Surname: Baker

Genealogy of Timothy Baker

Part of the law firm of Smith, Baker, Efller & Eastman; had issue: (1) Bessie (b. March 22, 1884); m. June 26, 1907, Frank Norton Spencer. (2) Pauline (b. Dec. 3, 1885); unm. (3) Herbert Howard (b. Sept. 24, 1888); m. 1913, Katharine Menzies Kinsey; grad. from Yale College; is at present Vice-President and Sec. of the Libbey Owens Glass Co. of Toledo. Ch.: Herbert Howard, Jr. (b. May 22, 1915), Katharine Menzies (b. Nov. 26, 1916), Richard (b. Oct. 15, 1921). (4) Marjorie (b. Sept. 8, 1898); m. Oct. 7, 1924, Aaron Barrows Cutting of Montclair, N. J. c. Timothy: b. 1824; m. Elizabeth Raymond; res. Brooklyn, N. Y. d. Charles Henry: b. 1828; Toledo, O. e. George: b. 1832; m. Fidelia Latimer; Toledo, O.; nurseryman. B. Abner: b. 1791; m. 1817, Eunice Hall. C. Edward: b. 1794; m. Lucena Whitney; m. (2), Lucinda Goodhue; d. 1849. a. Timothy: a dentist at Marysville, Cal. D. Artemas: b. 1798; m. Lucy Leonard; blacksmith and farmer. a. Abner W.: b. 1828; m. Mary A. Cronkhite; res. Watertown, N. Y. Ch.: George 1. (b. 1855). b. Artemas L.: b. 1835; went to California in 1852; miner. E. Theodore: b. 1801; m. Almira Morse; removed to Norwalk, O., where he was a prominent man; 1862 removed to Cleveland, where he and son, Homer, are in the tanning business; m. (2), Margaret Williams....

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Genealogy of Francis and Paul Baker

Genealogy of Paul Baker C. Phineas (1786). 4. Paul: b. 1758; m. Elizabeth …… ; had Paul (b. 1789). 5. Jethro: b. 1755. (e) Lot: b. 1721/2; m. Desire Baker. 1. Lot: b. 1746; m. Elizabeth Wixon; m. (2), Hannah Snow. 2. Hezekiah: b. 1749; m. Abigail Weeks; had Barzillai (b. 1780), Hezekiah (b. 1791). 3. Stephen: b. 1754. 4. Theodore: b. 1757. 5. Abij ah : b. 1764. (B) Jonathan. (C) Isaac. (3) Daniel: b. 1650; m. Elizabeth Chase. (A) Daniel: b. 1675. (B) Samuel: b. 1676; m. Patience ……. (a) Shubal: b. 1710; m. Lydia Stuart. 1. Silvanus: b. 1734/5; m. Hannah Burgess; m. (2), Jane Crowell. A. Silvanus: b. 1757; m. Phebe Chase. Ch.: Sylvanus (b. 1788), Richard (b. 1790). B. Bethuel: b. 1761; m. Rhoda Farris. Ch.: Freeman (b. 1788; m. Olive Studley), Bethuel (1790), Farris (1793), Thomas (1795), Morris (1798). C. Obadiah: b. 1765; m. Mary Kelley; m. (2), Nabby Hopkins. Ch.: Obadiah (1793), Jehial (1797), Oren (1800), Lewin (1803), John Hopkins (1812). D. Jonathan: b. 1770; m. Huldah Downs; drowned at sea, 1809. Ch.: Hiram (1799), Baxter (1803), Zebulon (1809). 2. Shubal: b. 1741; m. Rebecca Chase; m. (2), Elizabeth Chase. A. Archelus: b. 1767; m. Mehitable Chase. B. Shubal: b. 1772; m. Mercy Smalley. C. Ezra: b. 1774; m. Susannah Gage. D. Michal: b. 1776; d. 1796. E. Ensigh: b. 1779; m....

