Surname: Bell

General Armory

Belview, co. fermanagh, granted 1819; Overton, co. York; Bourne Park, Kent; Thirsk Gall, co. York; Woolsington Hall,Northumberland; Sunderland, co. Durham; Berkshire and Buckinghamshire; Exxex; Essex; Glouchestershire; Jamaica; London; Haughley, co. Suffolk; Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer, who d. 1577; London; Newcastle; Fawe Park, CO. Cumberland; Northumberland and Cumberland; Westmoreland and Cumberland; Kirkconnel, co. Dumfries; Provosthaugh, co. Dumfries; Ealing, 1782; Fortoun, co. Haddington, 1855; Beaupre Hall, CO. Norfolk; Yorkshire. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now That most of these families were derived from a common stock is shown by the fact that a common feature of their Coats of Arms was three bells, and of their crests a hawk belled. The following is quoted from reliable authorities regarding the origin, meaning, etc., of the name ” Bell “: ” Bell : Bellot, Bellison, Izod . . . Isabel, etc., are all supposed to represent the offspring of Isabella or Islot, its diminu tive. Bell and Bellot may more probably come from the shop or tavern sign.”...

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Prominent British Bells, Past Generations

Following are some of the prominent people by name of Bell in the British Empire , past generations. ALEXANDER MONTGOMERIE BELL (1808-1866), writer on law: s. John B-, a mfr. of Paisley; studied at Univ. of Glasgow; admitted member of Society of Writers to the Signet, 1835; appointed prof. of conveyancing in Univ. of Edinburgh, 1856, in which chair he distinguished himself; his lectures form a standard treatise on laws of conveyancing; he was of quiet, retiring habits and sincerely religious temperament; from records of the Society of Writers to the Signet: “his talents, assiduity and great practical knowledge well qualified him to discharge the important duties devolved upon him and he was deservedly esteemed by all to whom he was personally known.” ANDREW (1726-1809), engraver: began humbly, and rose to be first in his line in Edinburgh; became remarkable for extent of his information through extensive reading and intercourse with men of letters; his success in life was due largely to being originally half-proprietor of “Encyclopedia Britannica” and for which he furnished the plates. ANDREW (1753-1832), founder of Madras system of education: b. in St. Andrews; from his mother, descendant of a Dutchman who came over with William III, he inherited a hasty temper and eccentricity; much of the energy with which he took up the subject of education was due to recollection of cruel discipline, which he...

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Bell of Pendell Court

B108 JOHN BELL, of Greatworth, Northamptonshire. B109 James, of Greatworth: settled in Ireland 1658. B110 John, of Mountmellick, Queen’s Co. : b. England ; d. 1690. B111 Thomas: b. at Mountmellick, 1672; d. Dublin , 1758; had issue with ten daus., four sons. B112 Thomas: the 4th son of Killimore, Oueen’s Co. , b. 1709; d. 1786. B113 Gamaliel: of Bellrook, Queen’s Co. , 1736-1799. B114 Capt. William, of Bellbrook: 1779-1860, m. 1st Esther Foxall (d. 1820) and had 13 ch. m. 2nd Charlotte Croun and had 5 ch. (1) William-Bl15. (2) Thomas: b. 1805. (3) Zachariah: b. 1808. (4) John: b. 1809. (5) James. (6) Wellington : b. 1815. (7) Mary: b. 1803, m. Major Henry Holland, issue. (8) Ellen: b. 1806, m. Ebenezer Shackleton, issue. (9) Margaret: b. 1811, m. (1st) Major Jamison; (2nd) Richard W oosnam (10) Sarah: b. 1813. (11) Esther : b. 1817. (12) Agnes : b. 1818, m. Major-Gen. James Bowen Woosnam. (13) Elizabeth : b. 1820. (14) Rawdon Hautonville: d. young. (15) Frederick : d. young. (16) Arthur: b. 1827, m. issue. (17) George Robert: Capt. R. N.; b. 1831. (18) Selina: m. George Stephens, issue. B115 WILLIAM, of Hertford Street , Mayfair , and Merlin, Eastbourne : b. 1804. (1) William Abraham, of Pendell Court ; B116 (2) Susan: d. 1913. (3) Esther: d. 1910. B116 WILLIAM ABRAHAM, of Pendell Court...

