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Surname: Casebolt

Biography of John W. Casebolt

John W. Casebolt was born in Fayette county, Ohio, December 29, 1819; a son of John and Prena Casebolt, nee Harrison. His father was a native of Greenbrier county, Virginia; and his mother of Kentucky; she was a first cousin to General Harrison. His parents came to Ohio at a very early day and were pioneers in Ross and Fayette counties. His father died when the subject of our sketch was but an infant, and his mother died 1868. At the age of four-teen years, John W. Casebolt left his native State and went to Fountain county, Indiana, and there learned the trade of blacksmith, and remained until 1842. In the spring of that year he came to Missouri and located in Daviess county, and in February, 1843, went to Harrison county, near Bethany, and remained there about twenty-eight years. While there he was an honored member of the County Court by election and appointment, for nearly seven years; he also filled all the township offices, and during the Civil War was lieutenant of the Enrolled Militia, and afterwards received the appointment of major for the Harrison County Battalion. In 1873 he moved to Daviess county and permanently located at Pattonsburg. Since coming here he has filled many important offices, being appointed the first mayor and filling all the township offices, he is now justice of the peace. He...

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