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Genealogy of Edward Baker of Saugus Massachusetts

G151 EDWARD BAKER: farmer; settled on the south side of “Baker’s Hill”, Saugus (then Lynn), Mass., 1630; undoubtedly came in the fleet under Gov. Winthrop; admitted a Freeman, 1638; m. Joan (d. 1693); d. 1687. Joseph: m. Ruth Holton, 1662; he and eldest son, Joseph, killed by Indians, 1675; had five ch. John: b. 1645; m. Abigail Fisher; settled in Dedham; d. 1719. Samuel: b. 1673; m. Mary Aspinwall; inherited lands in Northampton; d. 1717. Ch.: Daniel (b. 1717; m. Elizabeth Allis; d. 1798). John: b. 1677; m. Sarah Whiting; d. 1768. Timothy: b. 1708; m. Abigail Pond; d. 1786. Jabez: m. Hannah Morse. Jabez: b. 1771; m. Abigail Burridge; d. 1854. Jabez: b. 1799; m. Ann Burridge. Ch.: George Warren (b. 1824). Nathaniel: settled in Belchertown, Mass. Ch.: Hinsdale, Leonard (settled in N. Y.), Ira, Ivers, Hadassah. Timothy: b. 1745; m. Cynthia Onion; assisted in building Forts in South Boston during the Revolutionary War; d. 1831. Aaron: b. 1778; m. (1), Hannah Gay Baker; m. (2), Roxy Whiting; capt. of a Militia Company in West Dedham; d. 1856. Lusher Gay: b. 1807; m. Elizabeth P. Sanford. Ch.: George Ellis (b. 1834; m. Ellen Smith), Lusher Gay (b. 1850). Samuel Whiting: b. 1817; m. Rachel Cole. Charles Richmond: b. 1841; m. Sarah E. Smith. Ch.: Frederick Augustus (b.1856). Aaron W.: b. 1845. Edwin Whiting: b. 1849. Eustis: b. 1824;...

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Bakers in the American Revolution

Officers of the Continental Army Amos Baker (Conn.). Surgeon’s Mate of Bradley’s Connecticut State Regiment, May to December, 1776. David (N. J.). 1st Lieutenant of Spencer’s Continental Regiment, 1st May, 1777; resigned 6th April, 1778. David (Mass.). Private in Lexington Alarm, April, 1775; Sergeant of Heath’s Massachusetts Regiment, May to December, 1775; Sergeant 24th Continental Infantry, 1st January, 1776; 2d Lieutenant, 8th October, 1776; 1st Lieutenant 9th Massachusetts, 1st January, 1777; resigned 28th December, 1777. Henry (Md.). 2d Lieutenant 5th Maryland, Ist August, 1781; transferred to 2d Maryland, 1st January, 1783; retained in Maryland Battalion, April, 1783, and served to 15th November, 1783. Hugh (Pa.). Lieutenant Pennsylvania Militia, ; was a prisoner in 1780. James (Pa ). 3d Lieutenant 1st Pennsylvania Battalion of the Flying Camp, July to December, 1776. (Name also spelled Barker.) James (Va.). Ensign; killed at Stony Point 1st June, 1779. Jesse (S. C.). 1st Lieutenant 2d South Carolina, – January, 1777; Captain, 2d October, 1778; was in 3d South Carolina in May, 1780; taken prisoner at Charleston 12th May, 1780. John (Ga.). Captain Georgia Riflemen, 8th January, 1776; Colonel Georgia Militia; wounded at Bull Swamp 8th November, 1778, and was in service to January, 1783. John (Mass.). Captain of Little’s Massachusetts Regiment, May to December, 1775; Captain 12th Continental Infantry, 1st January to 31st December, 1776. John (Mass.). 1st Lieutenant of Baldwin’s Artillery Artificer Regiment,...

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Prominent American Bakers of Today

ALFRED BRITTIN BAKER: Clergyman; b. Matawan, N. J.; 1836; s. Elishu 0., Dean of the Cathedral of the Diocese, 1919; Trustee Burlington Coll., and St. Mary’s Hall. Add.: Princeton, N. J. ALFRED LANDON: broker; b. N. S. Can., 1859; s. Addison; pres. Chicago Stock Exchange. Add.: Chicago. ALFRED ZANTZINGER: illustrator; writer. ANTHONY GEORGE: M.D. ARCHIBALD MCEACHERN: surgeon. ARTHUR LATHAM:mathematician; b, Cincinnati, 1853; s. John G.; head of dept. of mathematics, Manual Training High School, Brooklyn; 1901-17. Add.: Rye, NY. ARTHUR MULFORD: clergyman, editor; b. Wapakoneta, 0.; 1880; s. John Mulford; Chaplain 120th Inf., U.S.A. with A.E.F., 1918-19; capt. Co. K. 151st Ind. N.G.; 1923-24. Add.: Phila., Pa. ASHER CARTER: captain U.S.N.; retired. BENTON: lawyer; b. Bismarck, N.D., 1889; s. Isaac P.; desc. of John B. of Pa., Revolutionary soldier; Dir. U. S. Fuel Administration 1917-19. Add.: Bismarck, N.D. BERTHA KUNZ: lecturer, dramatic reader. PERCY BRYANT: sculptor; b. London, Eng.; 1881; s. John; executed bust and heroic statue of King Edward, VII; made busts from life of President Wilson. Add.: New York City. SAMUEL BURTIS: artist; b. Boston, Mass., 1882; s. Samuel Burtis; now istr. Corcoran Sch. of Art, Washington, D. C., and asst. prof. of coil. of fine arts, George Washington Univ. Add.: Washington. CHARLES FULLER: Zoologist. CHARLES HINCKLEY: civil engr., b. 1864; now deceased. CHARLES SAMUEL: lawyer; b. nr. Azalia, Ind.; 1855;  Thomas N.; mem numerous learned and...

