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Surname: Cariesman

Biographical Sketch of Cariesman, Horatio

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Whose land grant fronts the Brazos River on the west side, where the station of Thompson is now on the Santa Fe road, was born in Virginia in 1792, but moved in early life first to Kentucky and then to Missouri, where he engaged in surveying. In 1818 he married Miss Mary Kinchaloe, and in the fall of 1821 prepared to immigrate to Texas with the Kinchaloe family. They embarked on boats to descend the river, but winter coming on, they held up until the next spring, when Mr. Kinchaloe preceded the party to New Orleans, where he chartered a schooner, “Only Son,” Captain Ellison, and sent five or six young men to the Colorado to plant a crop of corn. Mr. Cariesman, with the families of Kinchaloe, Rawls and Pruitt, left St. Louis in a flat-boat February 25th, 1822. At New Madrid the party was detained by sickness, and Mrs. Cariesman and her sister died. Being detained again at the mouth of Red River by continued sickness, some of the men who were well book a boat load of bacon up Red River to Alexandria. All the river trade was then carried on in flat-boats. Arriving at New Orleans, Mr. Kinchaloe again chartered the “Only Son” to convey them to Texas. They landed at the...

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