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Surname: Buckholts

Decision Rendered in James M. Buckholts, et al

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Office Of The Secretary, Washington, I). C., February 24, 1904 The Commission to the Five Civilized Tribes, Muscogee, Ind. T. GENTLEMEN: There is enclosed herewith a copy of an opinion of the Assistant Attorney-General for this Department of February 18, 11)01, in the matter of the application for the enrollment of James M. Buckholts, Rebecca Buckholts, and Alice Dwight, formerly Buckholts, which opinion has been approved by the Department. In accordance therewith your decision in favor of the applicants is hereby affirmed. A copy of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs letter of December 1, 1903, submitting the case, is enclosed. Respectfully, Thos Ryan, Acting Secretary Office Of The Assistant Attorney-General Washington, D. C., February 18, 1904 The Secretary of the Interior SIR: I am in receipt, by reference of the Acting Secretary, December 5, 1903, of the papers, for my opinion, in the case of James 51. Buckholts and his children, Rebecca Buckholts and Allie Dwight (nee Buckholts), applicants for enrollment as citizens by blood of the Choctaw Nation. The Commission to the Five Civilized Tribes found that James M. Buckholts is the son of William Buckholts, a citizen of the Choctaw Nation, who was admitted as such by a judgment of the supreme court of the Choctaw Nation, rendered in October, 1872 (certified copy attached),...

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