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Prominent Bakers of American, Past Generations

ABIJAH R. BAKER: clergyman; b. Franklin, Mass., 1805. He was pastor of the Congregational Church at Medford, Mass., in 1836, and in 1849 assumed a pastorate in Lynn; was author of many books, including “The School History of the United States”, “The Catechism Tested by the Bible”, and “O Question Book on the Sermon on the Mount”. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN: musician; b. Wenham, Mass., 1811; from 1842 to 1848 was supt. of musical instruction in the grammar schools. He introduced music into public schools of Lowell and Lawrence; became editor of Boston Musical Journal; and, from its foundation in 1857, was principal of Boston Music School. DANIEL: soldier; b. about 1775; brevetted Major for gallantry at the battle of Brownstone. After war of 1812, he was promoted to rank of LieutenantColonel of 6th infantry, and commanded that regiment at the battle of Bad Axe River, in the Black Hawk War, 1832. D. Detroit, Mich., 1836. DANIEL: clergyman; b. Midway, Liberty Co., Ga., 1791; resigned as pastor Presbyterian church in Harrisburg, Va., 1821, and later went to Washington, D. C., where he lived until 1828; after 1830 traveled in South a s evangelist and settled in Austin, Texas, where he founded and was 1st Pres. of a college; author of several books. D. Austin, Tex., 1857. DAVID JEWETT: lawyer; b. East Haddam, Conn., 1792; admitted to bar in 1819, he began...

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Battle Hymn of the Bakers

TUNE: “Battle Hymn of the Republic“The house of Baker cherishes traditions of the past, With the world’s great movements they have all their fortunes cast; And when they pledge their honor they are loyal to the last. The clan goes marching on! Chorus: Glory to the name of Baker! Glory to the tribe of Baker! Glory to our grand old family! The clan goes marching on. Edward, Richard, John and James were fathers of our clan. Sir John was the ambassador and George a famous man. We have a pride in “Baker” and we’ll boost it all we can. The clan goes marching on! The Baker blood is mingled with the royal bloods of old. Each century our numbers have increased a hundred fold. Among the world’s great families our family is pure gold. The clan goes marching on! We have our dukes and peasants, common folk and blue bloods, too; We greet each other with a smile and “Cousin, howdy do!” This goes with all the Bakers and it goes with me and you. The clan goes marching on! The Bakers fought at Concord, Gettysburg and Waterloo; In crusades to the Holy Land they marched as heroes do; They died in seventeen seventy-six, and nineteen eighteen, too. The clan goes marching on! “Fi-dei co-ti-cu-la crux is the Baker motto true; “The cross is the touchstone of faith” to...

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American Baker Families of Royal Descent

ALFRED THE GREAT, KING OF ENGLAND, father of: EDWARD THE ELDER, KING OF ENGLAND. His great-granddau. was: LADY ADELA DE VERMANDOIS: m. Hugh the Great, Count de Vermandois, son of HENRY I, KING OF FRANCE. LADY ISABEL DE VERMANDOIS: m. (first) Robert, first Baron de Bellmont, cr. Earl of Leicester. From them was descended, 5 generations removed: BALDWIN DE WAKE: m. Lady Hawise, granddaughter of LLEWELLYN THE GREAT, PRINCE OF NORTH WALES. JOHN: 1st Lord Wake; d. 1300. LADY MARGARET DE WAKE: m. Prince Edward, of Woodstock, s. of EDWARD I, KING OF ENGLAND. PRINCESS JOAN PLANTAGENET: the Fair Maid of Kent; m. Sir Thomas de Holland, K. G., Earl of Kent. SIR THOMAS DE HOLLAND: 2nd Earl of Kent, from whom was descended (10 generations removed) THOMAS LLOYD: 1st Deputy-Governor of Pa. RACHEL LLOYD: m. Samuel Preston, Mayor of Phila., 1711, and Treas. of Pa., 1714-43. HANNAH PRESTON: m. Samuel Carpenter, Jr., of Phila. JUDGE PRESTON CARPENTER: of Salem, N. J.; d. 1785; m. Hannah Smith. MARGARET CARPENTER: m. 1776, James Mason Woodnutt, of Salem, N. J. PRESTON WOODNUT: m. Rachel Goodwin, and had: HANNAH ANN WOODNUTT: m. NATHAN BAKER. Issue. Lewis C. Baker Family ROBERT BRUCE, KING OF SCOTLAND, father of: PRINCESS MARY: m. Walter, Lord High Steward. Their son was: ROBERT II, KING OF SCOTLAND; had, by his first wife: PRINCESS CATHERINE: m. David, Earl of...

