Surname: Chisholm

Progressive Men of Western Colorado

This manuscript in it’s basic form is a volume of 948 biographies of prominent men and women, all leading citizens of Western Colorado. Western Colorado in this case covers the counties of: Archuleta, Chaffee, Delta, Eagle, Garfield, Gunnison, Hinsdale, La Plata, Lake, Mesa, Mineral, Moffat, Montezuma, Montrose, Ouray, Pitkin, Rio Blanco, Routt, San Juan, and San Miguel.

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Establishment of Fort Smith in 1817

The white population in Arkansas in 1817 had increased to several thousand, whose protection, as well as that of the Cherokee people living in that territory, from the continued hostilities of the Osage, required the establishment of a military post at the western border dividing the white settlements from the Osage. From Saint Louis came further news of threatened hostilities by the Osage near Clermont’s Town, and a report 1Niles Register, (Baltimore) vol. xiii, 176. that Major William Bradford with a detachment of United States riflemen, and accompanied by Major Long, topographical engineer, had left that city for the...

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Disbursements to Cherokees under the Treaty of May 6, 1828

Abstract of disbursements and expenditures made by George Vashon, Indian Agent for the Cherokees west of the Mississippi, under the stipulations of the Treaty with said tribe of 6th May, 1828, between the 16th September, 1830, and the 31st December, 1833. In total this list represents 390 Cherokee families and 1835 individuals who each received 25.75 as part of their payment under the 5th article of the treaty of 6th May, 1828.

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Canadian County Oklahoma Cemeteries

Most of these Canadian County Oklahoma cemeteries are complete indices at the time of transcription, however, in some cases we provide the listing when it is only a partial listing. Hosted at Canadian County OKGenWeb Archives Calumet Cemetery Forehand Cemetery El Reno Cemetery Sections A – D Sections E Sections F – O Photos Fort Reno Cemetery Kansas Cemetery Mathewson Cemetery Mathewson Cemetery (includes dates) Mathewson Cemetery (update) Mustang Cemetery Palmer Cemetery Yukon Cemetery Hosted at Oklahoma Cemeteries Beecham Cemetery Buena Vista Cemetery Calumet Cemetery Canadian Valley Cemetery Jesse Chisholm Monument Chief Left Hand Monument El Reno Cemetery Index El...

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Genealogy of the Cherokee Chisholm-Wilson Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information 11 Malinda Wharton. Thomas Chisholm and William Wilson  |A44 1112 Jennie Elizabeth Chisholm. Joseph Blagne Lynde and Caswell Wright Bruton 2 Alfred Finney Chisholm. Margaret Harper OK 3 William Wharton Chisholm. Susie Pindar 4 Narcissa Clark Chisholm. Robert Latham Owen 5 Emily Walker Wilson. Napoleon Bonaparte Breedlove OK 3 William Wilson* Alice Coody 111213 Alice Lynde. William Otway Owen 2 Caroline Walton Bruton. John Washington Breedlove OK 3 Robert Owen Bruton* 4 Wilson Otho Bruton. Mary L. Goodman 113213 Alice Chisholm. James Henry Cobb 2 Narcissa Chisholm. * Matthew Archer and Frank Taylor 11421314 William Otway Chalmers Owen OK 2 Robert Latham Owen. Daisy Hester 115213 Lelia Wilson Breedlove. James Senora Stapler 2 Walter Winchester Breedlove. Priscilla Williams OK 3 Emma Maria Breedlove* 4 Florence Breedlove. Othie Andrew Smith 5 Jennie Breedlove* 11121314 Robert Otway Owen. Rowena Booth 2 Jennie Owen. Charles Heald OK 3 William Otway Owen. Mary H. Severs A44. Malinda Wharton was born December 25, 1803 in Virginia. She married Thomas Chisholm, born in 1790. He was elected Third Chief of the Western Cherokees on July 16, 1834. The Principal Chief at that time was John Jolly and the Second Chief, was Blackcoat. Thomas Chisholm was attacked with typhoid fever at the council at Tahlonteeskee and on being taken to his home on Beatty’s Prairie, he died on November...