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Bell of Bourne Park

C117 MATTHEW BELL, of Kendal, Westmorland. C118 JOHN, of Kirkland , Kendal: 1687-1740. C119 MATTHEW 1733-1766. C120 JOHN, F. R. S.: b. 1765, attained great eminence at the Chancery Bar, and was made king’s Counsel, 1815; d. 1836. C212 MATTHEW, of Bourne Park , Kent : M. A. Trin. Coll., Cambridge , 1817-1903. (1) Matthew John: 1840-1902, late Capt. 13th Light Infantry. (A) Matthew Gerald Edward, now of Bourne Park . C122. (B) Maude Cecilia: d. 1920, leaving issue. (C) Kathleen: d. 1907. (2) Edward Shurland: 1841-1861. (3) Charles George: 1843-1885; late 23rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers. (A) Shurland Beresford. (B) Marianne de Montenache: m. 1910, Alec. Caruth. (C) Florence Angela: m. 1910, Charles E. Emerson. (4) Herbert James: b. 1853. (5) Florence Jane: m. 1868, Allen George Douglas. (6) Fanny Alice: m. 1865, Charles Stewart Hardy. (7) Augusta Rose: m. 1876, William Gaven Eden. (8) Eleanor Margaret: m. 1874, Rev. Arthur Ellison Molineux. (9) Constance Georgina : m. 1872, Major Gen. Frederick Thomas Whinyates. (10) Gertrude Cecilia: m. 1885, Major Philip F. Durham. C122 LIFT. COL. MATTHEW GERALD EDWARD, O. B. E., of Bourne Park , Kent : Lieut. Col. 6th Batt. Rifle Brigade; b. 1871; succeeded his grandfather, 1903; m. 1905, Hon. Mary Dyke, late Maid of Honor to Queen Alexandra. (1) Matthew Alexander Henry: (for whom H. M. Queen Alexandra stood sponsor), b....

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Bell of Woolsington

D123 MATTHEW BELL, of Newcastle-on-Tyne : b. 1677. D124 MATTHEW, Alderman of Newcastle : Mayor, 1757. D125 MATTHEW, of Woolsington: d. 1811. D126 MATTHEW, of Woolsington: High Sheriff of Northumberland, 1797; d. 1811; succeeded by his eldest son. (1) Matthew: D127. (2) Charles: d. s. p. 1844. (3) Robert John: d. 1826. (4) Henry: late of Woolsington. D128. (5) Rev. John: Hon. Canon of Ripon and Rural Dean; 1805-1869. (A) Matthew: 1831-1859. (B) John: 1832-1877. (C) Robert John: 1833-1858. (D) Charles Loraine: now of Woolsington-D129. (E) Rev. Henry: Hon. Canon of Carlisle , b. 1838, ch: Henry FitiGerald (1877- 1910); Aubrey Fitz-Gerald (b. 1882); Siraz Francis Loraine (b. 1884); Kathleen Mary Loraine; Idc Constance Vere, Gertrude Shiela Bell. (F) William: b. 1839. (G) Frank: b. 1842. (H) Edward Savile: 1845-1877. (I) Arthur George: 1846-1892. (J) Isabella Elizabeth: b. 1829; d. 1910. (K) Frances Sarah: b. 1835. (L) Emma Rachel: b. 1840. (M) Helen Alice: b. 1843. (N) Gertrude Mary: b. 1848. (6) William: Capt. 43rd Regt., d. leaving issue. (A) Sarah Dulcibella: d. 1911. (B) Charles: late Lieut. R. A., d. 1871. (7) Elizabeth Jane: d. 1868. (8) Dulcibella: d. 1901. (9) Frances : d. 1874. D127 MATTHEW, of Woolsington: b. 1793, d. s. p. 1871; elected member of Parliament for Northumberland, in the great contested election of 1826, and sat until 1852. He was succeeded by his next...

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Religions of the Bells

For several centuries nearly all the Bells lived in England, Scotland and Ireland. Most of the Scotch and, likewise, the Bells were and are of the Presbyterian faith. Practically all the Bells who went from Scotland to the North of Ireland, and their descendants, remained Presbyterian. There are a few Bells of the Catholic faith in the British Isles, but it is estimated that their number does not exceed two per cent of the entire Bell population. The Bells who came from the British Isles to America continued in the faith of their fathers, for the most part, though their descendants in this country today will be found in the memberships of practically all the various churches. It is estimated that of all the Bells in America who are church members, at least ninety-seven per cent are of the Protestant faith. Biographical sketches of Bells appear in Who’s Who in America . Their religious faiths are shown as follows: BAPTIST 1 FRIEND (QUAKER) 1 EPISCOPAL 5 CATHOLIC 0 METHODIST EPISCOPAL 1 PRESBYTERIAN 5 CONGREGATIONALIST 1 METHODIST 1 UNITED BRETHREN 1 RELIGION NOT STATED 21 TOTAL...