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Lewis C. Baker Family

American Bakers of Royal Descent Lewis C. Baker Family ROBERT BRUCE, KING OF SCOTLAND, father of: PRINCESS MARY: m. Walter, Lord High Steward. Their son was: ROBERT II, KING OF SCOTLAND; had, by his first wife: PRINCESS CATHERINE: m. David, Earl of Crawford. LADY ELIZABETH LINDSAY: m. Sir William Douglas. SIR HENRY DOUGLAS: of Lochlevan; m. Eliz. Erskine. ROBERT DOUGLAS: m. Elizabeth Boswell. SIR ROBERT DOUGLAS: m. Margaret Balfour. THOMAS DOUGLAS: m. Elizabeth Boyd. ELIZABETH DOUGLAS: m. Alexander Alexander. ANDREW ALEXANDER: of Menstrie, eldest son. JOHN ALEXANDER: of Gogar, 2nd son. ALEXANDER ALEXANDER: of Mill-Nab. DAVID ALEXANDER: of Muthill, 2nd son. JAMES ALEXANDER: b. 1691, d. 1756; mem. King’s Council and SurveyorGeneral of N. J.; m. Mary Provoost. One of his ch. was: ELIZABETH ALEXANDER: m. John Stevens, of Perth Amboy, N. J. JOHN STEVENS: of Hoboken, N. J.; m. Rachel Cox. Of their 9 ch.: ELIZABETH J. STEVENS: m. Thomas Anderson Conover, U. S. Navy, and had: MARY RACHEL STEVENS: m. REV. LEWIS C. BAKER....

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Genealogy of Edward D. Baker of Salem Massachusetts

This is the genealogy of Edward D. Baker of Salem Massachusetts proving descent from Alfred the Great, King of England. ALFRED THE GREAT, KING OF ENGLAND, father of: PRINCESS ETHELWIDA: m. Baldwin II, Count of Flanders. Their son was: JOHN DE BURGO: Earl Comyn, Baron Tourburgh. HARLOWEN DE BURGO: who had: ROBERT DE BuRGO: Earl of Cornwall and Moreton. WILLIAM DE BURGH DE MORETON: Earl of Cornwall, who rebelled against Henry II, and had his eyes plucked out by his order. JOHN DE BURGH: who had: HUBERT DE BURGH: Earl of Kent; Chief Justice of England and Ireland and guardian of King Henry III; d. 1243. SIR JOHN, BARON DE BURGH: m. Lady Hawise, dau. of one of 25 Magna Charta barons. JOHN DE BURGH: Baron of Lanvallei. LADY HAWYSE DE BURGH: m. Robert, Baron de Greslei, d. 1283. LADY JOANE DE GRESLEI: m. Sir John de la Warre. LADY CATHERINE DE LA WARRE: m. Sir Warine le Latimer, Knt. LADY ELIZABETH LATIMER: m. Sir Thos. Griffin, Knt., of Northampton. RICHARD GRIFFIN: m. Anne Chamberlain. SIR NICHOLAS GRIFFIN: of Braybrooke, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire. LADY CATHERINE GRIFFIN: m. (first) Sir John Digby. WILLIAM DIGBY: of Kettleby; M. Rose Perwich. SIMON DIGBY: of Bedale, Ruthlandshire. EVERARD DIGBY: m. Catherine, dau. of Magister Strockbridge de Vandershaff Theodore de Newkirk. ELIZABETH DIGBY: b. 1584, d. 165-; m. Enoch Lynde, of London. JUDGE SIMON LYNDE: of...