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Biography of Kenneth M.Chisholm, P.P

Kenneth Chisholm, of the firm of R. Chisholm and Co., member of the Ontario Legislature for the County of Peel, and one of the leading merchants in Brampton, is a descendant of an old Highland family, originally from Invernessshire, Scotland. His father, Alexander Chisholm, being born in the County of Glengarry, removed to Toronto township, in what is now the County of Peel, in 1818. His mother, whose maiden name was Mary McDonnell, was the daughter of a United Empire Loyalist, who moved from the State of New York to Glengarry at the time of the revolution. She drew lands in the County of Peel, and that property, after being out of the hands of the family for nearly fifty years, has recently been purchased by the subject of this sketch. Mr. Chisholm was educated in the schools of this county; in his youth was a clerk in a Brampton store, and has been in mercantile trade for himself a little more than a quarter of a century, and doing a heavy business. They have also a flouring mill, with four run of stone, on the Credit river, four miles from town, and in connection with it a farm of five hundred acres; and they deal heavily in grain, flour and provisions, as well as in general merchandise. Their business amounts to about $1,000,000 a year, including their business...

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Biography of Daniel B. Chisholm

Daniel Black Chisholm, barrister, ex-member of Parliament for Halton, and for many years one of the leading citizens of Hamilton, is a native Canadian, as was his father before him, and was born in the township of E. Flamboro’, County of Wentworth, Out., on the 2nd of November, 1832. He is a grandson of George Chisholm, a Highlander, who emigrated from Inverness, Scotland, as early as August, 1772, to New York, whence he afterwards removed to Nova Scotia, where he lived for about seven years. In 1781 he settled at Niagara, but removed thence in 1791, to the north shore of Burlington Bay, neat the present site of Hamilton, when he continued to reside on land granted him by the King, (as a U. E. Loyalist) until his death in 1842, at the age of 100 years. This farm was for many years the homestead of this branch of the Chisholm family, and was the birth place of our subject. His father was the late Col. George Chisholm, who participated in the war of 1812, though but little more than just entered on his teens, and also in the Rebellion of 1837, being a Colonel of Militia in the latter. One of the exciting incidents of which he was a witness in the stormy times of 1837-38, was the sending of the ill fated “Caroline” over the Falls of...

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Biography of James Sutherland Chisholm

James Sutherland Chisholm, of Strathglass, who, in Gaelic, is called Chisalick. This family, we learn, is of Lowland origin, yet has long been in possession of estates in the Highlands, and has been for centuries quite assimilated to the manners and customs of their Celtic neighbors. The memorial of Charles Forbes ranks them among the friends of Prince Charles Edward, and estimates their force at two hundred men. The Highland possessions of the family consist of Comer Strathglass, etc., in which is situated their castle of Erchless. The original seat of the family was, in all probability, in Roxburghshire, as the only person of the name who signed Ray man’s Roll is “Richard de Chisholm, del County de Roxbury,” and in that county the family still remains. The branch of the Chisholm family which eventually settled in Oakville, came to Upper Canada in 1791, the progenitor being George Chisholm, who was born near Inverness, Scotland, in 1745, who settled first in Nova Scotia, where the late Col. William Chisholm was born, October 15, 1788. The former died at Burlington, in 1843, aged 98 years; the latter was educated in Flamboro, East; was lieutenant in No.1 flank company, Lincoln militia, in the war of 1812-14, one of the companies that stormed and captured the Fort at Detroit; was also at Queenston Heights; after that war settled (1816), on his farm...

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Biographical Sketch of Stewart Henry Chisholm

Chisholm, Stewart Henry; iron business; born, Montreal, Can., Dec. 21, 1846; son of Henry and Jean Allan Chisholm; educated, Cleveland public schools; first marriage, 1872, Miss Harriet Kelly; issue, three sons; second marriage, 1900, to Mrs. H. P. Cord; Mrs. Chisholm died in 1901; entered the employ of Stone, Chisholm & Jones, later merged in the Cleveland Rolling Mill Co.; then still later became a branch of the American Steel & Wire Co.; for a number of years vice pres. of the Cleveland Rolling Mill Co., and held same office in the American Steel & Wire Co.; pres. of the Chisholm-Moore Mfg. Co.; Republican; member Euclid Avenue Baptist Church; member Union, Country and Roadside Clubs, Cleveland; New York Yacht and Manhattan Clubs, New...

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W. E. Chisholm

Cook, Inf., Co. K, 30th Div., 120th Reg.; of Randolph County; son of H. C. and Martha Chisholm. Entered service July 27, 1916, at Asheboro. Sent to Camp Stewart, Texas. Transferred to Camp Sevier. Sailed for France June 8, 1918. Promoted to rank of Cook Jan. 1, 1917. In all actions of the 120th Reg. Did duty on Mexican border Oct. 1, 1916, to March 28, 1917. Returned to USA April 13, 1919, Charleston. Mustered out at Camp Jackson April 18,...

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