Surname: Busey

Biography of Matthew Wales Busey

Matthew Wales Busey. Of the native sons of Champaign County who have been factors in the development of the county’s resources, one of the most prominently known is Matthew W T ales Busey, president of Busey’s State...

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Biography of Martin Kaucher Busey

Martin Kaucher Busey, cashier of the Mahomet Bank, is another member of that well known family in Champaign County which from pioneer times has been identified with the important work of developing the land and the business and...

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Biography of Clyde L. Busey

Clyde L. Busey, whose active part as a citizen of Champaign County is farming and managing one of the fine farms in Sidney Township, is one of the sturdy representatives of a name that has been identified with this section of...

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It takes a village to grow a family tree!
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