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Prominent British Bells of Today

1929 The following prominent Bells of the British Empire are listed in WHO’S WHO (British) CAPT. ADOLPHUS EDMUND BELL , London ; Lieut-Comdr. Archibald Colquhoun; Archibald Graeme, London; Lt.-Col. Arthur Hugh; Arthur William, Guernsey, England; Rev. Benjamin, Edinburgh; Bernard Humphrey, Chief Justice of the Sudan; Sir Charles; Rev. Canon Charle, Carlyle, York, Eng.; Charles Francis; Clive, writer, London; Col. Edwards Edward, publisher, London; Edward Allen, clergyman, Cumberland; Ernest; publisher, reformer, London; Sir Ernest; Lieut.-Col. Francis Hayley, Hong Kong, China; Rt. Hon. Sir Francis H. D., Wellington, N. S.; Frank; Lieut.Col. Frederick William; Hon. George Alexander, late provincial treasurer, Regina, Canada; Col. George Jame H.; Lt.-Col. George John, Victoria, Australia; Very Rev. George Kennedy A., Canterbury, Eng.; Gertrude Margaret Lowthian, writer; Harry Charles Purvis, Ceylon, India; Sir Henry, London; Henry McGrady, London; Lt.-Col. Henry Stanley; Henry Thomas Mackenzie, publisher, London; Herbert Wright, attorney; Sir Hesketh; Sir Hugh, London; Isaac; Sir James, Windsor, Eng.; James, Member of Parliament; Maj. Gen. Sir James Alexander; Rev. James Allen, Norwich, Eng.; James Macintosh, Canada; John joy, journalist and author; John Keble, writer; Ven. John White, Dublin; Lt.-Col. John William, British E. Africa; Kenneth Norman, Oxford, Eng.; Lillian, author; Lieut.-Col. Maurice Hugh Lowthian; Nancy R. E.; Rev. Sir Nicholas Dodd B.; Richard, London; Lieut.-Col. Richard C., London; Robert, M. A., London; Robert Anning, painter,London; Robert Duncan, Indian Civil Service, Bombay; Sir Thomas, Scotland; Thomas, newspaper...

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Ancient Bell Families

One of the earliest known “Bell” ancestors was Belus, the first high priest and architect of the Temple of Bel in Babylonia, 2600 B.C. (Tower of Babel).This Belus was son of Namrut and appears in the Bible as Accad or Akad, son of Nimrod. This family also descends through the Hyksos Kings and The Ramessedian Dynasty of Egypt and Danaus King or Argos , all of whose family names were Bel. Beltani, the Arch Patriarch or Great Dan (Dan) of Belfort in Gaul , was Chief of the Belovici, the ruling tribe of the Belgae Confederation, whom Caesar mentions as being good fighters. Beltam’s son, Belcaramas, was b. 127 B.C.; m. Hiltara, dau. of the Lord of Tara, 107 B. C.; came into Ireland , 87 B. C. and founded Belfast . Salem , of the Belg or Belovici tribe, came into England 423 A. D. under Zephan or Belcevanus, from Ireland . He had a son Tomas. Tomas’ son, the first Bell in Great Britain to bear the family name, was Archer or Arthor Bel of Waybridge in Surrey , England , A. D. 1026. He was chief of the Archers in the levies of King Harold and was killed at the Battle of...

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Calvin Howard Bell Family

H142 HENRY I, KING of FRANCE: m. Anne of Russia, daughter of Jaroslaus, Grand Duke of Russia , and had: (1) Prince Hugh the Great; Count de Vermandois (brother of Philip I, King of France ), who m. Lady Adela, daughter of Hubert, fourth Count de Vermandois and Troyes , son of Henry, third Count de Vermandois and his wife Edgina, widow of Charles III, King of France, and (laughter of EDWARD THE ELDER, KING OF ENGLAND . Their descendant (17 generations removed) was No. 143. H143 JOSIAH HAI L, of Exeter , who had: (1) Mary Hall: m. John Langdon, of Portsmouth , N. H., b. 1707; d. 1780. Their son was: (A) Judge Woodbury Langdon, of Portsmouth , N. H.; Delegate to the Continental Congress, 1779; President of N. H. Senate, 1784; Judge of the Superior Counrt of N. H., 1782-91. m. 1765, Sarah, clan. of Henry Sherburn. (a) Catherine Whipple Langdon: m. 1808, Edmund Roberts, of Portsmouth, N. H. 1 Frances Lear Roberts: m. 1851, Calvin Howard Bell, of Delhi , and had the following children: A. Edmund R. Bell B. Calvin H. Bell C. Walter L. Bell D. Fanny...

