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Surname: Basche

Biography of P. Basche

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now What Wendell Phillips said of great Political institutions is also true of great business enterprises: “They are not made, they grow,” This saying finds ample and fitting illustration in the large hardware establishment owned by P. Basche. Established in 1865 by J. H. Parker, two years later P. Basche and S. Ottenheimer bought him out, the later selling out a year later to S. H. Parker again, the firm continuing as Parker & Basche until 1888, when .J. P. Faull became interested, buying out Mr. Parker’s interest two years after Mr. Faull’s death Mr. Basche bought his interest and has since conducted the business alone. The main salesroom is 25×100, two stories, and their warehouse on First street 50×100. three stories. Powder, caps, fuse. &r., being carried on the outskirts of the city is a specially constructed warehouse. As this institution virtually supplies the trade of four counties, the stock carried is one of unusual magnitude. It consists of hardware in all its branches, stoves and house furnishings, agricultural implements, mining machinery, paints, oils, and building material. In sporting goads be has such well-known. agencies as the Winchester Repeating Arms Co., Martin Arms Co., and also Smith’s, Parker and Ithica shot guns. In the house furnishing department he has the absolute agency of the “Majestic” steel...

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