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James Baker of Buckland House Somerset England

F144 JAMES BAKER: Buckland House, near Taunton, Somerset; lord of the manors of Cogload and Sampford-Arundel, Somerset and of Nicholas Hayne and Hale, in the parish of Culmstock, Devon. Christopher: High Sheriff of Somerset, 1724. James: d. w. i., 1747. George: Brockenhurst House; Hants; Barrister-at-Law; bencher of the honourable society of the inner temple; m. 1728; d. w. i., 1770. John: heir, F145. F145 JOHN BAKER: m. co-heiress of Robert Wood, brother of Thomas Wood, of Littleton, Middlesex and of Middleham Castle, York; issue, George: Fellow Commoner of King’s College, Cambridge; distinguished for classical knowledge; d. w. i., 1772. John: Capt. of Coldstream Guards; m.; d. 1794. John Robert. Two daus. Robert (Sir): First Bart., F146. F146 SIR ROBERT BAKER: 1st Bart. of Dunstable House, Surrey, and of Nicholas Hayne, Devon; bart. created May 14, 1796; m. 1783; b. 1757; d. 1826; had, besides three daus., Robert: b. 1785; d. 1802. Henry Loraine (Sir) : 2nd bart., F147. George Augustus (Rev.) : Rector of Ibstone-Cum-Fingest near Henley on Thames; b. 1788; m. 1812. Henry Sherston: b. 1814; barrister-at-law; m. 1842; issue, George Sherston (Sir): 4th Bart., F149. Rob’t Henry Sherston: b. 1848; d. s. p., 1904. John Chichely Sherston: b. 1850; m. 1884. Henry Chichely Dancer Sherston: b. 1893. Winifred Violet Sherston. Onslow: b. 1795; Col. Beng. art. F147 SIR HENRY LORAINE BAKER: 2nd Bart.; b. 1787; m. 1820;...

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Henry John Baker of Elemore Hall Durham England

C121 OSWALD BAKER: of Durham. C122 SIR GEORGE BAKER, KNT.: Recorder of Newcastle-on-Tyne; loyal defender of that town for King Charles; purchased Crook Hall about 1635; s. by son in 1667. C123 GEORGE BAKER: of Crook Hall. C124 GEORGE BAKER: b. 1654; m. heir of Wingate Grange, Co. Durham; d. 1699. C125 GEORGE BAKER: M. P. for City of Durham; m. heiress of Elemore, Co. Durham; d. 1744. C126 GEORGE BAKER: of Elemore Hall; m.; issue, (1) Isabella: only dau. and heiress, C127 ISABELLA JUDITH BAKER: m. 1816 to cousin, Henry Tower. C128 HENRY JOHN BAKER TOWER: b. 1822; assumed name of Baker, by royal license, 1844, in accordance with will of grandfather, George Baker; grant of arms of Baker and Tower quarterly; J. P. and D. L. for Co. Durham; High Sheriff, 1854; m. 1849; issue: Henry George Baker: b. 1850; d. 1905; m. 1872. George Reginald: b. 1874; d. y. George Conyers Baker: b. 1854; d. unm. at Mandalay, Upper Burmah. Ferdinand Baker: late of Elemore, C129. John Francis Baker: b. 1860; m. 1909. Isabella Mary Baker: b. 1910. Judith Christabel Baker: b. 1911. William Henry Baker: Vice-Adm. R. N. Henry Conyers Baker: b. 1912. Oswald Francis: b. 1914. Margaret Isabel Baker: b. 1911. Isabel Eliz. Baker: late of Elemore Hall, succeeded by deed of gift with her sister, 1896; d. 1911. Eva Conyers Baker: now of...

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William Baker of Bayfordbury England

A101 JOHN BAKER: d. 1582. A102 NICHOLAS BAKER: d. 1632. A103 JOHN BAKER: m. 1624; d. 1669/70. A104 REv. JOSEPH BAKER: bapt. 1626; minister of St. Andrew, Worcester and Prestwood, Salop.; m. (1) 1655; no issue; m. (2) 1661, left, with other issue, A105 JOHN BAKER: London; m (1) 1700; left, with other issue, A106 SIR WILLIAM BAKER, KNT.: b. 1705; Alderman of London; 1757 purchased manor and estate of Bayford; built present mansion house between 1758-62; m.1742; left, with other issue, A107 WILLIAM BAKER: of Bayforbury, Co. Hertford; M. P. for that Co. in five successive Parliaments; b. 1743; m. (1) 1771, dau. of first Earl of Pomfret; one dau., Juliana; m. (2)-1775; had, with other issue, William: his heir, A108. Edward: b. 1779; d. 1796; Midshipman R. N. Robert George (Rev.): b. 1788; m. twice; d. s. p. 1878. Charles Adolphus: b. 1792; Commander R. N.; drowned off Newfoundland in wreck of H. M. S. Drake. George: b. 1794; m. 1824; issue. Thomas Richard: b. 1802; m. 1834; issue. A108 WILLIAM BAKER: b. 1778; m. 1809; had, with other ch., A109 WILLIAM ROBERT BAKER: b. 1810; J. P. and D. L.; High Sheriff, 1836; m. 1838. A110 WILLIAM CLINTON BAKER: b. 1839; m. 1864; issue, Henry William Clinton: now of Bayfordbury, A111. Lewis Clinton: C. B.; C. B. E.; b. 1866; Rear. Adm.; served in Great War,...

