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Richard Dexter Genealogy, 1642-1904

Being a history of the descendants of Richard Dexter of Malden, Massachusetts, from the notes of John Haven Dexter and original researches. Richard Dexter, who was admitted an inhabitant of Boston (New England), Feb. 28, 1642, came from within ten miles of the town of Slane, Co. Meath, Ireland, and belonged to a branch of that family of Dexter who were descendants of Richard de Excester, the Lord Justice of Ireland. He, with his wife Bridget, and three or more children, fled to England from the great Irish Massacre of the Protestants which commenced Oct. 27, 1641. When Richard Dexter and family left England and by what vessel, we are unable to state, but he could not have remained there long, as we know he was living at Boston prior to Feb. 28, 1642.

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Descendants of Alexander Bisset Munro of Bristol, Maine

Alexander Bisset Munro was born 25 Dec. 1793 at Inverness, Scotland to Donald and Janet (Bisset) Munro. Alexander left Scotland at the age of 14, and lived in Dimecrana in the West Indies for 18 years. He owned a plantation, raising cotton, coffee and other produce. He brought produce to Boston Massachusetts on the ship of Solomon Dockendorff. To be sure he got his money, Solomon asked his to come home with him, where he met Solomon’s sister, Jane Dockendorff. Alexander went back to the West Indies, sold out, and moved to Round Pond, Maine, and married Jane. They had 14 children: Janet, Alexander, Margaret, Nancy, Jane, Mary, Solomon, Donald, John, William, Bettie, Edmund, Joseph and Lydia.

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An Historical Sketch of the Seneca County Medical Society

At the anniversary meeting of the Seneca County Medical Society held at Waterloo, July 23, 1885, a resolution was introduced by Dr. S. R. Welles, and adopted by the Society, that a committee be appointed which should prepare biographical sketches of members of the Society from its earliest history to the present time. As a result, this manuscript was published which includes 75 biographies of the early pioneers of the Seneca County Medical Society.

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Seneca County New York Biographies

In the 1980’s a series of newsletters were published four times a year by Seneca County NY featuring historical information concerning Seneca county and her past residents. The current historian for Seneca County placed these online using PDF files. One of the main features of each edition were biographical sketches of early settlers of Seneca County. Unfortunately, while they provided an index inside of a spreadsheet for the 189 biographies, it is difficult for the average user to quickly get around. I’ve taken their spreadsheet and linked each edition to the PDF file. Once you’ve found the biography you...

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Slave Narrative of Emma Knight

Person Interviewed: Emma Knight Location: Hannibal, Missouri Emma Knight, living at 924 North Street, Hannibal Missouri was born in slavery on the farm of Will and Emily Ely, near Florida, Monroe County. The following is her story as she told it: “We lived on a Creek near Florida. We belonged to Will Ely. He had only five slaves, my father and mother and three of us girls. I was only eight or nine years old. De Elys had eight children. Dere was Paula, Ann, Sarah, Becky, Emily, Lizzie, Will, Ike, and Frank. Lizzie was de oldest girl and I was to belong to her when she was married. “De master of de house was better to us dan de mistress. We didn’t have to work none too hard, ’cause we was so young, I guess. We cut weeds along de fences, pulled weeds in de garden and helped de mistress with de hoeing. We had to feed de stock, sheep, hogs, and calves, because de young masters wouldn’t do de work. In de evenings we was made to knit a finger width and if we missed a stitch we would have to pull all the yarn out and do it over. De master’s girls learned us to read and write. We didn’t have hardly no clothes and most of de time dey was just rags. We went barefoot until...

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Biography of Joseph Buell Ely

Joseph Buell Ely, a son of Henry Wilson and Sarah Naomi (Buell) Ely, was born in Westfield, Massachusetts, on February 22, 1881. After receiving an excellent preparatory education in the Westfield public schools, he completed his college course at Williams College, whence he was graduated with the class of 1902, receiving the degree of Bachelor of Arts. His degree of Bachelor of Laws he received from the Harvard Law School of Harvard University in 1905, and in that same year was admitted to practice before the bar of the State of Massachusetts. He at once embarked upon his professional career by associating himself in practice with his honored father in Westfield and Springfield, and this happy association has continued throughout two decades, the firm of Ely & Ely now including another son, Charles F. Ely, and this well-known firm has steadily advanced in public favor. In 1915 Joseph Buell Ely was appointed district attorney by Governor Walsh, and again in 1916 he was elected for a three-year term. In 1919 he served as district attorney for the counties of Hampden and Berkshire, where he proved himself an admirable prosecutor and a worthy son of a brilliant father. He and his father are both members of the local and State Bar associations, while the junior Mr. Ely also holds membership with the Nayasset Club of Springfield, and the Park Club...

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Biography of Henry Wilson Ely

For three consecutive generations the Elys have been closely identified with the business and professional life of Westfield, Massachusetts; and for nine generations with that of New England. The family in America was founded by Nathaniel Ely, born in the year 1605, supposedly in Tenterden, County Kent, England, of an excellent old English family. The Ely family in England dates back to the hereditary surname epoch (1250-1450 A.D.), when second, or family names first began to come into general use. The name has two distinct derivations, as is proved by that peer of etymologists and orthographers, the late Charles Wareing Bardsley, honorary canon of Carlisle Cathedral and vicar of Ulverstone, in his monumental “A Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames” (Second Edition). The same derivations are also given in Lower’s “Patronymica Britannica.” Surnames fall, roughly, into five separate classes of inception, by far the greatest class being that one known as baptismal surnames. Ely was originally spelled Elie, and was used as a fontal or Christen name. When, due to the growth in population and the resultant confusion from the repetitious use of identical fontal names, a second or distinguishing nomenclature became imperative, many assumed their father’s given name as a surname. Hence, Robert, son of William, became Robert fil. William (fil being a contraction of the Latin filius, and meaning simply “son of”), the fil being dropped in...

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Biographical Sketch of Philologus Ely

PHILOLOGUS ELY. – This venerable pioneer was born in East Tennessee in 1825, and remained in his native state until 1834. In that year his father moved to Dewitt county, Illinois, and continued his occupation as a farmer through life. In the electric atmosphere of this young giant state of the West, Mr. Ely attained his majority, and in the meantime secured a practical education in the common schools. As a resource for his livelihood, he learned the trade of a plasterer, which, combined with his occupation of farmer, he followed in DeWitt and Knox counties. In the year 1851, he was married to Miss Amanda Mansfield, making their home in Knox county till March, 1853, when they started across the plains, and after a severe journey reached Oregon in the September following, locating near Junction, in Lane county. In December, 1861, the floods of the Willamette river destroyed most of the property which they had accumulated in the past. In this beautiful valley they made their home until the autumn of 1874, when they removed to Umatilla county. At that time Mr. Ely became afflicted with the rheumatism, and remained an invalid for the next ten years, one year of which he was unable to walk, and will remain a cripple during life. Here he still resides on a good farm with his aged wife, the mother of...

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