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Surname: Bartlett

Samuel Bartlett

Among the tombstone records of Cornish is that of Dea. John Bartlett, who was b. in 1727, and d. June 8, 1797. By his side are the remains of his wife, Jemima Downer, who was b. in 1732, and d. aug. 17, 1818. The records also show that during the early years of the town Mr. Bartlett was a prominent man. as his name frequently appears among town affairs. Unfortunately the genealogist has been unable to determine who his posterity have been, yet by the census of 1790 it is shown that he then had two sons over sixteen years of age and also two daughters. The other Bartletts of Cornish all trace to a Samuel Bartlett, said to be a contemporary of Dea. John; yet his name does not appear in Cornish in the census of 1790, and we have no records showing any relationship between these two men. It may be doing an injustice to the records and memory of Dea. John Bartlett to drop his name as an ancestor, and give to Samuel Bartlett the credit of the worthy citizenship of the name in Cornish, but their family records, as far as known, all trace to him as their ancestor. 1. SAMUEL, BARTLETT, descended from Puritan stock which early came from Eng. to America. He came to Cornish during its early history and settled on Dingleton...

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