the boiler maker’s trade. He served for about a year as a boiler maker with the British fleet in the Crimean war and soon afterward sailed for...

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Slave Narrative of Anderson Furr

Interviewer: Sadie B. Hornsby Person Interviewed: Anderson Furr Location: Broad Street, Athens, Georgia Anderson Furr’s address led the interviewer to a physician’s residence on Broad Street, where she was directed to a small frame house on the rear of the lot. The little three-room cottage has a separate entrance from Pulaski Street. Three stone steps lead from the street to the narrow yard which is enclosed by a low rock coping. Anderson rents only one room and the remainder of the house is occupied by Annie Sims and her husband, George, who works at the Holman Hotel. Reclining comfortably in a cane-backed chair, with his walking stick conveniently placed across his knees, Anderson was enjoying the shade of a wide spread oak tree in the tidy yard. His costume consisted of a battered old black felt hat, a dingy white shirt, dark gray pants, and scuffed black shoes. Asked if he remembered the days when the North was fighting the South for his freedom, Anderson replied: “‘Member fightin’! Why, Lady! Dey ain’t never stopped fightin’ yit. Folks has been a-fightin’ ever since I come in dis world, and dey will be fightin’ long atter I is gone. “I dis’members what was de name of de town whar I was borned, but it was in Hall County. Lydia and Earl Strickland was my Ma and Pa. All of deir chillun...

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Biography of James J. Freeman

James J. Freeman, of Homer, represents the second generation of a family that has played a worthy part in the affairs of Champaign County for over sixty years, and he is managing with thrift and a high degree of prosperity a fine farm in the locality where he was born. Mr. Freeman was born in Champaign County, May 27, 1858. His parents were Thomas and Nancy {Redman) Freeman, the father born in Ohio and the mother in Illinois. His father was one of the early agriculturists in this county and died in Champaign County in 1910, while the mother died here in 1902. Both of them died in the month of April and their birthdays were in the same month. There were six children: Mary M., deceased; Edmund E. of Ogden, Illinois; John T. of Homer; James J.; and William and Margaret, both of whom died in infancy. James J. Freeman lived with his father until he was twenty-five years of age, and in the meantime had the advantages of the local schools and also a training which well fitted him for the responsibilities he has later assumed. At the age of twenty-five he bought a farm, subsequently having a brief mercantile experience in Homer, then returned to the farm, and for another short period was engaged in the lumber business at Homer. Mr. Freeman owns 110 acres of...

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Biography of Hon. Roy C. Freeman

Hon. Roy C. Freeman. The science of justice and statutory law both require keen perceptions, well trained minds and intellects beyond the ordinary, and each is a distinct branch of what is technically termed “law.” The simple fact that an individual is admitted to the bar is of itself prima facie evidence of the possession of superior intellectual endowments, although some who pose as legists are unprincipled and others incompetent as such, in competition with the profession generally; but when lawyers are elected for office, especially the executive and judicial, those of the best reputation for honorable conduct and legal ability are generally given the preference. The career of Judge Roy C. Freeman, county judge of Champaign County, has been such as to demonstrate that he deserves membership in the latter class, and that he has fairly earned the honor which his position indicates and the confidence of the people of the county. Roy C. Freeman is a native of Champaign County, having been born in Homer Township, on the farm of his father, July 13, 1880, a son of John T. and Jennie B. (Silkey) Freeman. His father has passed his entire life in Champaign County, where he has won his way to the ownership of a handsome property and a position among the leading agriculturists and stock raisers of this section, his home still being in Homer...

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Biography of John T. Freeman

John T. Freeman. Because of the intelligence and good judgment of many of the large farmers of Champaign County, this section of the state contributes much to the general food supply and scarcely any other industry is so well worth engaging in or so compensating when everything else is considered. One of the wide awake, modern and prosperous farmers of this section of Illinois is found in John T. Freeman, who owns large tracts of cultivated land in Homer and Ogden townships. John T. Freeman was born in Champaign County, Illinois, July 25, 1854, and is a son of Thomas and Nancy (Redman) Freeman, both of whom were born in Ohio. From that state they came to Illinois and during the first year lived in Vermilion County, moving in 1851 to Champaign County and settling in Homer Township, where Thomas Freeman engaged in farming during the rest of his active life. He was born in 1826 and died in 1908. His wife was born in 1826 and died in 1902. They were estimable people and are kindly remembered by their neighbors. They were the parents of six children, namely: Mary M., who is deceased; Edmund R., who is a resident of Ogden, Illinois; John T.; James J., who also lives in Homer Township; William H., who died at the age of two months; and Martha, who died in infancy....