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Prominent British Bakers of Today

ALFRED BAKER: M.A., LL.D.; Prof. of Math.; b. Toronto; educ., Univ. of Toronto; mem. of var. committees, including Senate of Univ. of Toronto. Add.: Muskoka. PROF. ALFRED THOMAS: Litt. D.; Ph.D.; F.R.S.L.; Prof. of French and Lt.; b. 1873, s. of late Rev. Thomas; educ., Univ. of Heidelberg. Publications: Sur Robert de Blois. Add.: London. COMMANDER ARTHUR BANNATYNE: D.S.O., 1918, R.N.; y. s. of Major Richard; commanded (B.M.S.) Cyclamen in Persian Gulf, 1924. Club: United Service. BRIG.-GEN. ARTHUR SLADE: C.M.G. 1915; b. 1863; served in S. Africa, 1900-01. Club: Junior Constitutional. Add.: Peans Wood, Sussex. LT.-COL. BERNARD GRANVILLE: D.S.O. 1918, F.R.G.S.; F.R. Hist. S.; b. Poona, 1870; s. of Montagu Bernard. Publications: “The Walls of Constantinople”; educ. Winchester; served with 21st Hussars, India. Club: St. George’s. BEVAN BRAITHWAITE: M.A., B.Sc., D. Sc., F.R.S.E.; Prof. of Math. in the Univ. of London; educ., Sidcot School. Publications: of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society. Add.: London. BRYANT: Sculptor; b., London, 1881; s. of John; educ., City and Guilds Technical Institute; executed Woodrow Wilson Memorial for the League of Nations. Add.: New York City. C. ALMA: C.B.E. 1919; went to Malaya and New Zealand surveying; became a pioneer in planting rubber. Add.: Perak, F. M. S. CHARLES: Edit. and Direc. of The Newspaper World; b., Maidstone, 1851, y. s. of Charles. Founded The Newspaper Owner Club: Whitefriars. Add.: London. CHARLES HENRY COLLINS: Keeper and...

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Prominent British Bakers, Past Generations

ALEXANDER BAKER: (1582-1638); Jesuit; b. in Norfolk; entered Society of Jesus, 1610; visited India as a missionary; left a manuscript in defense of the doctrine of regeneration by baptism as held by Catholics. ANNE ELIZABETH: (1786-1861); philologist; assisted her brother, George Baker, in his “History of Northamptonshire”; published, “‘Glossary of Northamptonshire Woods”. ANSELM: (1834-1885); artist; Cistercian monk at Mount St. Bernard’s Abbey, Leicestershire, 1857; executed rural paintings and designed heraldic and other illustrations for several publications. CHARLES: (1617-1679); jesuit; entered English College at Rome, 1638; victim to the Oates plot persecution; arrested while praying to say mass, tried and condemned to death for the priesthood at the Monmouth assizes; executed at Usk, August 27. DAVID: in religion, Augustine; (1575-1641); Benedictine monk; educated at Christ’s Hospital, London, and Broadgates; member of Lincoln’s Inn, and Inner Temple; spiritual director of English for Benedictine nuns at Cambrai, 1624; left collection for ecclesiastical history. DAVID ERSKINE: (1730-1767); writer on the drama; grandson of Daniel Defoe; educated in the Tower as a royal engineer; joined a company of players; published “Companion to Playhouse”, 1764; wrote and translated dramatic pieces. FRANKLIN: (1800-1867); Unitarian divine; educated at Glasgow; minister of Bank Street Chapel. His works include a history of nonconformity in Balton (1854). GEOFFREY: (fl. 1350); chronicler; wrote two chronicles, of which the earlier and shorter extends from the first day of creation to 1326, and...

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