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Bell of Beltour

HENRY BELL of ASCHAM m. (2nd) Agnes Brogan (b. Cardiff , Wales ). Andrew Bell, his son, had two sons and a daughter, Hugone. One son, Hugh Bell, was knighted by Edward I in 1306 and appears in list of Knights as “Hugo filius Henrici” with his brother “Aungerus filius Henricri”. Hugo was awarded the manor of Belne Broughton in Kingsnorton , England (Wigorne) and Arms “Blackgreve and Bells”. He had no crest or motto at that time. He selected the Blackgreve to commemorate that his honors came through his signal service to the King, as he was chief of the Longbowmen and put the longbow on the map as an arm of offense and defense for the English Army. The three church bells were in honor of his grandfather, Henry Bell of Ascham, who was connected with the Consent and Priory. The blackgreve was bent to show that the bow was always ready to defend his King. 100 Sir ROBERT BELL , knight: Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer during the reign of Queen Elizabeth (1558-1603); married Dorothy Beaupree (12th in descent from Senulph “tempore H. apud Lyn Epi” in Norfolk ). (1) Edmund Bell: His children were Robert, (B) Capt. Philip, Henry, Peter, Beaupre. (B) Captain Philip: Governor of Bermuda , 1626-29; Governor of Rhode Island and Barbadoes. He was one of the company of Puritans in...

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Isaac Bell

I144 CONAN, KING OF ALL WALES, father of: I145 PRINCESS ESSYLT: m. Merefyn Frych, KING OF ANGLESEY, k. 843, had: I146 RHODRI-MAWR, KING OF ALL WALES : d. A. D. 876; m. Lady Angharad, dau. of Melrig ap Dynwal. His son was: I147 CAIIELL, Prlnce of South Wales: m. Reingar; his son was: I148 HOWELL-DDA, KING OF ALL WALES: m. Lady Jane, dau. of Earl of Cornwall . I149 OWEN, Prince of South Wales : In. Lady Angharad. I150 EINION, k. v. p.: m. Lady Nesta, dau. of Earl of Devonshire I151 T( DOR-MAWR, Prince of South Wales: m. Gwenlian, dau. of Gwyr ap Rhyddrch. I152 RHYS AP TUDOR-MAWR, Prince of South Wales : m. Lady Gwladys. His son was: I153 GRIFFITH AP RHYs, Prince of South Wales : m. Lady Gwenlian. I154 RHYs AP GRIFFITH, Prince of South Wales , Lord Rhys, Chief Justice of South Wales : d. 1197, m. Lady Gwenlian. I155 RHYs GRYD, Lord of Yestradtywy: m. Lady Joan (dau. of Richard de Clare, fourth Earl of Hertford, one of the twenty-five Magna Charta Barons, also of Royal Descent, and his wife, Lady Amicia, dau. Of William, second Earl of Gloucester , son of Robert the Consul, Earl of Mellent, created, 1109, Earl of Golucester, son of HENRY I, KING OF ENGLAND): His descendants, 17 generations removed, was I173. I173 EVAN EVANS, of Gwynedd: b....