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Biography of Elias Freeman

Elias Freeman. For sixty years a resident of Champaign County, Elias Freeman is one of the citizens whose name and a brief record of whose career should be permanently recorded. He represents a family which had its start in the early development of the county, and his own life of substantial industry brought a generous reward in material circumstances and civic honor, and he is now properly enjoying the fruits of well directed toil in a comfortable home at the village of Ogden. Mr. Freeman was born in what is now Ogden Township of Champaign County, June 22, 1857, a son of Edmond and Jemimah (Rush) Freeman. His parents, natives of Ohio, came to Illinois at an early day. James Freeman, the grandfather of Elias, came to this state when Edmond was two years of age. At that time there was not a house between Salt Fork and Burr Oak. It was all one stretch of raw prairie. The Freeman family settled at Salt Fork and some of the good land in that section was developed through their energies and purposeful activities. Edmond Freeman had a family of eleven children, Elias being the third in age. The latter attended the local district schools with his brothers and sisters, grew up as a farmer on the home farm, and at the age of twenty-five, in 1883, married Miss Jennie Fisher....

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Biographical Sketch of Frederick W. Freeman

Frederick W. Freeman, president of the Merchants National Bank of Topeka, is one of the many successful business men who served their earlier apprenticeship with the Santa Fe Railroad. However, in the case of Mr. Freeman, he left railroading before he was twenty years of age and from a clerical position in a Topeka bank rose by successive promotion until he is now head of one of the large and important banks of the state. A resident of Topeka since early boyhood, Frederick W. Freeman was born in the Town of Danville, Alabama, May 26, 1864. His father, Zenas F. Freeman, was a northern man by birth, graduated from Granville College in Ohio, but after removing to the South in 1857 identified himself heart and soul and during the war between the states served as captain in the Confederate army. He was an educator by profession, and for a number of years conducted academies at Somerville, Moulton and Danville, Alabama, where he died in 1872. Two years after his death his widow and her children, Virgil J., Mary Lillie, Zena M. and Frederick W. removed to Topeka, and that city had been the family home since March, 1874. Frederick W. Freeman was ten years of age when brought to Kansas and he completed his education in the public schools of Topeka and also attended for a time Ottawa University....

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Biographical Sketch of Ladbrook H. Freeman

Freeman, Ladbrook H.; manufacturer; born, England, June 23, 1870; son of Walter Thomas and Esther L. Healy Freeman; public and high school education; married, Cleveland, May 16, 1894, Emilie Loeber; issue, Harley L. Freeman, born, Dec. 30, 1895, and Ruth E. Freeman, born Sept. 1, 1899; sec’y and treas. The Industrial Machy Co.; pres. The Hall Mnfg. Co.; vice pres. The Guggenheim Ldy. Machy Co.; director the Cahen Mfg. Co.; member Masonic...

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Biography of Charles R. Freeman

Since 1902 Charles R. Freeman has been practicing law in Checotah, and he is numbered among the representative members of the legal profession in the state. He was born in Clay county, Mississippi, on the 8th of November, 1875, a son of John P. and Anna (Lyon) Freeman, the former a native of North Carolina and the latter of Mississippi. For some time the father followed agricultural pursuits in his native state and upon the outbreak of the Civil war continued to reside there until the last year of the war, when he enlisted for active service. At the close of the war he went to Mississippi where he bought some land and previous to his death he owned several plantations. His demise occurred in February, 1902. Mrs. Freeman died in May, 1883. Charles R. Freeman received his early education in the common schools of Clay county, Mississippi, and later enrolled in the Iuka Normal Institute at Iuka, that state, graduating from that institution in 1898, with the A. B. degree. Subsequently, determining upon a legal career, he entered the University of Mississippi at Oxford and he received his LL. B. degree in 1901. For the following year he practiced in Starkville, Mississippi, and in October, 1902, came to Checotah. He has built up an extensive and lucrative practice and handles much important litigation before the courts. He has...

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Biography of Winfield Freeman

Winfield Freeman. Lawyer, author, traveler, leader in republican politics and a business man, Winfield Freeman has been a Kansan for more than thirty-five years. He has long enjoyed a reputation as one of the foremost members of the bar in Kansas City, Kansas. He was born at London, Ohio, January 3, 1848, a son of James F. and Eleanor (Dawson) Freeman. His early life was spent in Winchester, Ohio, where he attended the public schools and where he read law in the office of Hon. A. Stiver. Admitted to the bar in 1869, at the age of twenty-one, he practiced law for a number of years in Ohio, and in 1878-79 served as prosecuting attorney of Preble County. Since 1879 he has been a resident of Kansas. From 1880 to 1884 he was assistant attorney for the Solomon Valley Railroad Company. In 1881 he was elected mayor of Minneapolis, Kansas. As one of the promoters of the Kansas City Elevated Railroad Company Mr. Freeman removed to Kansas City, Kansas, in 1884, and was actively identified with that transportation service as attorney until 1888. It is forty-eight years since he commenced the practice of law in Ohio in 1869, and his experience is a remarkably long one. He was associated with Silas Wright Porter, now associate justice of the Supreme Court of Kansas, from 1891 to 1899, and was also...

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