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Bell of Thirsk

A101 RALPH BELL. A102 Robert, of Sowerby: 1615-1711. A103 Ralph, of Sowerby: d. s. p. 1735. He was succeeded by his nephew. A104 Ralph Consett, of Brawith Hall, who assumed under his uncle’s will, the surname of Bell : d. 1770. A105 Ralph, of Thirsk: b. 1720. (1) John, A106. (2) Robert, of Kildale: b. 1768. (A) Marianne.: m. Edmund Turton. (3) Marianne,: m. 1798, Rev. Henry Gale, M.A. A106 John, of Thirsk: b. 1764. (1) Ralph: b. 1804, d. y. (2) John, of Thirsk: b. 1809; d. unm. 1857, having devised the estate to his nephew. (3) Frances ,: m. 1823, Rev. Wm. MacBean. (A) Frederick , of Thirsk Hall: b. 1830; J. P. and D. L.; Capt. North York Rifles; assumed name and arms of Bell , by Royal License 1852, and d. s. p. 1875. (B) Archibald: b. 1832; d. s. p. 1868. (C) Alfred: 1833-1847. (D) Frances : m. 1847, Rev. Henry Smith: d. 1859. (a) Reginald, now of Thirsk Hall: A107 (b) Henry. (c) Frances Elizabeth. (d) Josephine Henrietta (E) Elizabeth : m. 1859, Henry Robert Markham. (4) Jane. A107 Reginald, of Thirsk Hall, co. York : b. 1848; assumed the surname and arms of Pell by Royal License, 1877. (1) John, J. P. North Riding Yorks : b. 1879; Ch: Robert (1907), Peter (1912). (2) Frederick : Capt. Gordon Highlanders, b. 1881. (3)...

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William Bell Family and James C. Bell Family

J175 HENRY III, KING OF ENGLAND: had by his wife, Lady Eleanor, dau. of Raymond de Berenger, Count of Provence: J176 PRINCE EDMUND, Earl of Leicester , Lancaster , and Chester : Lord High Steward of England , who had by his second wife, Blanche, Queen of Navarre: J177 HENRY PLANTAGENET, Earl of Lancaster and Leicester. J178 LADY JOAN PLANTAGENET: m. John, third Baron Mowbray, of Axholme. Her son was: J179 JOHN, Fourth Baron Mowbray. J180 SIR THOMAS MOWBRAY, K. G., Duke of Norfolk , Earl Marshal of England : from whom was descended (11 generations removed): J181 SAMUEL THOMAS, of Anne Arundel Co., Md. : 1702-80. His son was: J182 EVAN THOMAS, of ” Mt. Radnor ,” Md. : b. 1738; d. 1826. Father of: (1) Mary Thomas: m. 1786, Elias Ellicott. (A) Elizabeth Ellicott: b. 1787; m. Lewin Wethered. (a) Mary Lewin Wethered: b. 1812, m. William George Thomas, of Baltimore . Her dau. was: 1 Annie: m. William Bell, of New York . Issue. (2) Philip Evan Thomas, of Baltimore : b. 1776; d. 1861; m. 1801, Elizabeth , dau. of Robert George, of Kent Co., Md. His dau. was (A) Harriet: m. James C. Bell....

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New Hampshire Bells

Matthew Bell was born in Kirk Connell, on the river Nith in the northwestern part of Dumfrishire , Scotland . He emigrated to the northern part of Ireland in the latter part of the seventeenth century and was in the city of Londonderry when that place was besieged in 1689. Sons: Matthew and John. John Bell, the youngest son, was born in Ballymoney, county Antrim , Ireland , 1679; married, about 1712, Elizabeth Todd. He came to America , as is supposed, in 1719, landed at Boston and spent some time in Andover , Mass. , before he settled in Londonderry , N. H., in 1720. He held a number of town offices, and died July 8, 1743 , “about sixty-four years of his age,” as his tombstone says. He had nine children, of whom six left descendants. 1. Letitia Bell, born in Ireland , married George Duncan of Londonderry . 2. Naomi Bell, born in Ireland , married William Duncan of Londonderry , who was a captain in the militia. 3. Samuel Bell, born September 28, 1723 , removed to Cambridge , N. Y. He married Sarah Storrow. Before Bennington battle he was taken prisoner by the British with his two sons, John and Matthew; his sons escaped but died soon after. He died in Cambridge about 1803. His sons Samuel and Ebenezer are supposed to have left...

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Bells Towns, Etc.

There are in the United States, towns as follows, known or believed by the writer to have been named for persons by the name Bell : BELL: Cal, Fla., N.M., Penna.; BELL CITY: La. , Mo.; BELL RANCH: N. M.; BELL SPRINGS: Cal.; BELLTOWN: Tenn.; BELLVALE: N. Y.; BELLVILLE: Ga., Ohio, Tex.; BELL CENTER: Wis.; BELL FARM: Ky.; BELLS CROSS ROADS: Va.; BELLS TRACE: Ky.; BELLS VALLEY: Va.; BELLVIEW: Ala.; BELLWOOD Ala., La., Neb., Penna., W.Va. There are also in the United States, numerous counties, townships, streets, avenues, etc., bearing the name “Bell.” This is eloquent testimony to the high esteem in which the name is held in this...

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